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Venezuela now a Cuban colony

On January 10, the previous presidential period ended, and the new started. However, no president was sworn in. The previous president, Hugo Chávez, who is also the president-elect, went to Cuba for surgery on December 10, and has not been heard from since. The Cuban regime claims that he is alive but in such a

Fellow Earthling – Happy New Era!

Dear fellow Earthling: If you are reading this message then the World has not ended. But we have entered a new era in the ancient American calendar that has come to us through the Mayas, the Long Count. It’s simply a base-20 count of the number of a days since a starting point on Aug

Newspeak in Venezuela

To read Wikipedia about Venezuela or Hugo Chávez is to read newspeak. In fact, most of what is said or written in media abroad is newspeak. You know, war is peace, peace is war, democracy is dictatorship, dictatorship is democracy, and so on. Let me give you some examples: The constituting constitutional assembly of 1999

Comeback of Cuban Communism

The world is sending the message that dictatorships are welcome. Who cares about democracy anyway? Nobody, it seems. Just look at the Venezuelan sham election on October 7. With the help of massive and systemic fraud, violence and abuse of powers, the regime once again declared Hugo Chávez the winner. The Wikipedia article on the

“Generalized massive fraud” in Venezuela Oct 7

The opposition politician and presidential candidate Pablo Medina has filed suit in the Venezuelan supreme court, asking it to declare the results of the recent presidential election on October 7, 2012, null and void, due to the presence of generalized and massive fraud. The lawsuit was also mentioned by the independent TV-channel Globovision last night.

Military Coup in Venezuela Oct 7, 2012

What has been called an election victory for Hugo Chávez was in reality a military coup. The opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles, won the election, but the regime activated a military coup with tanks on the streets of all the major cities in Venezuela, while withdrawing the protection from the presidential palace. They then told Capriles,

Proof of Election Fraud in Venezuela

There have been warnings from the so-called alternative opposition in Venezuela, groups outside of the established politics, alleging that the voter rolls are inflated with zombie voters, or “votantes fantasmas” as they are called in Spanish. Millions of them. Now after the election it has been proven, as this video shows. I’ve tried it out

Sista opinionsundersökningen från Venezuela

Imorgon söndag hålls ödesvalet i Venezuela. Antingen vinner den sittande president Chávez, eller så vinner utmanaren Henrique Capriles. Han har bedrivit en maratonkampanj och besökt 300 orter för att komma runt det faktum att “spelplanen” lutar som en alpsluttning till den sittandes fördel; i princip är allt tillåtet för Chávez och inget för Capriles. Trots

The Poll that Scares Chávez

A recent opinion poll in Venezuela shows that the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is winning by a significant margin. The result is 52% against 48%, with 1.5% margin of error. This has apparently scared regime supporters, because the link to the poll has been blocked on Facebook after being repeatedly reported as “spam”. This happened

The Electoral Dictatorship of Venezuela is Failing

A recently published book is focusing on an important subject. In ”The Dictator’s Learning Curve – inside the global battle for democracy,” William Dobson writes about the Arab Spring, but also about Venezuela, Russia, Iran and others. We have got used to dictatorships being totalitarian, controlling the inhabitants through brutality. The standard image of a