How to recognize lying media

This is a little how-to blog post. On numerous occasions during the Honduran crisis I have come across websites of newspapers with articles containing gross factual errors. For instance, Le Monde Diplomatique wrote yesterday that Micheletti got immunity for life as “congressman for life”. The truth is of course that it is a purely honorary title, and furthermore, nobody in Honduras enjoys immunity, not even the president.

I have noticed that quite a few newspapers on the left – who are worst at publishing lies – don’t have a comment feature, nor do they post blog pingbacks. Now, some in the center and right who have those features still from time to time print fake facts, but it is less of a problem since the reader can check the comments and blog links. There is usually someone who will point out an error and link to a verifiable source.

By now the reporting in international media is so saturated with falsehoods about Honduras that even right-wing media who supports the country often by mistake let them through. The lies dominate over the truth by a wide margin.

So my advice is, do not trust at all any newspaper that does not provide for reader input, and be very skeptical to those who do.