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Drug cartels behind journalist murders in Honduras: Analysis

In this month alone – a month that has not yet ended – five (5!) members of the press have been murdered in Honduras. They were all gunned down by multiple perpetrators. Politically the crimes targeted journalists on all sides of the political spectrum. So why? I have an hypothesis. In late February it started […]

Communist propaganda against Honduras continues

A teacher was shot dead at school in a horrible act apparently intended to terrorize the witnesses. But why? Unsuspecting media in the U.S. propagates propaganda from anti-government groups in Honduras hiding behind the aegis of “human rights defenders”. Reading the statement it is clear from the text itself that it is biased: “THIS IS […]

Two more journalists murdered in Honduras

With the two radiomen who were shot dead near Juticalpa, coming from Catacamas, at 11:10 local time today, the total number of journalists murdered in Honduras in just this month has reached five (5!). When number 3 was shot I wrote that it started to look ugly. Now… The murders took place in the departamento […]

Shame on Huffington Post

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I allow those who disagree with me the same freedom to comment as I give those who agree. Today I read an article on Huffington Post that I disagreed with. Seeing that they profess to allow all points of view to come out, if written in […]

Zelaya & Llorens: Partners in Crime?

The other day a sub-committee in the US Congress had a hearing about Honduras. Among the things brought up were some economical affairs including a settlement in a USAmerican court granting a USAmerican company $51M in compensation from the Republic of Honduras. They insisted that Honduras deal with this. (See p 2 ff in transcript.) […]

Chávez, ETA, cocaine, terrorism, and Medusa

Half a year after Zelaya was deposed as president in Honduras June 28, 2009, most Europeans had long since forgotten about it. Thinking it does not concern them. They are wrong. Honduras is one battlefield in a war. Perhaps one day we will be able to say that Honduras was the El Alamein, or the […]

The revolutionary movement in Honduras

Last weekend a group calling itself the popular resistance movement held their second national meeting to discuss their agenda. If this group has a plan that includes an open debate with full right to participation by all citizens of Honduras, then I would applaud that initiative, and encourage the government to support the grassroots initiative. If, on the other hand, their proposal is not made public, and if input from the majority is neither sought nor welcomed, then their plan is nothing more than a partisan special-interest agenda that has almost no chance of succeeding without the use of force.

Bristande fantasi hos Fk och domstol

En dom i Stockholms Tingsrätt har slagit fast att Försäkringskassan gjort rätt då de betalt över 100 tusen kronor i vårdbidrag till mamman, men inte ett öre till pappan, trots att de skilda föräldrarna delar lika på vårdnaden av deras autistiske son och har honom en vecka var. Domaren hänvisade till att lagen säger att […]

A third journalist murdered in Honduras in 2 weeks

It is starting to look ugly. Five journalists murdered the past year, and three already this year: On March 1st, 11th, and now 14th. The latest journalist victim of the rampant crime in the Central American country was Nahúm Palacios, shot dead by two men armed with AK-47 near his home in Tocoa. Palacios was […]

Another reporter murdered in Honduras – my hypothesis seems to hold

Update 2010-03-13: La Prensa reports today that the minister of security, Óscar Álvarez, is taking this case very seriously, in view of it being the second murder of a journalist in two weeks, and the fifth in a year. A special task force has been formed with detectives from both Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. […]