Swede prominent in Honduras

After a few days in Honduras, mostly around Lago de Yojoa and Siguatepeque, what I have encountered is mostly calm, tranquility, and extensive road works. As regards the so-called “resistencia”, the only signs of it has been graffiti – and then mostly in the major cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

A noteworthy absence of graffiti can be noted along the main highway. I counted about a dozen election signs for Micheletti from last years primary, and not a single one was covered with graffiti of any kind. If the “resistencia” really had had a presence outside of the major cities one would have expected the name of Micheletti being covered by the word “golpista” (coupster). My conclusion is that the “resistencia” is not widespread. As a further indication, a restaurant waitress in Siguatepeque who I interviewed said that there had been no acts committed in that town by the “resistencia”.

From people I have talked to I have heard that the Swedish reporter Dick Emanuelsson, who lives in Tegucigalpa, is somewhat of a leading ideologist for the “resistencia”. Hondurans have noted that time and time again he writes about the position of the “resistencia” a couple of hours before, not after, the alleged leaders of the “resistencia” utters it. It confirms an impression I have had, and it may explain how their discourse can resonate so well with the leftists in Sweden and elsewhere. It is simply designed following the same mould, by a Swede who is writing for the formerly Communist newspaper of Flamman.

PS. Here is an example of Dick Emanuelsson telling the resistencia what to do.