Misinformation on Honduras continues

In an article today from a Chinese news agency, it is stated that the amnesty that the new president of Honduras, Pepe Lobo, pushed through, was a part of the Tegucigalpa Accord. That is one hundred percent false. Amnesty was explicitly taken out of the accord during the Guaymuras dialogue.

The Honduran prosecutor (ministerio publico) appealed the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss all charges against the joint chiefs of staff, for having violated the arrest order and exiled former president Zelaya rather than throwing him in jail. This was the news that the article reported, but it has been known since early January that the prosecutor intended to take this step.

Honduran newspapers thus focus on another action by the prosecutor today, in the form of yet another charge against Zelaya and various collaborators for abuse of authority. It concerns how 30 million lempiras (about 1.5 million USD) were re-allocated illegally to be used for PR in connection with the referendum that the courts had issued an injunction against.