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På flykt från “Castros Imperium”

Dessa 34 båtflyktingar kom till Honduras i förrgår, där Maria Conchita Alonso råkade befinna sig för att göra humanitärt arbete för de fattiga barnen. Hon är själv kubanska, hennes familj lämnade Kuba för Venezuela några år efter den så kallade revolutionen. Nu har Venezuela också dragits in i vad dessa kubaner kallar “Castros Imperium”. Utvecklingen går precis samma väg, alla möjligheter att bedriva fri företagsamhet undergrävs och människorna förvandlas till något som mest liknar boskap.

Maria Conchita Alonso pratar med båtflyktingar som just landat i Honduras från Kuba

Maria Conchita påpekade för mig att dessa kubaner själva benämner regimen i Havana “Castros Imperium”. Det är en term som jag tycker är både träffande och användbar. Diktaturen i Havana har byggt upp ett imperium som sträcker sig över tre kontinenter: Förutom Kuba som geologiskt sett ligger i Karibiska Havet mitt emellan Nord- och Sydamerika, så ingår Nicaragua i Nordamerika, Angola i Afrika, samt Venezuela, Ecuador och Bolivia i Sydamerika. Detta imperium finansieras av Venezuelas olja. De är också allierade med andra diktaturer, och dessa ondskans axelmakter hjälper varandra inbördes. Kuba hjälper regimen i Syrien (liksom tidigare de hjälpte Kadaffi) med propaganda, inte minst i Sverige (flera grupper som säger sig kämpa för freden och mot USAs imperialism är i verkligheten frontgrupper för ondskans axelmakter). De är också djupt kopplade till Iran, och Kubas lydstater Venezuela och Ecuador är mycket viktiga för att hjälpa Iran och Nordkorea att komma runt världssamfundets sanktioner.

Medan folken lämnas i misär och fattigdom, används pengarna till att köpa inflytande och politiskt stöd, även i Europa. Kuba håller just på att slå sönder all meningsfull högre utbildning i Venezuela, och ett antal studenter (jämte professorer och en katolsk präst) är i hungerstrejk sedan veckor tillbaka. På lördag har en riksdagskvinna från oppositionen, Maria Corina Machado, kallat till sympatidemonstration.

Latin America’s Vanishing Democracy a Threat to Peace

Nicaragua cannot be called a democracy any more with a straight face. The president has stacked the Supreme Court, had them declare that he can run for re-election contrary to the constitution, had a new constitution printed when Congress refused to change it to his liking, and ignores blatant election fraud such as tossing 100% of opponent votes in the garbage bin.

This appears to be part of a plan to perpetuate the Ortegas at power. The plan is spearheaded by Venezuela, backed by Cuba, and includes Ecuador and Bolivia, while El Salvador and the Dominican Republic are “candidates”. Also Honduras is on the list.

Until now, Honduras has been the only country to effectively fight back and stand up for democracy.

Unfortunately, it may have been a temporary victory. The new president, Lobo, by claiming to follow instructions from abroad by financial necessity, appears to be playing a double game. It would seem that he is on the one hand pretending to act as though Zelaya’s deposing last year was a coup d’état that his country now has to atone for, while on the other hand he is doing things in a way that benefits the South American cocaine communists. Examples include not funding the fight against crime sufficiently, while engaging groups that don’t recognize the legitimacy of his government in discussing plans for throwing out the constitution by holding a “constituyente” – even though the Supreme Court has already declared that unconstitutional.

Real democracy requires rule of law. The pseudo-democracy of Chavez is democracy only to the name. The society lacks rule of law, lacks respect for property, lacks respect for laws and the constitution, and cooperates more or less openly with criminal and terrorist organizations.

Chavez allegedly buys other countries for $1 billion per year. That way he also gains votes in international organizations. When the OAS and the UN turn into tools for criminals and terrorists, gradually changing the majority, then the whole international framework of peace and stability is endangered. Venezuela is already supplying uranium to Iran, and Russia has agreed to build nuclear reactors in Venezuela – a country in which narco-terrorists control part of the territory without objection from the government.

What happens with Honduras and Latin America is crucially important for the security analysis of any country, also Sweden. Unfortunately, Latin America does not even seem to be on the radar in Europe. It is all Africa and Asia, leaving Latina America for the US to “handle”. A task that they apparently are incapable of, given that the US itself has the same flaws in its constitution that makes systemic corruption possible and legal.

The war of aggression on Iraq suggests that some US Republicans are way too close to the military-industrial complex. The reaction of part of the US Democrats after Zelaya’s attempted coup d’état and resulting deposal in Honduras on June 28, 2009, suggests that they are closer than comfortable to the narco-communists of South America.

The only thing that can save peace, liberty, and democracy, is if normal people wake up from their complacency, stop believing the hate messages spread by those wanting to control them, and insist on the rule of law. The single most important objective is to insist on the rule of law, and to refuse to be scared silent.

Footnote: A few days after writing this, Washington Post had an editorial on the same topic, Nicaragua, Honduras and hypocrisy.