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Propaganda-video about Honduras

A propaganda-video against the democratic government of Honduras has been uploaded to the Internet today. A close examination of video footage from the airport July 5 reveals that one of the rioters probably was shooting a pistol near where the young man died.

How to recognize lying media

My advice is, do not trust at all any newspaper that does not provide for reader input, and be very skeptical to those who do.

Epilogue over the crisis in Honduras

A key factor that lead to the Honduras crisis was a well-intentioned stance by Obama that Zelaya took advantage of, leaving the other branches of government no choice but to arrest him, knowing full well that the consequence would be diplomatic isolation and financial ruin. Key mistakes made by June 25 made the rest inevitable.

“Tacka Micheletti!”, skrek folket då Lobo svors in

Idag svors Pope Lobo in som ny president i Honduras. Då han i talet tackade president Oscar Arias från Costa Rica buade folket så det hördes ända till Miami (via webTV då). Likaså då han nämnde president Fernandez från Dominikanska Republiken, vilken förhandlade fram ett avtal enligt vilket Zelaya kan lämna Honduras och få politisk […]

Pepe Lobo faces challenges and opportunities

When Porfirio Lobo Sosa is sworn in as president of Honduras right now, he is facing a huge challenge as regards the economy. On the flip side, he may have a more politically engaged populace than in a long time, and one that is prepared to rise to the challenge of transforming the nation into […]

Micheletti receives a hero’s farewell

His last hour in office, president Micheletti is attending a mass in the Suyapa Basilica together with his cabinet, co-workers, and the Union Civica Democratica (UCD). He went there to thank God for helping him save Honduras democracy through the constitutional crisis created by president Zelaya. When Micheletti arrived he was greeted with a 2 […]

Zelaya is granted amnesty for political crimes

Honduras congress voted last night to give amnesty to politicians, for the political crimes committed in connection with then president Zelaya’s attempt at overthrowing the form of government. He openly ignored and even ridiculed the other branches of government, until the Supreme Court of Justice issued an arrest order for him, and Congress deposed him […]

Zelaya prepares to leave Honduras

The time is approaching for Zelaya’s departure from Honduras, this time with his tail between his legs. Even as Pepe Lobo will take over as president in less than 15 hours, Zelaya does not dare to face justice. Some hero for the left! Let it be clear that Zelaya was not deposed for switching from […]

Militaries exonerated in Honduras

The military leadership in Honduras was today exonerated by the Supreme Court of Justice, for having allowed the deposed president, Zelaya, to leave the country. Their orders, issued by the same court, had been to arrest him. The chief justice, Rivera, accepted the defense argument that they had acted in a “situation of real danger […]

Zelaya’s flawed plan for immunity

As I have previously blogged about, Zelaya’s plan is allegedly to take a seat in the Central American Parliament, Parlacen, and thereby get immunity, which would shield him from the prosecution that is awaiting him in his native Honduras. What chances can such a plan have for succeeding? 1. Will Zelaya get immunity as a […]