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Principles of constitution or laws aimed at democracy, rule of law, transparence, decentralization, deregulation, or other purpose considered useful for democracy

Queen of Shame: Elizabeth II

Last Friday, the Organization for American States (OAS) voted to hold their meeting behind closed doors, and then they took the ongoing crisis in Venezuela off the table. They needed two thirds majority to do this, which they barely got, so the votes of each country mattered. Among the 22 votes counted in favor of

The Stolen Election in Venezuela April 14, 2013

Here I will gather some links and documents regarding the stolen election, for convenience. This document has been created by the opposition, in English. Most information is only available in Spanish, there is lots and lots of it, but I’ll here try to collect the English material. Electoral Abuses April 14, 2013 Here is a

Klasskamp måste jämställas med rasism

Sedan Andra Världskriget vet alla att rasism är ett brott mot mänskligheter, och att det kan användas som psykologiskt vapen för att söndra och härska. Men av någon outgrundlig anledning har ännu inte klasskamp förts upp på samma lista som rasism. Det är dock en precis lika förhatlig företeelse. Faktiskt finns det mera anledning att

Proof of Election Fraud in Venezuela

There have been warnings from the so-called alternative opposition in Venezuela, groups outside of the established politics, alleging that the voter rolls are inflated with zombie voters, or “votantes fantasmas” as they are called in Spanish. Millions of them. Now after the election it has been proven, as this video shows. I’ve tried it out

Chávez stal valet

När den ordinarie tiden för röstning var ute, stod det klart för oppositionen att Capriles hade vunnit bekvämt, med ungefär 5%. Lite senare förklarade Chávez att han hade vunnit, och att hans anhängare borde ge sig ut för att fira (det var mot reglementet att han sa det). Och så kom det uppgifter om stridsvagnar

The Electoral Dictatorship of Venezuela is Failing

A recently published book is focusing on an important subject. In ”The Dictator’s Learning Curve – inside the global battle for democracy,” William Dobson writes about the Arab Spring, but also about Venezuela, Russia, Iran and others. We have got used to dictatorships being totalitarian, controlling the inhabitants through brutality. The standard image of a

Smoking Gun for Election Fraud in Venezuela

A last-minute illegal rule change has removed the last shred of transparency from the October 7 presidential elections, effectively turning the country into an “electoral dictatorship.” With opposition candidate Henrique Capriles appearing the likely winner in the October 7 presidential elections in Venezuela, and incumbent president Hugo Chávez repeatedly having asserted that he will never

När är en statskupp försvarbar?

Det politiskt korrekta svaret är “Aldrig”. Den som befinner sig i en situation där han kan rädda liv genom att genomföra en statskupp kan dock inte låta sig nöja med ett sådant infantilt svar. Jag behöver bara nämna “Tyskland 1938″ som argument. Hade Adolf Hitler avsatts i en statskupp innan Andra Världskriget kommit igång, och

Can electronic voting work?

Many attempts have been made to “fix the problems” with electronic voting, but rather than trying to go through issue after issue, I’ll try to address it from the other end: Is it logically possible to make it work? To answer that question one has to boil down the essential requirements first, and then see

U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal

The occupation of Wall Street, or actually a park a few blocks away, has shed light on the democratic deficiency in USA. The main reason is the corruption of the politicians. Nobody can serve two masters, says the Bible, but the Congressmen are expected to serve both the tax payers who are paying their salaries,