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A Basic Requirement for Elections

A basic requirement is that the result reflects the intent of the voter. That is to say, the vote cast should not change between the moment it is cast, and the moment it is counted. From it leaves the control of the voter, to it arrives to the persons checking the result, it should remain

The Axis of Evil in Latin America

The South American nation of Venezuela has been invaded by Cuba. It was accomplished without any military resistance through the help of a quisling, Hugo Chávez. After his demise Nicolás Maduro now rules the country as a puppet for Cuba. His regime is illegitimate for a number of reasons, including several blatant violations of the

No peaceful solution in Venezuela

Even though I am a pacifist who refused to do military service in Sweden due to being against violence as a matter of principle, I am now forced to recognize that the conflict in Venezuela does not have a peaceful solution. Cuba has taken complete control over the South American oil-rich nation and there is

Risk for Caribbean War

The Cold War never ended. The collapse of communism in Europe was widely seen as the end of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. However, Cuba did not surrender. Castro stayed in there, found a new ally in China, shifted strategy, and together they quietly started conquering Latin America. With the death

The sickening plan for Chávez’s corpse

A facebook page belonging to the Venezuelan resistance, Operación Libertad Venezuela, is denouncing a sickening Cuban plan for Chávez body. First of all we have to realize that Chávez is dead since a long time, and that his body was flown back to Venezuela last Sunday. It was kept in the presidential estate in Barinas,

“Cubans go home!”

On Valentines Day a group of Venezuelan students chained themselves over the street outside the Embassy of Cuba en Caracas, Venezuela, demanding that Cuba leaves Venezuela. Since January 10, when no new president was sworn in, Venezuela has lacked a head of state. Instead the civilian and military leadership have flown to Havana, Cuba, for

Venezuela now a Cuban colony

On January 10, the previous presidential period ended, and the new started. However, no president was sworn in. The previous president, Hugo Chávez, who is also the president-elect, went to Cuba for surgery on December 10, and has not been heard from since. The Cuban regime claims that he is alive but in such a

Fellow Earthling – Happy New Era!

Dear fellow Earthling: If you are reading this message then the World has not ended. But we have entered a new era in the ancient American calendar that has come to us through the Mayas, the Long Count. It’s simply a base-20 count of the number of a days since a starting point on Aug

Newspeak in Venezuela

To read Wikipedia about Venezuela or Hugo Chávez is to read newspeak. In fact, most of what is said or written in media abroad is newspeak. You know, war is peace, peace is war, democracy is dictatorship, dictatorship is democracy, and so on. Let me give you some examples: The constituting constitutional assembly of 1999

Comeback of Cuban Communism

The world is sending the message that dictatorships are welcome. Who cares about democracy anyway? Nobody, it seems. Just look at the Venezuelan sham election on October 7. With the help of massive and systemic fraud, violence and abuse of powers, the regime once again declared Hugo Chávez the winner. The Wikipedia article on the