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A dictatorship uploaded a file to SoundCloud obtained by unconstitutionally wiretapping a phone. The person had to go into hiding and that means, of course, not using internet or any other means of electronic communication, since anything of that nature can be used for tracking by said dictatorship. So I reported the file to SoundCloud and told them about the situation. This is their reply: “As you are getting in touch on behalf of another person, please ask them to contact us directly so that we can help ASAP.” I replied and repeated that it is impossible for the person in question to get in touch with them due to being in hiding from the perpetrators of the recording. No reply.

Holodomor in Venezuela?

Are we facing a Holodomor in Venezuela, genocide by hunger? The food supply is now critical, many are simply unable to find any food whatsoever. However, the regime is not addressing this situation by providing food. Rather, they are militarizing the country, including the shops. Many stores are now completely empty (see video at end). We have seen in recent days lines to grocery stores forming the evening before, and some claim to have stood days in line just to get in, only to find empty shelves. Yesterday a video came out of how a group of young men were arrested within seconds for protesting at a food line, and an elderly man was taken into custody for just wearing a sign with government-critical words.

The behavior of Maduro, a puppet of Castro, suggests that the food shortage is intentional. Everything indicates that they intend to repeat the method that Stalin used in Ukraine to subdue their rebellion in the early 1930’s: Starve them to death.

The regime’s only response so far has been to increase the brutality in the repression against those who protest against the lack of food. Yesterday it was leaked that the military commander of Maduro (and thus Castro), Padrino Lopez, allegedly has given orders to not allow any protest at the food lines, but to disappear those who protest in any way, shape or form against the regime.

Operación Libertad Venezuela (OLV) is making a poll on Facebook right now, and the preliminary results are that about one in three at present is hungry due to the food shortage, and says that there is no food to be found where they live. Almost all the respondents say that they have food for at least 2 days in the house, but that it is hard or impossible to find food to buy.

A new age of fundamentalism

Before each of the two world wars, there seems to have been an age of fundamentalism. Today, again, we seem to have entered into an age of fundamentalism: The self-proclaimed “islamic” state that is anything but; the Maduro puppet regime in Venezuela that is willfully ignoring reality; Putin’s conquest by military force of parts of Ukraine and sticking to his guns as the proverbial ship is sinking; Christian fundamentalism in USA; Moslem in Pakistan and elsewhere; Jewish in Israel; and so on. Hardened positions, and in some of these cases an outright refusal to accept progress.

The core of fundamentalism is this ideological refusal to embrace progress. It is clear that the opposite of “progressive” is “fundamentalist”. The strategy of the fundamentalists is to portray the progressive as a small minority. In reality, of course, all except the fundamentalists themselves are progressive, because it is in the very nature of man to seek progress.

Why does fundamentalism appear? I don’t have the answer, but I would start looking into the process of progress. Some people are afraid of change, notably those with certain personalities, I will not say “disorder” but just certain types of personalities. They hold on to what they see as status quo, and insist that others do the same, or they don’t feel comfortable. Perhaps that is the origin, I don’t know, I’m just speculating now.

What can we do to prevent fundamentalism from getting destructive again, or even more destructive? This is an even better question that I have even less of an answer to, since it depends on the answer to the previous question. All I can say is that it is crucial to understand fundamentalism and to deal with it in an appropriate manner. In time.

Stop the political ebola

The present world order is based on the sovereignty and equality of states. This means that state A deals with state B regardless of how they deal with their citizens, because that is their sovereign prerogative. The only exception is if they start war or commit crimes against humanity. However, if they want to be a brutal dictatorship in which the leaders take all resources and leave the people in misery, that is their business. Why should we care?

There are several reasons to care. First, it affects us economically. Second, it’s a moral problem. But most importantly, it has turned out to be a huge security problem.

After the end of the Cold War, a new feature in global relations has appeared: The franchise of quisling regimes that come to power through outside help, election fraud either through corruption, illegal campaign contributions, or outright ballot stuffing, vote rigging, or electronic election fraud. Once in power they corrupt the system to perpetuate themselves in power. If necessary they change the constitution to allow their own reelection. The intelligence to enable this in Latin America comes from Cuba, and the military muscle comes from Iran and Russia, with a little help from Belarus. The economic muscle comes from China.

Until now this disease has been limited to Latin America, a continent that USA and Europe ignores at their own peril. However, now this “political ebola” has reached Spain. A populist party that is a carbon copy of the one in Venezuela is raising the possibility that the virus could spread to a new continent. As a side effect, these “zombie democracies” are now in majority in the Organization of American States, and have effectively destroyed that “immune system” of American democracy.

How is this possible? It’s possible because states deal with states, without much concern for the nature of that state. It’s as if the world body doesn’t have an immune system that detects the virus, and allows it in without concern for the DNA inside the virus. How could a body do this differently? Simply by analyzing the DNA and treating the virus differently depending on its DNA.

How does this translate to international relations? We could imagine the outside of the virus as the paraphernalia of a foreign state, while the DNA of that state corresponds to its Democracy, Non-interference, and Accountability (DNA). A country with bad DNA should be isolated. This means isolating first and foremost Cuba and Russia, because they are not democracies, they have no accountability, and they are interfering with other countries, establishing quisling regimes in them.

This network of quisling regimes, whose leaders sold his soul to the devil, electoral dictatorships that depend on the Cuban security service G-2 for their hold on power, includes Bolivarian Venezuela under Hugo Chávez, Ecuador under Rafael Correa, Bolivia under Evo Morales, Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega, Argentina under Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and probably by now also Brazil under Dilma Roussef. Several other countries are possibly in the same category, but it’s not an easy thing to determine without a close examination. What is for sure is that most countries in Latin America are in immediate, yes immediate risk of falling into the zombie democracy category. And now also Spain.

This zombie democracy franchise is not new in itself. It was the dominating feature of European politics in the 1930’s. It’s not about socialism or fascism, it’s not about right or left; it’s about right and wrong, about democracy or dictatorship. Populism is anti-democratic, and it paints itself in any color as long as it is a popular color at that time and place. If the impopular government was leftist, the populist wave becomes fascist. If the impopular government was rightist, the populist wave becomes communist. But there is no difference between them, as evidenced by the fact that both Mussolini and Hitler started on the left and finished on the right.

What can the world do?

The infected nations should be isolated, like one isolates a patient sick in ebola. The concern should be with the people of foreign nations, not with their governments. There has to be a test: Does the government represent the people? If it doesn’t, treat them like Pariah.

Today the test is if the government is “legitimate”. What we need to do is to redefine what “legitimate” means. We also need to vigorously investigate the legitimacy of the democratic process in other countries. Those nations that deny access for such scrutiny should automatically be labeled undemocratic, and be treated as Pariah.

The most important practical effects of being an international Pariah shall be the requirement of visa for any visit to a democracy, and strict supervision of economical transactions to prevent the purchase of quisling candidates. This political ebola must be stopped, while there are still democracies around who can do it. This new world order places people first, not governments.

I accuse the Venezuelan regime of crimes against humanity

As proof I will submit the below image from a document in the possession of the nanny of Venezuela’s foreign minister Elias Jaua, when she was arrested for arms trafficking in Brazil the other day. It’s the plan for winning the parliamentary elections in 2015. The highlighted text reads “Marcar y neutralizar al enemigo (Derrota Permanente)”, in translation, “Stalk and neutralize the enemy (Permanent Defeat)”. Compare that with the tweets from one of the regime thug bands.

Secret document and thug tweets
The secret document reveals the existence of a plan, the tweets reveal the execution of it. Click to open.

The tweets are death threats to two opposition leaders, former mayor Leopoldo López and congresswoman Maria Corina Machado. The first is to Leopoldo´s wife Lilian Tintori and reads: “Lilian you know that Leopoldo will die that you will become a widow and your children orphans, we will kill him from you, it’s in our hands”. The second to Maria Corina reads: “Maria Corina it’s best that you go to Panama because we have you and your family followed and we will kill you, you bet on it, we will finish you”.

There can be no doubt that the death threats are real, or that they are ordered from the very top of the government. This constitutes a clear-cut Crime Against Humanity.

O cursed spite

Shortly before I was born, the world permitted Hitler to not only come to power, but to make himself a dictator, and the world community did not start to act until it was too late. Even worse, they teamed up with the larger criminal, Stalin, and totally ignored his crimes. This ignoring is continuing to this day, and Putin’s Russia has never settled the scores with the past. People who have committed crimes against humanity are celebrated as heroes.

The evil of communism survived in Cuba. From there it infected Latin America, and took root in Venezuela. Communism is an ideology of dominance in which the leadership strives for absolute power. To get absolute power, the enemies—present and potential—have to be completely eliminated. The enemy to power is everyone with resources. Thus, everyone has to be poor, and be depending on the state for his survival. The landowners, the factory owners, the merchants, the farmers, the educated, the clerics, the organized labor, all of those have to be eliminated.

The communist ideology says that to create the communist ideal, one has to create a “new man,” and to do that, one has to eliminate about 10% of the population. It has been shown that only about 10% of a population is connected beyond their immediate family, neighbors, and co-workers. Those 10% are the only ones who can stage a rebellion. Those are the ones who have to be eliminated. Stalin executed and starved them to death. About ten millions of them. Castro executed some, confiscated the property of many more, and made conditions so bad that they fled to USA. The Cubans keep fleeing to USA. This summer has seen the largest wave of “balseros” (people fleeing in home-made rafts over the Caribbean Sea) since after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Why now?

Castro’s Imperialism

When the help from the Soviet Union dried up, Castro tried to take control over the oil-rich South American nation of Venezuela. He had an infiltrator in the presidential palace, an army officer by the name of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (who died in Cuba around December 30, 2012, although the regime lied about his death date, and as of today they have still to produce a death certificate, or a medical report, which, together with an audio recording in which his assassination by this method is mentioned, suggests that he was murdered by Raúl Castro). Anyway, in 1989 the first attempt to take power was made, the “Caracazo”, but it failed. A plan to murder the president was averted late in that year, and Chávez was temporarily jailed, but was released by the president (General Peñaloza, then head of military intelligence, has related this to me). In 1992 they tried again, now with a military coup on February 4th, but it, too, failed, and Chávez went to jail. In November the same year a second military coup was attempted, with wanton killings, but also that failed and Chávez remained in jail.

The Venezuelan society was, however, deeply infiltrated, including a high-level person in the presidential palace (we know this because someone tricked president Carlos Andrés Perez to sign the promotion of Chávez after the averted assassination attempt in 1989). They managed to get Chávez released, and he was allowed to run for election to president in 1989. According to what Vice Admiral Carratu has told me (he was “jefe de la casa militar”, responsible for the president’s security, during the 1992 military coup attempt), the director of the election authority was murdered weeks before the 1989 election, and fraud was committed to give the victory to Chávez. And so Castro gained control over Venezuela.

Fast forward. After having successfully used the same method of gaining power in several other nations in Latin America, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez set their sights on Honduras. Then president Manuel Zelaya was host for the meeting in which Cuba was reinstated into OAS, from which it had been excluded after having attempted a military invasion of Venezuela in the early 1960’s. On June 28th, 2009, Zelaya tried to hold an illegal referendum, in open spite of a direct Supreme Court cease and desist order. He was arrested by the military acting on the Supreme Court’s orders. As a matter of national self-defense in the face of the presence of a large number of armed trouble-makers from Venezuela and Nicaragua inside the country, they judged it unsafe to hold the president inside the country, and so they expatriated him to Costa Rica (where he switched to pajama and falsely claimed that he had been expelled in pajama). The constitutional democracy of Honduras had thus saved itself, for now. It was the first country to successfully resist the Russio-Cuban method of infiltration (the second became Ukraine early this year, when the people threw out the pro-Russian president).

However, in Honduras as in Ukraine, the threat is not over as long as the enemy remains committed to try to conquer the country. I believe the best way to permanently bring Russia into line is to support the Siberian independence movement until victory, but that’s another fight. My concern in 2009 was with Honduras. Neither Honduras nor any country on the Western Hemisphere will be safe, until democracy has been restored on Cuba. “Attack is often the best defense,” as the proverb goes. They infiltrate and try to overthrow regimes from the inside. So how to defeat Castro?

Saving peace and democracy

Infiltrating Cuba is virtually impossible due to the complete physical isolation of the nation. They are even more isolated than North Korea, since they have no land borders. Furthermore, they have virtually no internet or other useful two-way communication.

The weak spot of Cuba is their economy. The extermination of all those who were carrying the economy means that there is virtually no economic activity on the island, so they live on tourism, some exports of raw material (nickel stands out), and—importantly—what they are robbing from oil-rich Venezuela, their de-facto colony since 1999.

Investigating the situation in Venezuela I found that there was fertile ground for a rebellion. Contrary to the western media image, the regime did not have the majority of the people behind it. It didn’t take much study to conclude that it was an electoral dictatorship, a “skenvalsdiktatur” in Swedish, a term that was amply used in the 1930’s in Europe, but that now needs to be dusted off for countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and maybe also Argentina. It’s a franchise, Cuba provides the intelligence through their spy agency G-2, and helps the presidents perpetuate themselves in power in return for them helping Cuba.

The country obviously needed a clandestine resistance movement. There had been much struggle but all open, as if it was a democracy. The dictatorship knew how to neutralize the democratic opposition: Leaders were either bought, compromised, or otherwise eliminated, and they effectively managed to divide the opposition. What they didn’t divide they infiltrated, and gave people the wrong ideas. The clandestine resistance would need to communicate the truth, to counter this propaganda and state-instigated rumors.

In February 2011, I contacted a handful of Venezuelans from different backgrounds with an idea to create an anonymous resistance network, and so  “Operación Libertad Venezuela” was born. To this day it has managed to stay largely clandestine, even though since 2013 it has had two public spokespersons: Former director of the election authority CNE, Ana Mercedes Díaz, and María Conchita Alonso, whose fame in Latin America makes an introduction superfluous. “OLV” manages tens of Facebook-pages for sharing news about the struggle, something that the regime’s censorship does not allow in conventional media. Facebook was chosen strategically: Twitter has inadequate security (as proven by the fact that many tweeters have been arrested this year), and specific domains (such as used by blogs) are way to easy to block. They have tried but failed to block OLV on Facebook, and their only recourse has been to drastically slow down the Internet as a whole.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook also offered affordable advertisement, and using that feature OLV kick-started the resistance when the regime was hiding Chávez’s death in early January, 2013, with this post:

Facebook ad from January 7, 2013
This promoted Facebook-post on January 7, 2013, reached almost half a million Venezuelans. The text says that if no new president is sworn in on January 10 {and nobody was}, Venezuela will effectively turn into a Cuban colony, and for that reason OLV summons all to join the freedom fight.

The collapse of the Venezuelan economy, the death of Chávez, and the tyranny of Maduro have all played into the hands of the resistance. The idea that communism is a viable ideology has been torpedoed by reality. The fact that there is a foreign invasion (not just Cuban militaries but also Russian, Belorussian, and Iranian, plus many Chinese workers in the main military base) is now clear to a majority of Venezuelans. The brutal repression of peaceful protests earlier in 2014 has convinced many that this regime is more akin to Kadaffi’s in Libya, or Assad’s in Syria, than to the dictatorships that fell relatively peacefully in Tunisia and Egypt. In other words, this regime will not let go of power voluntarily, they will fight to death to hold on to power. I, too, believe that to be the case, because they are guilty of so many and so severe crimes, that once out of power the only thing that awaits them is prison for life. We are talking crimes against humanity, cocaine smuggling on a huge scale, and support of terrorism.

This quisling-regime of Maduro’s will have to be removed from power by a popular rebellion, by force, the old-fashioned way. Non-violence does not work against people without conscience: Stalin, Hitler, Castro. Furthermore, Maduro is just a figurehead. The real ruler in Caracas is Diosdado Cabello, who has stolen in the order of a billion (with B) dollars—and so have several others of those white collar communists.

Although Russia has rebounded, the economical hardships in Cuba reveal that Venezuela still is important as an economical backer of the Castro dictatorship, because the economical disaster in Venezuela is directly influencing Cuba. The security forces that the regime uses to defend itself on Cuba, are the same ones that it uses to protect its hold on power in Venezuela. A simultaneous uprising in both countries will have the highest likelihood of success.

When the Venezuelan people do take action to defend their liberty and sovereignty, the world had better be ready to stand up for freedom and democracy. Back in 2009 the world falsely condemned the Honduran democracy’s self-defense as a military coup, ignoring the legal and political reality. That was a black stain on the world community, the memory of which will for ever live in shame. When that happened I felt like Hamlet, and I hated it, but a man has to do what a man has to do:

The time is out of joint, o cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right.

I pray that the world will react before it is too late to avert world war three. Those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity in the name of communism have to stand trial, whether they are from Venezuela or Cuba, from Russia or China. The fight against evil never ends, and every generation has to keep up the guard and never allow itself to believe that the war is won. It’s not. It’s just an armistice.

Electric Discharge in mid air

Today we experienced a lightning storm, very mild, but suddenly there was like a static discharge in mid-air in the kitchen, 2 m in front of me, 1 m in front of the stove and microwave oven, about 1.8 m above the floor. The closest “object” was my wife’s head, about 0.5 m away. It was a light flash, the crackling sound of an electric discharge, and maybe 0.5 s later the thunder of a lightning strike was heard outside the kitchen window just behind my back. The house has a grounded copper wire all around the foundation that I installed myself. The grounding point is where the thunder was heard from. The discharge was not in the horizontal center of the loop, but closer to the grounding point. So far we haven’t found anything damaged by the lightning.

It doesn’t match the general description of a ball lightening, since they are longer lived and silent. This had all the features of an electrical discharge, although it happened in mid-air. So why did it happen? Apparently the electrical field got stronger than the dielectric breakdown voltage over some distance, maybe in the order of millimeters. For a distance of 5 mm, about 30 kV is needed. This is of course just speculation, but perhaps a strong current in a lightning outside the house, and or in the copper wire surrounding the house, created a strong magnetic field inside that, once the current ceased, gave rise to an induced electric field with a focal point in that spot in the air. A focal point? Well, perhaps it’s got to do with the limited speed by which an electrical field travels. Maybe the field is created as a wave from the electrical conductor in which the magnetic field is inducing the electricity, and the field from different parts collided in this spot in mid air to form a concentrated electrical field stronger than the breakdown voltage? Electricity is not my field, lightening is not my field, but it clearly appeared to be an electrostatic discharge in mid air, and that is the best hypothesis I can come up with.

Holodomor in Venezuela

There can hardly be any doubt: The Venezuelan puppet regime under Maduro is executing a genocide by hunger. For a long time there has been a serious shortage of food, and people are standing in line from one day to the next just to buy a single package of flour. In the past thousands of tons of food have been found rotting in containers in harbors, but that could be due to incompetence or indifference. However, the new revelations leave no room for doubt: Deliberately burying 200 tons of perfectly good food on a confiscated and abandoned farm is a conscious act executed with a purpose. There is only one logical explanation: They want to starve the Venezuelan people to either submission or death.

The confiscated farm where the food was found buried.

In Ukraine about 10 million people were starved to death the winter of 1933. Stalin took their food and forbade them from leaving the area. My grandfather, Knut “Attarparn” Nilsson, was there at the time, invited by Stalin. He realized that there were no farmers on the farms, and suspected that they were all dead. He just didn’t know how. When he returned to Sweden they sent a loaf of bread with him. It was baked on the grains taken from the farmers in Ukraine, and tasted good according to my dad who was a young child at the time, and who for many decades would know nothing about the Holodomor.

Coincidentally, the night before leaving Moscow, the group in which my grandfather was traveling were all invited to a banquet in the Kremlin. My grandfather, who understood Russian after his time in Alaska (although he had never revealed that to the hosts), switched chair with a friend. Half way through the dinner there was a ruckus around his friend, they took him by force to a hospital and flushed his stomach. Naturally one must conclude that they had poisoned the food and when they realized it was the wrong person sitting there, they saved his life. I say this to illustrate how they think and behave. Killing a person to “save the revolution” is admirable for them, but to kill the wrong person is not allowed.

The food was buried at Corozo Pando in central Venezuela.

Not only does Maduro execute verbal violence; not only does he let his cattle shoot at unarmed protesters; but he is clearly a person who stops at nothing to hold on to power, not even genocide by hunger: Holodomor.

Nazism alive and well in Canadian university

A professor at the university of Ottawa, Susan Spronk, has published an article defending the Venezuelan regime’s brutal repression of protesters, a repression which includes shooting people to death at point blank range, torturing them, raping them, and disappearing them, not to forget incarcerating and detaining them in the hundreds and thousands. Her blatant propaganda lies, her accusing of the victims, her defending all of this in the name of “socialism” makes it totally clear that she subscribes to the same ideology as Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. Nazism, communism, radical islamism, it’s the same thing: Putting ones own ideas above other people’s right to live.

Susan Spronk defends the murder of Geraldine Moreno and other non-violent protesters in Venezuela.

There is no fundamental difference between Susan Spronk and those who justify the Holodomor, the Holocaust, suicide bombers, or genocide. She has already taken the key step, putting an ideology above human rights. The rest follows automatically.

Here is an article in Spanish criticizing her article point by point on the facts.

China controls all U.S. Internet?

We have heard about the U.S. government’s back doors into internet servers and hubs. Anything the U.S. can do, China can do as well. They just need physical access to the device during the production stage. In every home where there is Internet, there is a modem. For instance, Comcast has Xfinity modems. Where are they made? In China.

If I were anxious to control free speech (like China, Russia, Cuba, and the Maduro puppet regime in Venezuela are), then my main concern would be to make sure that the truth does not go viral on the Internet. It’s not necessary to prevent it completely from getting out, since it can be diluted with propaganda lies. All one has to do is to make it slow in spreading, and a way to do that is to limit the ability of those who are spreading it to access the internet. In fact, that is exactly how the regime is acting in the ongoing conflict in Venezuela. This blog has been the target of such an attack for months (now the technicians have hopefully solved the issue, for now; it was an attack that made it very hard to access the server where this blog is hosted). But now I’m getting a different type of attack.

Several times a day my Xfinity modem stops transmitting certain information, in a very targeted way so as to affect only the channels I use to share information about Venezuela, nothing else. It goes away when I reset it, so the code that’s doing it obviously resides in software, it’s not hard programmed, it’s not in flash memory but in RAM. How do I know it is not in my computer? For two reasons: It cannot be resolved by restarting the computer, and it affects identical computers in the same way, even though I’ve never used them for communicating.

There are two possibilities, the first being that there is a backdoor into the Xfinity modem. A modem like that is a computer. When it starts it works, but then at some point of time, abruptly the communication stops working on certain channels, meaning it gets re-infected. The second possibility is that the hack is being done on the Comcast server that the Xfinity modem is communicating with, somewhere away from my physical location. It would have the same symptom, because when restarting the modem the communication channel is re-established, a new session is started in the server, and until the attacker identifies and corrupts the new session, everything will work.

But why go through all this trouble? I’m helping sharing the truth about Venezuela, I’m assisting Operación Libertad Venezuela, and although this was supposed to be secret (exactly to avoid these kinds of things), some not-so-bright freedom fighters have published it (such as Robert Alonso and Cristal Montañez), revealing that they don’t understand what they are up against. They obviously don’t understand the nature of their enemy. I’m going out of my way to help their country in its fight for freedom, and they repay me by putting my life in danger.

If you want to understand what the limits of the enemy are, watch this documentary (sorry, no English subtitles for non-English speech): The Soviet Story (2008). Maduro in Venezuela, Castro on Cuba, and Putin in Russia are all reincarnations of the same ideology, communism. They will react similarly because they follow the same “logic”. They will kill enemies, but not someone who by coincidence found out a forbidden truth; that person will just be prevented from communicating it. They believe in class warfare, but they will not kill the unwanted elements of society if there is a better way to get rid of them (having them flee to Miami is a better way, from there they will actually be sending money back to Cuba / Venezuela, and provide a staging ground for infiltrating USA). They may ruthlessly kill Smith, but leave Jones alone, because they are following orders and to kill the wrong person is a crime even for them. The easiest way to understand them is to think of them as the Mafia. They are the Mafia, the world’s greatest and most powerful Mafia.

If you wonder what role the Chines play in this, I have a question back for you: What’s the Chinese word for “mafia”? In Italy there are different mafia families. They can cooperate on projects without being united. Every family looks after it’s own interests. Crime is a capitalist endeavor; if the Chinese have a way of hacking internet, there is no reason they wouldn’t sell their services to another mafia family. For money, or for some other favor in return.

The bottom line is that the cyberwar is already in full swing, and the first victim – as always in wars – is the Truth. Except this time it quite literally is the truth that is targeted.