Communist propaganda against Honduras continues

A teacher was shot dead at school in a horrible act apparently intended to terrorize the witnesses. But why?

Unsuspecting media in the U.S. propagates propaganda from anti-government groups in Honduras hiding behind the aegis of “human rights defenders”. Reading the statement it is clear from the text itself that it is biased: “THIS IS STATE TERRORISM. … While the attackers’ identities are not known, … [t]heir appearance makes them indistinguishable from organized crime assassins, who operate with impunity throughout Honduras and the region.

Ask yourself, does the government have anything to win from this?

Who has something to win from this?

What is the result on society of these murders?

Who benefits from a society in which people distrust the police?

Exactly, the organized crime assassins. The drug cartels. And what is the by far easiest way to get filthy rich in Honduras? Exactly, smuggling cocaine to the U.S.

Unfortunately, the self-denominated “resistance” in Honduras are playing right into the hands of the violent drug cartels. And unfortunately, some of the assassins could very well be members of the security forces and of a drug cartel at the same time.

But which of the two masters is he serving when he executes a teacher? -The drug cartel boss, not the president of the republic.

Please, U.S. media, keep your head straight. And remember, there is an intimate connection between communism in our times, or as they call it “socialism in the XXI century,” and drug cartels. The ideology is the fly paper that attracts the recruits, attaches them to the cause, and enables them to commit crimes and smuggle drugs “for the cause,” while those pulling the strings are cynical and just want the money.