A dictatorship uploaded a file to SoundCloud obtained by unconstitutionally wiretapping a phone. The person had to go into hiding and that means, of course, not using internet or any other means of electronic communication, since anything of that nature can be used for tracking by said dictatorship. So I reported the file to SoundCloud and told them about the situation. This is their reply: “As you are getting in touch on behalf of another person, please ask them to contact us directly so that we can help ASAP.” I replied and repeated that it is impossible for the person in question to get in touch with them due to being in hiding from the perpetrators of the recording. No reply.

Budkaveln har gått i Venezuela

Vid midnatt mellan lördag och söndag går tidsfristen ut för att Venezuelas agerande president Maduro och hans anhang av knarksmugglare och terrorister fredligt skall lämna ifrån sig makten. Ingen tror att de gör det. Anbudet att avgå frivilligt kommer från den pensionerade generalen Ángel Omar Vivas Perdomo, i en video daterad 16 januari 2015 (sammanfattning).

Holodomor in Venezuela?

Are we facing a Holodomor in Venezuela, genocide by hunger? The food supply is now critical, many are simply unable to find any food whatsoever. However, the regime is not addressing this situation by providing food. Rather, they are militarizing the country, including the shops. Many stores are now completely empty (see video at end).

A new age of fundamentalism

Before each of the two world wars, there seems to have been an age of fundamentalism. Today, again, we seem to have entered into an age of fundamentalism: The self-proclaimed “islamic” state that is anything but; the Maduro puppet regime in Venezuela that is willfully ignoring reality; Putin’s conquest by military force of parts of

República de Venezuela

DECLARACION DE GENERAL ÁNGEL VIVAS Caracas, lunes 15 de Diciembre de 2014. Apreciados amigos periodistas y demás invitados a este acto: Pretendo por su intermedio, dirigirme a Venezuela y el mundo entero, en los términos contenidos en la siguiente declaración: No los he convocado para hablar sobre ninguno de los terribles problemas que sufrimos los

Ny istid på väg

Som geovetare blir jag lätt trött varje gång jag läser något om “klimatfrågan” och det alltid handlar om växthuseffekten. Vi är på väg mot en ny istid, och växthuseffekten har av allt att döma stoppat den neråtgående trenden. Detta är naturligtvis en form av konstgjord andning. Ännu är det inte vetenskapligt visat vad som orsakar

Stop the political ebola

The present world order is based on the sovereignty and equality of states. This means that state A deals with state B regardless of how they deal with their citizens, because that is their sovereign prerogative. The only exception is if they start war or commit crimes against humanity. However, if they want to be

Världsläget och propagandan

Denna video är till alla mina landsmän för att öppna ögonen för en del saker som spelar stor roll för vårt lands säkerhet, och för friheten på jorden.

I accuse the Venezuelan regime of crimes against humanity

As proof I will submit the below image from a document in the possession of the nanny of Venezuela’s foreign minister Elias Jaua, when she was arrested for arms trafficking in Brazil the other day. It’s the plan for winning the parliamentary elections in 2015. The highlighted text reads “Marcar y neutralizar al enemigo (Derrota

O cursed spite

Shortly before I was born, the world permitted Hitler to not only come to power, but to make himself a dictator, and the world community did not start to act until it was too late. Even worse, they teamed up with the larger criminal, Stalin, and totally ignored his crimes. This ignoring is continuing to