News on the failed coup in Honduras

Yesterday evening Zelaya summoned one of Micheletti’s negotiators, Arturo Corrales, who later described the talks as positive and fruitful but without offering any details other than that three or four alternate end games are being investigated. It seems that Zelaya himself realizes that restitution is not an option, and has resigned to the necessity of finding another way out of his self-inflicted de facto imprisonment in the Brazilian embassy.

Zelaya was deposed on June 28th after having attempted a coup d’état, and was replaced by Micheletti. Zelaya claims, following Chávez’ lead, that it was Micheletti who carried out a coup, a military coup at that, even though Micheletti was never a military but the speaker of the parliament. He was appointed interim president by the Congress in accordance with the constitutional succession order.

Earlier yesterday Micheletti had offered a compromise proposal that included letting both the Supreme Court and the Congress offer their opinion on Zelaya’s desired reinstatement as president. Both bodies voted to depose him, unanimously and almost unanimously, respectively. The Supreme Court issued the arrest warrant based on which the military acted on June 28. The Zelaya negotiators called the proposal “provocative” and refused to show up at the table.

The countries that have an allegiance to Hugo Chávez, de facto dictator of Venezuela, demand Zelaya’s reinstatement. They support terrorists in Honduras who started their promised sabotages last Sunday by removing the bolts that held a large and strategic high power tower in San Pedro Sula, causing wide-spread traffic chaos and loss of electricity in the national grid.