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PhD in Physical Geography, former environmental consultant in Scandinavia and Central America, researcher on paleogeography and the end of the ice age, and of littoral processes and sediment. Was National Globalizations Issues Coordinator for Kucinich for President 2004. Believe in Liberal Democracy with strong rule of law and respect for human rights, including minority rights, as a condition for peace and prosperity. Opposed to socialism, since socialism typically fails to protect fundamental human rights of privacy and property, and thus leads to corruption and the concentration of power.

O cursed spite

Shortly before I was born, the world permitted Hitler to not only come to power, but to make himself a dictator, and the world community did not start to act until it was too late. Even worse, they teamed up with the larger criminal, Stalin, and totally ignored his crimes. This ignoring is continuing to

FN har upphört att fungera

Den 16 oktober är det val av 5 nya medlemmar till Säkerhetsrådet för en två-årsperiod. I valgruppen för Latinamerika och Karibien finns endast ett kandidatland: Venezuela. Detta samtidigt som presidenten och andra ledande medlemmar av regimen i Venezuela står under utredning av åklagarämbetet för den Internationella Brottsmålsdomstolen i Haag, misstänkta för Brott mot Mänskligheten. Hur

General som gav svenska pansarskott till terrorister arresterad

Igår arresterade myndigheterna på den holländska ön Aruba den venezolanska general som av bevisen att döma är den som gav de svenska pansarskotten Carl Gustav, på engelska AT-4, till den colombianska terroristgruppen FARC. Hugo Carvajal, “kycklingen” kallad, är eftersökt av USA för knarksmuggling. Samtidigt som anklagelserna mot honom öppnades i Miami igår, öppnades anklagelseakterna mot

Electric Discharge in mid air

Today we experienced a lightning storm, very mild, but suddenly there was like a static discharge in mid-air in the kitchen, 2 m in front of me, 1 m in front of the stove and microwave oven, about 1.8 m above the floor. The closest “object” was my wife’s head, about 0.5 m away. It

Holodomor in Venezuela

There can hardly be any doubt: The Venezuelan puppet regime under Maduro is executing a genocide by hunger. For a long time there has been a serious shortage of food, and people are standing in line from one day to the next just to buy a single package of flour. In the past thousands of

MANIFIESTO: Sí hay una salida a la crisis

Este manifiesto fue publicado por VENTEVENEZUELA el 15 de junio del 2014, y editado por OLV el 17 de junio. Esto significa texto borrado y esto texto añadido. Una lucha democrática recorre Venezuela, nació en el corazón de nuestros jóvenes y se extendió a toda una nación que ha sido arruinada, fracturada, ensangrentada y traicionada por

Svenska politiker stödjer brott mot mänskligheten

Ett svenskt politiskt parti uppmanar öppet till brott mot mänskligheten, brott av samma slag som judeförintelsen och Stalins utrotning av tiotals miljoner bönder genom att svälta ihjäl dem. Partiet är det gamla KFML(r), nu kallat Kommunistiska Partiet. Deras logga säger rakt ut “klass mot klass”. Att förfölja en grupp av människor är ett brott mot

Nazism alive and well in Canadian university

A professor at the university of Ottawa, Susan Spronk, has published an article defending the Venezuelan regime’s brutal repression of protesters, a repression which includes shooting people to death at point blank range, torturing them, raping them, and disappearing them, not to forget incarcerating and detaining them in the hundreds and thousands. Her blatant propaganda

China controls all U.S. Internet?

We have heard about the U.S. government’s back doors into internet servers and hubs. Anything the U.S. can do, China can do as well. They just need physical access to the device during the production stage. In every home where there is Internet, there is a modem. For instance, Comcast has Xfinity modems. Where are

Glory to the Brave People

Gloria al bravo Pueblo. That’s how Venezuela’s national anthem starts, and now they have really shown that they are worthy of those words. They have risen up against a regime that for over a decade has used intimidation and implicit threat of violence against protests in order to make people passive and submissive. The Venezuelan