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China controls all U.S. Internet?

We have heard about the U.S. government’s back doors into internet servers and hubs. Anything the U.S. can do, China can do as well. They just need physical access to the device during the production stage. In every home where there is Internet, there is a modem. For instance, Comcast has Xfinity modems. Where are they made? In China.

If I were anxious to control free speech (like China, Russia, Cuba, and the Maduro puppet regime in Venezuela are), then my main concern would be to make sure that the truth does not go viral on the Internet. It’s not necessary to prevent it completely from getting out, since it can be diluted with propaganda lies. All one has to do is to make it slow in spreading, and a way to do that is to limit the ability of those who are spreading it to access the internet. In fact, that is exactly how the regime is acting in the ongoing conflict in Venezuela. This blog has been the target of such an attack for months (now the technicians have hopefully solved the issue, for now; it was an attack that made it very hard to access the server where this blog is hosted). But now I’m getting a different type of attack.

Several times a day my Xfinity modem stops transmitting certain information, in a very targeted way so as to affect only the channels I use to share information about Venezuela, nothing else. It goes away when I reset it, so the code that’s doing it obviously resides in software, it’s not hard programmed, it’s not in flash memory but in RAM. How do I know it is not in my computer? For two reasons: It cannot be resolved by restarting the computer, and it affects identical computers in the same way, even though I’ve never used them for communicating.

There are two possibilities, the first being that there is a backdoor into the Xfinity modem. A modem like that is a computer. When it starts it works, but then at some point of time, abruptly the communication stops working on certain channels, meaning it gets re-infected. The second possibility is that the hack is being done on the Comcast server that the Xfinity modem is communicating with, somewhere away from my physical location. It would have the same symptom, because when restarting the modem the communication channel is re-established, a new session is started in the server, and until the attacker identifies and corrupts the new session, everything will work.

But why go through all this trouble? I’m helping sharing the truth about Venezuela, I’m assisting Operación Libertad Venezuela, and although this was supposed to be secret (exactly to avoid these kinds of things), some not-so-bright freedom fighters have published it (such as Robert Alonso and Cristal Montañez), revealing that they don’t understand what they are up against. They obviously don’t understand the nature of their enemy. I’m going out of my way to help their country in its fight for freedom, and they repay me by putting my life in danger.

If you want to understand what the limits of the enemy are, watch this documentary (sorry, no English subtitles for non-English speech): The Soviet Story (2008). Maduro in Venezuela, Castro on Cuba, and Putin in Russia are all reincarnations of the same ideology, communism. They will react similarly because they follow the same “logic”. They will kill enemies, but not someone who by coincidence found out a forbidden truth; that person will just be prevented from communicating it. They believe in class warfare, but they will not kill the unwanted elements of society if there is a better way to get rid of them (having them flee to Miami is a better way, from there they will actually be sending money back to Cuba / Venezuela, and provide a staging ground for infiltrating USA). They may ruthlessly kill Smith, but leave Jones alone, because they are following orders and to kill the wrong person is a crime even for them. The easiest way to understand them is to think of them as the Mafia. They are the Mafia, the world’s greatest and most powerful Mafia.

If you wonder what role the Chines play in this, I have a question back for you: What’s the Chinese word for “mafia”? In Italy there are different mafia families. They can cooperate on projects without being united. Every family looks after it’s own interests. Crime is a capitalist endeavor; if the Chinese have a way of hacking internet, there is no reason they wouldn’t sell their services to another mafia family. For money, or for some other favor in return.

The bottom line is that the cyberwar is already in full swing, and the first victim – as always in wars – is the Truth. Except this time it quite literally is the truth that is targeted.

Glory to the Brave People

Gloria al bravo Pueblo. That’s how Venezuela’s national anthem starts, and now they have really shown that they are worthy of those words. They have risen up against a regime that for over a decade has used intimidation and implicit threat of violence against protests in order to make people passive and submissive.

The Venezuelan people have tried every democratic method in the book in order to avoid an open confrontation on the streets, but last year they reached the end of the rope. After the stolen election on April 14th, 2013, people took to the streets the say after, just to be gunned down. Rather than resign, they started organizing clandestinely, and launched street protests in the Fall. It started with a Day of Rage on the 5 month mark of the fraud, which – although it was modest with only some 60 participants – was a water divide because it was held in western Caracas, at Plaza Venezuela, in “chavista” territory, where no opposition protest had been held for over a decade. Yet there was no violence, and the marchers were not molested by the residents. This was a clear sign that the regime’s support was very weak, and it inspired the “autoconvocado” spontaneous protest on November 9, 16, 23, and 30. The Nov 9 march was the first time that the opposition backed the protest instead of trying to sabotage it behind the scenes, like they did with Day of Rage, and with the international event “Por la Verdad” (for the truth) on June 2nd.

After a lull for the December 8th municipal elections and the Christmas holidays, January saw the murder of a former Miss Venezuela. This became a turning point. A vigil in her honor that was convened in western Caracas by Operación Libertad Venezuela (OLV) had to be cancelled when illegal armed regime supporters (so-called “colectivos”) threatened to disperse it with violence. The blatant violence and threat of violence against people who just want food and a reasonable security that they will not be gunned down on the streets, was just too much. Many decided that they might as well die protesting as being shot to death by criminals, or spend 6 hours a day standing in line to buy food. Two opposition leaders, Leopoldo López, and congresswoman Maria Corina Machado, held a press conference January 23rd which initiated town hall meetings around the country under the slogan “La Salida” (the exit). Later on the streets of Caracas Ms Machado called for rebellion openly. They were joined by Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, but other opposition politicians such as the presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, from whom the election was stolen last year, have openly rejected the rebellion.

An OLV poll on Facebook shows that López and Machado enjoy a high degree of trust of 81% and 62% respectively, while Capriles is at 22%. The same poll, made around the end of February and March with 518 participants, has 79% saying that the fight can only end when the regime falls since the people will not stop fighting until that happens. Also 79% considerthe real ruler of Venezuela to be Castro on Cuba, and only 3% consider the regime and the president legitimate.

This seems to be unstoppable. The momentum is too great, the determination of the people is too deep. For years they have gathered steam and now it’s showing up in death-defiant bravery on the streets.

The 150-km march "Andean Crusade" (Cruzada Andina) arrived in San Cristóbal on April 9.

Facebook censures Venezuelan call for help

Facebook has censured an image posted in protest against the crimes against humanity committed by the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. His thugs undressed a protester and forced him to walk naked. In protest many in Venezuela have also got naked, and today there was a naked march in Caracas to call attention to the dictatorship. Yet Facebook censured this picture posted on the page of Operación Libertad Venezuela (OLV, Operation Freedom Venezuela).

Image censored by Facebook 2014-04-05

This is Facebook’s own guidelines: “Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.” Clearly Facebook has in this case violated their own guidelines to “respect people’s right to share content of personal importance“. Their decision is absolutely appalling, given that on multiple occasion regime apologists have posted comments on the OLV page with hate speech and encouragement to violent acts, but not a single time has Facebook removed such a comment contributing materially to Crimes Against Humanity.

The Battle for Democracy in Venezuela

On April 14, 2013, the Cuban regime stole the presidential election in Venezuela and gave the victory to their Colombian man, Nicolás Maduro. People took to streets all over the country but were gunned down. The candidate who really won the election, Henrique Capriles, caved in and called the protests off. At this point the democratic resistance started organizing, and at the 5-month mark of the election fraud, September 14, Operación Libertad Venezuela called for a Day of Rage. The party of Capriles secretly sabotaged the protest, forbidding their members to participate in any way. When this was revealed in public people got very angry, and started realizing that the opposition was working in cohorts with the regime.

One of many demonstrations in 2014 demanding regime change.

This led to a series of grassroots protests in November with thousands of people all over the country. Capriles had sold the municipal election in December as a “referendum” on Maduro, but of course the opposition lost, since the election fraud issue had not been dealt with. This was the final nail in the coffin for his credibility. In January, the tragic murder of a Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear, fueled an outrage over the rampant murder rate, the highest in the world. Shortly afterwards, an attack on a student at a campus sparked a student revolt in Táchira.

One of many killed by the regime. Many have been shot in the head, by either regime thugs (their version of brownshirts), or by snipers, or by soldiers who are often Cubans in Venezuelan uniform.

With Capriles out of the picture, other opposition politicians took over and called for a non-violent rebellion in order to recover democracy. Those behind the October and November protests joined in, and all sectors together took to the streets. These protests are grass roots. Nobody controls them. The number of people supporting them keeps growing all the time. I know of some who were chavistas when it started, and who are now on the barricades since weeks. They have joined when they saw how the regime responded to peaceful marches with gunfire; how they tortured their sons and daughters; and when they were attacked in their homes while not having anything to do with the protests.

The core complain is that Venezuela has been colonized by Cuba and lost it's independence. All other issues are incidental and caused by this.

Let me take Valencia February 12 to 13 as an example. On Feb 12 a peaceful march was ambushed by regime thugs, with the military leaving them at their destiny. Miss Tourism 2013 of the state was shot dead, a bullet hit her head. The next day the same people were demonstrating peacefully in front of a shopping center, and some walked up to the military and asked them to please not shoot at them. The response of the military was to do just that, start shooting at them. They even shot at people in their apartments who were filming what was going on, destroyed vehicles etc. Something unexpected happened when street criminals, people from the poorest areas (the only ones armed apart from the regime) opened fire against the military to defend the unarmed civilians. That has later happened on other occasions in Valencia, and in several other cities as well. What the street criminals see are not militaries shooting at civilians; what they see is Cubans shooting at Venezuelans. There are tens of thousands of Cuban soldiers in Venezuelan military uniform and they form the core of the oppression.

The regime is using military equipment against civilians, including Dragoon tanks with 90 mm cannon which they have been caught on camera firing in civilian neighbourhoods.

The regime uses military equipment such a this tank with a 90 mm cannon. They also deploy thousands of thugs who have been armed and paid by the regime to spread terror, and they are responsible for many of the murders. Furthermore, the regime deploys tens of thousands of Cuban soldiers who, in violation of international law, operate in Venezuelan military uniform. To do so once hostilities have started – which they obviously have – is a war crime.

Queen of Shame: Elizabeth II

Last Friday, the Organization for American States (OAS) voted to hold their meeting behind closed doors, and then they took the ongoing crisis in Venezuela off the table. They needed two thirds majority to do this, which they barely got, so the votes of each country mattered. Among the 22 votes counted in favor of a private meeting were 8 from kingdoms that have Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state, while one of her kingdoms abstained. If those 9 had voted for transparency, the vote would have been 20 to 13 AGAINST closing the doors; the meeting would have discussed Venezuela, the whole world would have been shown the atrocities there being committed, and most certainly the OAS would have expressed outrage.

Queen Elizabeth II and a victim of Crimes Against Humanity
Elizabeth II and Geraldine Moreno, shot in the eye with a shotgun by the Venezuelan military during a peaceful demonstration. RIP.

Why does the OAS vote matter so much? My contacts in the Swedish foreign department have for years told me that “until the OAS acts, neither Sweden nor the European Union will act.” They respect the OAS as the supreme body for supervising the state of democracy in the Americas. Last Friday the OAS voted to turn a blind eye to Venezuela, and immediately the Cuban puppet regime in Caracas deployed all of the Cuban soldiers there present to suppress the uprising in a most bloody and cruel way. Just in the first 48 hours after the vote, 5 unarmed civilians, including a pregnant woman working as sign language interpreter on TV news, were gunned down by either the military or the regime’s thugs. Many more were injured, and thousands were attacked in their homes with gunshots, shotgun shots, and tear gas grenades shot through their windows.

Elizabeth II is the queen over nine American kingdoms who are blocking the discussion in OAS:

Kingdom	                          Prime Minister        Population
Jamaica	                          Portia Simpson-Millor	 2,711,476
Bahamas	                          Perry Christie	   351,461
Belize	                          Dean Barrow	           349,728
Barbados	                  Freundel Stuart	   285,000
Saint Lucia	                  Kenny Anthony	           180,000
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Ralph Gonsalves          109,000
Grenada	                          Keith Mitchell	   103,328
Antigua and Barbado               Baldwin Spencer	    86,295
Saint Kitts and Nevis             Denzil Douglas	    54,000

With the exception of Jamaica they are all tiny. Barbados abstained, but in the face of Crimes Against Humanity, inaction is complicity.

All of these kingdoms, except Barbados, are receiving very favorable financing from Venezuela, but only Jamaica has been transparent about how the money is being used. Ex-president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras said in private, when he was trying to get his country to accept the same deal with Venezuela, that this loan with 1% interest over 25 years, and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, “will not have to be paid back”. Zelaya took the money and spent it as he seemed fit, figuring that if and when time came to repay it the one on the hook would not be him personally but Honduras as a nation. Why would we expect that the other members of PetroCaribe got a different deal? Their vote in OAS shows that they have been bought. Look at the video when their ambassadors are voting: They are turning their heads down and voting with SHAME.

In all fairness, Elizabeth II is also the queen of Canada, and Canada voted in favor of transparency. It is a pity that her reputation will be tarnished by the actions of these apparently corrupt kingdoms, who are supporting a vile dictatorship, and not just that: They are covering for a war of aggression, because it is Cuba that is controlling Venezuela, it is Cuba who calls the shots (quite literally). And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they are covering for War Crimes, since the Cuban soldiers are fighting in Venezuelan military uniforms (of the army and of the national guard). So to sum up:

Elizabeth II is the queen over nine kingdoms that are covering for crimes against humanity, crime against peace, and war crimes.

Some will object that she doesn’t have the power to do anything about it. That is an unacceptable position in the face of the worst crimes known to man. If I were in her position, I would rather abdicate as queen over those nine kingdoms, than have their betrayal of the human race destroy my good reputation from my other kingdoms. To do nothing would be a sign of cowardice, and I don’t believe Elizabeth II is a coward.

One day Putin will cry “coup d’état in Venezuela!”

How will the crisis in Venezuela end? Some foreign leaders call for “dialog”. Forget it. That will never happen. The de-facto president, Nicolás Maduro, has no power. He is just a puppet for Castro, while the strong-man inside the country supposedly is Diosdado Cabello, although it’s increasingly clear that the only thing he is capable of is creating mayhem with the help of murder gangs.

This crisis will end when the regime falls and Cuba (and other foreign invaders, including Russia) leave Venezuela, not a day earlier. At that moment someone else will of course have to take the helm and try to restore governability.

When that happens, as certain as “Amen” in Church, Putin, Castro, and their allies will cry “Coup d’état in Venezuela!”

It is so predictable. They do it every single time, and there are so many naïve leftists around who at that moment—but not before—will raise their eyes from their navel and start repeating “Coup d’état?! Coup d’état!? Oh, how typical, another coup d’état in South America!”

Since when is the liberation of a colony from the colonial power a coup d’état? Alas, my prediction is that scores of pundits will emerge from the turfs they normally hide under to declare this particular liberation a coup d’état.

And not just any coup d’état, mind you! No, they will say that it is a fascist coup d’état. They will say that CIA was behind it. But they will never admit that Cuba and Russia have occupied Venezuela, no no no, that is not occupation, that is “brotherly love” or something.

Wanna bet?

Maria Corina Machado, "rebel leader." If Putin calls her military coup leader, she would be the first woman military coup leader in history!

Crimes against humanity in Venezuela

Since Chávez was elected president of Venezuela in 1998, and installed in 1999, a range of crimes have been perpetrated by the regime. The first was a judicial coup d’état in 1999 when democratically elected president dissolved the Constitution. The second was the gradual handing over of national sovereignty to Cuba, now complete with the installation of non-venezuelan citizen Nicolás Maduro as the Cuban puppet dictator in Caracas. However, infinitely more serious are the Crimes Against Humanity committed starting in 2002, and still ongoing.

The first of these Crimes Against Humanity was a deliberate slaughter of civilians on April 11, 2002, and the second – and still ongoing – is the political Apartheid against dissenters. We are not talking about tens or hundreds or thousands of individuals; we are talking about more than three million people who have systematically been denied their human rights for 10 years.

Murder and extermination

Let’s start with April 11, which the regime calls a “military coup”. It was a million person march in protest of the president’s policy. It was organized by the employers and the trade unions together. The march was far from the political center of power. Through my research I’ve found out what really happened. I’ve interviewed organizers, participants, an officer in the honor guard, an officer on duty who disobeyed the order from the president to deploy the military, one of the assassins, and one officer–who apart from being a Venezuelan military officer also is a Cuban intelligence agent–whose job it is to make the world believe it was a pre-planned military coup, by acting and speaking like he was involved in the planning of the military coup.

People in the march all say that the call to march to the presidential palace Miraflores came from within the march, not from the leaders. The only reasonable explanation is that the regime sent agitators to the march, because people don’t act like that spontaneously, especially not Venezuelans. In all the cases I have observed in that country, only when infiltrated agitators stir up the crowd does it change its plans (and it happens every now and then).

Earlier, Freddy Bernal, mayor of Caracas, had recruited some of the city’s employees, young men in desperate situations, to be snipers stations on the rooftops around Miraflores. These are rooftops where the honor guard have snipers to protect the president during official acts, so nobody else has access but the regime. However, this day there were no honor guard snipers since there was no official event, and the march was far away. The young men were given sniper rifles and forced to consume cocaine. Regime supporters were also rallied around Miraflores, and a small “field hospital” was set up. When the march approached Miraflores it was close to the point where Avenida Baralt passes below Avenida Urdaneta. Regime supporters were on this second street. Some time here the snipers opened fire. Not only marchers but also regime supporters were hit. Persons in the top echelons of the regime also opened fire, from Avenida Urdaneta down on Avenida Baralt. Police on Avenida Urdaneta tried to stop the march in vain. Police officer Simonovis, later convicted to 30 years of prison, was trying to stop the march and warn it that the regime had prepared an ambush for it up ahead, but the march continued until it was fired upon. The police on Avenida Urdaneta tried to protect the people, fired back at those they perceived were shooting at the crowd. The regime supporters on Avenida Urdaneta who were caught on video shooting down on Avenida Urdaneta were given medals. The police who defended the lives of the innocent civilians were given 30 years in jail.

The calculation of the regime was that they would be able to control the situation. The event was designed to quell any future desire to protest. To once and for all do away with the willpower of the people. However, when Chávez (I won’t call him president, he was a triple coupster, dictator, and quisling, a bigger quisling than Quisling himself), when this quisling ordered the activation of Plan Avila, the military contingency plan to quell a popular uprising, the military refused. One after the other refused to take the call from Chávez. The regime’s plan of how to get away with it involved taking control of the media message, by ordering a “cadena” (as in ‘network’, the government making all stations part of its network). In Latina America (and this should be changed!) the president typically has the power to command all television stations to broadcast an official message live. So Chávez started talking about nonsense on the air, while people fell to the ground outside from the sniper’s bullets. However, here came the second unexpected behavior that day: The private television stations made a split screen, and also ran a ticker on the bottom of the screen, so they got the news out in spite of the “cadena”. This caused national outrage and Chávez eventually resigned. That’s why the regime calls it a military coup. Here’s the thing, though: The officer who wrote the resignation letter, and who has it in his possession with Chávez’s handwritten resignation on the back, is a Cuban agent. His job is to make the world believe that it actually was a military coup. It wasn’t. The resignation was premeditated to allow him to come back with a free pass. He was brought back to days later by general Baduel (who was the only co-conspirator of the Feb 4, 1992 military coup who betrayed Chávez and did not participate in the coup; he later became minister of defense but was then thrown in jail where he still sits).

The crime against humanity was to deliberately lead civilians into an ambush and slaughter them. It constitutes a crime against humanity of murder as described in article 7 (1) (a) and or crime against humanity of extermination as described in article 7 (q) (b).

Later in 2002 a group of military officers made a long occupation of Plaza Altamira in protest against the regime, but the occupation was terminated when a sniper opened fire on the civilians. That assassin is now a diplomat in Costa Rica, if my memory does not fail me. Since the act was perpetrated as part of a systematic attack, it, too, should be considered a crime against humanity.

Persecution and apartheid

After the 2002 events the civil society started collecting signatures for a presidential recall referendum. This was a long and arduous process, in which the regime repeatedly rejected the collected signatures, and put up difficult demands, but they were eventually all met and the recall referendum was held in August of 2004. The “yes” vote got about 60% of the votes, but the regime committed electronic election fraud (this has been proven beyond any doubt through a number of scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals), and declared that the “no” vote had won with about 60% of the votes. However, they did something much worse: They used the signatures to compile a list of dissidents, the “Lista Tascon” as it’s commonly known.

People on this list have ever since been the target of political Apartheid: They have lost their government jobs. They have lost or not been given subsidies. Any and all action that requires government intervention, the over 3 million people on that list have been systematically discriminated against. That is another crime against humanity: Crime against humanity of persecution as described in Article 7 (1) (h), and or Crime against humanity as apartheid, as described in Article 7 (1) (j).

Mass killing

The regime in Venezuela has deliberately armed, equipped, and supplied criminals for the purpose of increasing the level of crime in the country. The police is forbidden from interfering with the activities of these criminals. This has led to the nation now having the highest murder rate in the world, 79 per 100,000 persons in 2013 according to an independent estimate (the regime figures are notorious for being far too low and no serious observer believes them). They true rate may in fact be much higher than 79, it’s very hard to find out. All in all, at the very least, one hundred thousand persons have been murdered in excess of what would have been the case had not the regime had this policy. That this is deliberate is well proven, and that the present dictator, Maduro, is aware of it and condones it, is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The recent murder of former Miss Venezuela, a well known actress in USA, Monica Spear, was a direct effect of this policy. The minister in charge tried to turn the blame to her for not having bodyguards. That statement reveals that the regime’s intention is to kill off the middle class: Those who can afford a car but who can’t afford bodyguards. The intention is to turn the country into a two-class society: The ruling “vanguard party”, and a powerless proletariate maintained in ignorance. They want the oil income, and they don’t want to share it with anybody. When I write “they” I mean the Cuban regime and the Venezuelan quislings.

Monica Spear, Miss Venezuela 2004, murdered 2014
Monica Spear, Miss Venezuela 2004, murdered 2014 as yet another victim of the Crimes Against Humanity that Cuba is committing in Venezuela.

Starvation, Homelessness, Robbery

Other crimes include an economic policy designed to not provide food for the people, by destroying the production apparatus and not providing foreign currency with which to buy merchandize abroad. It includes the destruction of all private enterprise. It includes the occupation of private homes by regime supporters – with no possibility whatsoever of getting help from the State.

There is no doubt that a Crime Against Humanity is being perpetrated in Venezuela RIGHT NOW. There is also no doubt that Cuba is the architect of this Crime, and there is no doubt that Cuba is being backed up by Russia. The interest of Cuba is the oil: It needs the Venezuelan oil for the regime in Havana to survive. The interest of Russia is strategic: Venezuela is being converted into the most important satellite state of the new Russian Empire; a military outpost designed to threaten USA from the south. China’s involvement is mainly through financing it seems.

The modern coup d’état: Constituent Assembly

On August 12, 1999, the Constituent Assembly (asamblea nacional constituyente) in Venezuela declared itself above the law, above the constitution, above the parliament, above the president, even above the Supreme Court. They thus broke the constitutional order, which is tantamount to committing a coup d’état. The case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the Constituent Assembly was above the constitution, why they had the power to declare themselves above the law so to say. The Supreme Court decision was clearly outside of its competence.

Writes Gianluigi Palombella in «Constitutional Transformations vs. “Juridical” coups d’ État. A Comment on Stone Sweet»: “according to the common view, when a competent power acts within the limits of its conferring rules, explicates its own tasks within the range of the rules of the game, without asserting a new, previously un-conferred – power for the future, this would be unlikely to be characterized as a coup.” The Venezuelan Supreme Court clearly and blatantly acted outside of its conferring rules, outside the range of the rules of the game, when it conferred all the powers of the existing constitution to an assembly that was not contemplated by the constitution – even it’s own powers. It was a clear-cut coup d’état from a juridical perspective.

How was it possible to get away with such a blatant coup d’état in our day and age? It seems that the coup was “sold” by confusing two terms, thus obfuscating the matter in media. The appropriate assembly would have been a Constitutional Assembly (asamblea constitucional in Spanish), i.e., an assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution to be approved according to the provisions of the existing constitution. This is what was done in Iceland recently, for instance. However, what they did create was a Constituent Assembly (asamblea constituyente).

A constituent assembly is only appropriate when there is no pre-existing constitution, for instance in the French revolution, the Russian revolution, the Venezuelan independence, and the Estonian independence in 1919, since in those cases the previous condition had been a monarchy without a constitution, or a situation of being a part of another State. In contrast, Finland did not hold a constituent assembly after independence, since they had retained the Swedish constitution during the time Finland was a Grand Duchy of Russia. Nor did Estonia hold a constituent assembly at the second independence in 1991 (they instead held a constitutional assembly to write a new constitution). As a final example we can take Iceland: No constituent assembly was held at independence since they continued with the (slightly modified) Danish constitution, until they eventually held a constitutional assembly to modify the constitution without breaking the constitutional order.

It is possible that the similarity between the words “constituent” and “constitutional” has been exploited on purpose in order to confuse, and to get away with the juridical coup d’état en Venezuela in 1999. It is, however, impossible to deny that it was a coup d’état, and that ever since 1999 Venezuela has been ruled by a coupster regime.

OTP report clears Honduras; attack by Axis of Evil continues

The Office of the Prosecutor in the International Criminal Court (yes, I know that you guys followed this blog from Sept 2009 to Feb 2010) has now released a report on preliminary examination activities in Honduras. In paragraph 61 it says that Porfirio Lobo “instituted a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación) to cover events between 28 June 2009 and 27 January 2010” (CVR is the abbreviation). Here’s the problem: The conflict did not start June 28th, 2009, and the CVR’s mandate does not start with the events June 28th, 2009. As I have reported on this blog, over and over again, the CVR was a condition in the Guaymuras dialogue introduced by interim president Micheletti, and approved by the deposed president Zelaya; it was to cover the events before, during, and after June 28th, 2009. This is important, because every serious legal analysis until date has concluded that it was not a coup d’état; that the label coup d’état is entirely political with no foundation in the legal facts.

The OTP report talks about a “crisis room” that was installed in the presidential palace on July 6th. In fact I proposed the installation of it to Micheletti, and I stayed in contact with it during his entire interim presidency. It was a way of finding out the other side of the story, since virtually all media reporting represented the spin from the chavizta propaganda machine in Venezuela (Telesur being the main source of video footage). The purpose of the crisis room was to counter this massive propaganda machine, but it was still a modest effort: Six persons, against a global network of interconnected media, from news services to satellite TV to state employed bloggers – with messaging controlled by the president and minister of information in a totalitarian dictatorship that wished to take control over Honduras: Venezuela.

The Honduras crisis 2009 was not a “coup d’état”. It was the legitimate defense by one nation against a non-military aggression by another nation, with the intent of annexation. We now know the true intentions of the aggressor nations thanks to an audio recording retrieved from the computer of a Cuban military in 2012. At the meeting they talk about Cuba Grande Socialista, which will start with annexing Venezuela and Nicaragua, and for that reason they have decided to murder Hugo Chávez (which they did in December 2012 and then tried to conceal), and replace him with Maduro who is docile and manageable. From their point of view it was necessary to murder Chávez since he wanted to create Gran Colombia Bolivariana instead of Cuba Grande Socialista, to annex Colombia and Ecuador rather than Nicaragua, and to make himself the leader rather than Fidel.

It’s easy to see why they want Venezuela, the petroleum wealth, but the reason for desiring Nicaragua is more interesting in relation to Honduras: They want an alternative to the Panama Canal, one that they control. In Nicaragua there is an old project, older than the Panama Canal, that still is kept alive: The ECO canal, via Lake Managua, Lake Nicaragua, and San Juan River. It’s main drawback is the aridity of the Lake Managua drainage basin, some years not providing enough water for the necessary sluices to the Pacific Ocean. Another drawback is the shallowness of the San Juan River. Economically it cannot compete with the Panama Canal, but that’s not the point: Cuba wants it for political reasons, if they are shut out from the Panama Canal. In 2012 they were not, so one must ask oneself what were they up to, since they expected to be shut out from the Panama Canal? After the seizure of Cuban military material on a North Korean freighter it does seem, though, as though they may become shut out now…

Over to Honduras. There is a project being promoted there called the “canal seco”, the “dry canal”. It consists of a harbor in each end and either a railroad or a motorway in between, and the purpose is exactly to provide an alternative to the Panama Canal. Who is interested in financing it? China, an ally of Cuba. Nicaragua and Honduras are the only two countries that can offer an alternative to the Panama Canal. Nicaragua is already a dictatorship, and Ortega might not be such an easy nut to crack as the weak Honduran democracy. The newly elected president in Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, has proved to be very amenable to corruption, and that is how the enemy gets his foot in. There are already thousands of Cuban agents in Honduras, disguised as medical personnel, but whose real purpose is psychological operations in preparation for a possible annexation such as the one just being carried out in Venezuela after the assassination of Chávez.

Returning to the OTP report, they conclude: “While there were victims of killings, torture, sexual violence, detentions of longer duration and/or in conditions of a severe nature, or serious injuries, the commission of these crimes did not seem to have occurred in an organized and regular pattern.” This is the same thing that I heard during the crisis from the above-mentioned situation room, or “war room” as we called it at the time since it was in effect an act of aggression against Honduras: There was an accidental shooting of a civilian, there was someone found dead after having been detained and released, there were cases of sexual violence, but none of it was neither ordered nor sanctioned from the top; they did what they could to stop it, since it put them in jeopardy (and the OTP report is proof of that; they have been investigated until now).

In paragraph 74 of the report the “crisis room” is mentioned:

“Although not necessary, given the findings on the lack of either a widespread or systematic attack, the Office also considered whether there was any evidence of a policy to attack opponents of the de facto regime. …the establishment of a “crisis room” designed to plan operations to repress the opposition could also be an indicator of a policy … However … As regards the “crisis room”, it is not clear that emanating from this coordination there was a policy designed to attack, on a widespread and systematic basis, the civilian population…”

Again, let me spell it out: It was my idea to create this situation room, I proposed it to Micheletti through intermediaries, and the purpose was to provide the truth about what was happening to the media, population, and the international community, since the world media were totally dominated by the enemy propaganda (from Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and other members of the Axis of Evil). Again, the situation room was devised to get the TRUTH out, and to the best of my knowledge all who worked there (six of them) were all communicators, none were involved with security issues. Of course they talked with the heads of security, that’s where they got their information from, but they did not direct security, they only reported the facts. For instance, it was through that channel that I found out how Telesur was staging “news” stories (the Telesur video has been taken down, I guess they didn’t like to get exposed so they reported it for copyright infringement).

The attack by the Axis of Evil against the sovereignty of Honduras continues, however. A week ago Manuel Zelaya’s wife, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, was defeated in the presidential election. The interesting fact is, however, who financed her campaign: Venezuela and Cuba! Since a couple of years Cuba ceased to be the number one threat to Latin America, according to USA. It is now Russia. Russia is for all intents and purposes a Nazi regime, a criminal enterprise, and Cuba is, too; there is no significant difference between the Nazi and the communist ideology as clearly described by this documentary from Latvia (a nation that has suffered both Nazism and Russian communism): The Soviet Story. It’s a very upsetting film, especially the recent events since they show that the Empire of Evil still exists – and it wants to build a navy base in Venezuela, where it already has a significant military presence. Honduras is not out of the woods, and the “canal seco” is surely of high strategic value to the axis of evil.

PS. The Truth Commission was also my idea, so I know very well that the purpose was to cover the before as well as during and after June 28th, 2009. And let me add, I did give advice to Micheletti, but I did so protected by Free Speech – by writing it on this blog – and never accepting any payment for it.

Cuban occupation force beats down Venezuelan demonstration

Today all over Venezuela people were demonstrating against the Cuban occupation of their country, and the foreign “Viceroy” that they have installed, Nicolás Maduro. The Cuban plan was revealed the other day in this video, in which the former Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, German Sanchez Otero, is heard outlining the plan to annex Venezuela and Nicaragua (and eventually also Colombia), and that Hugo Chávez has to be eliminated because his plan was another, he wanted to annex Colombia and Ecuador with HIM as the dictator rather than Castro. The Cuban plan goes under the name “Cuba Grande”, Great Cuba. Venezuela is required for the petroleum, and Nicaragua for the planned canal, ECO, from the Pacific Ocean through Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea (since Cuba cannot use the Panama Canal). This is the background for the demonstration identified with the hashtags #30N and #30NAutoConvocados. It is the fourth Saturday in a row that people take to the streets to protest the Cuban occupation, but this time – for the first time – they were met with with violence, force, brutality; Cuban brutality!

Cuban soldiers in Venezuelan uniforms attacking Venezuelan peaceful protesters and the media that covered the protest. Photographer wishes to remain anonymous.

The attack in Plaza Venezuela, Caracas, started with a militia dressed in black by force taking all the cameras and cell phones from the protesters, while the police stood idly by. The below photo was taken from a window in one of the tall buildings near the site.

Militia en black robbing the protesters at Plaza Venezuela of cell phones and cameras.

In spite of their attempts, at least one protester managed to record and get away to upload the video to YouTube, where it was rapidly copied to different accounts for security against deletion. Reports say that at least 10 people were injured in the unprovoked attack in Caracas, even though it was still early, and only some 50 people had gathered in the demonstration at the time of the attack. It is clear that the Cuban occupation administration decided to crack down on it before it had a chance to grow to the size of last week’s protest, with many thousands of people present.

Other protests were carried out in sites across Venezuela, just as on previous dates: Nov 9th, Nov 16th, and Nov 23rd. The coming Saturday, Dec 7th, is the day before the municipal elections, why no protest is planned on that date, but on election day or the day after instead.

The president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, surrounded by Venezuelan quislings and the Cuban viceroy in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a Colombian.