Honduras election will be recognized

Panama announces that it will recognize the president who is elected on Nov 29 in Honduras, and who takes office of January 27, 2010, provided that the elections are fair and transparent. At the same time, it is announced that the mayors of Guatemala City and San Salvador will be observers during the election.

The interim government of Roberto Micheletti has as its main goal for its short existence to make sure the elections are fair, transparent, and that the elected president gets internationally recognized. For this same purpose it was reported yesterday that four of the six presidential candidates, those that signed on to the San José accord, will be traveling to the US in the next few days to meet with the Obama administration regarding the issue of future recognition.

It seems to me that Obama is looking for a way to recognition that does not involve saying that there was no coup, although he must be aware that it was not a coup. The only other exit for him is if someone else takes the lead to reveal the truth, but so far no country has seemed willing to make the argument in the face of Chávez’s powerful propaganda machine (case in point: Chávez accuses Obama of the “coup in Honduras” although Chávez knows full well that [a] it was no coup, and [b] Obama was not supporting the events, on the contrary).