Daily Archives: 2010-01-25

Zelaya’s flawed plan for immunity

As I have previously blogged about, Zelaya’s plan is allegedly to take a seat in the Central American Parliament, Parlacen, and thereby get immunity, which would shield him from the prosecution that is awaiting him in his native Honduras. What chances can such a plan have for succeeding? 1. Will Zelaya get immunity as a […]

Micheletti held the fortress until help came

Micheletti held the fortress for over half a year, waiting for help. The proverbial cavalry came January 6, when the prosecutor indicted the militaries who sent Zelaya to Costa Rica instead of to jail, as their orders said they should. Through this court case it was finally demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that the […]

AFP is pro-revolution, anti-democracy

The French news agency AFP, Agence France Press, from whom the Swedish news agency TT, Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, and thus most Swedish media get much of their news from Honduras, is openly biased against democracy, and for a revolutionary overthrowing of the form of government in the Central American country. This is the only reasonable conclusion […]

Getting the coupster out of Honduras

According to a report in El Heraldo,* the president of the Supreme Court of Honduras, Jorge Rivera, has said that the “salvoconducto” that the new president, Porfirio Lobo, intends to issue to Zelaya on Wednesday, will allow the former coupster to leave the country. However, it will not relieve him of criminal responsibility for the […]

SR ljuger, granskningsnämnden försvarar dem

Den 20 december anmälde jag ett inslag i Dagens Eko, ett nyhetsprogram i svenska statens radio, SR, för osaklighet. Det var en rapport från deras Sydamerikakorrespondent Lars Palmgren som innehöll rena faktafel om Honduras. Granskningsnämnden har idag lämnat anmälan utan åtgärd utan att ens försöka visa att inslaget var sant. Min huvudkritik gällde att Palmgren […]