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Related to both legal and illegal attempts at changing the constitution

U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal

The occupation of Wall Street, or actually a park a few blocks away, has shed light on the democratic deficiency in USA. The main reason is the corruption of the politicians. Nobody can serve two masters, says the Bible, but the Congressmen are expected to serve both the tax payers who are paying their salaries, […]

El Golpe de Estado de Chávez 1999

Todo el mundo reconoce que Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías intentó hacer un golpe de estado militar en Venezuela en 1992, pero no es tan bien conocido que llegó a hacer un autogolpe en 1999. Este video muestra claramente como lo hice. ¿Qué significa? Significa que la constitución venezolana de 1961 todavía sigue en vigor, y […]

Advice to the Red in Honduras

Are you a sympathizer with the “resistencia” in Honduras? Then this is for you. Learning from the history you can avoid some costly mistakes. We all know Honduras needs democratic reforms, rule of law, and an improved standard of living for the poor. If someone wants to make you believe that the rich in the […]

Why Parliamentary Republics beat Presidential Republics

Parliamentary republics have separated the roles of head of state  and head of government. They are thus quite  similar to parliamentary monarchies, but the head of state is an elected president rather than a king or queen. Parliamentary constitutions are based on the premise that all power emanates from the people, and that the power […]

Democracy Advice to FNRP in Honduras

A one day debate on Facebook within the FNRP (the so-called resistance of Honduras) in April this year leaves me with mixed feelings. It seems clear that they desperately want participatory democracy, and reject the traditional style of politics in the Americas, the strong-man style of caudillismo. That is very good. However, it also seems […]