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Did the Propaganda Director Witness Murder?

In my previous post I showed technical evidence, based on acoustics, that places a shooter among the demonstrators near the place where the teenager was shot dead on July 5th, 2009, at Tegucigalpa Airport, Honduras. This is quite significant, since it was a pivotal event in the world media. It changed the focus in much of […]

I Accuse Hugo Chávez of Conspiracy to Murder

Already January 31st I presented the evidence, but since nobody seems to have noticed, I’ll present them again with a more direct headline. A video (see below) released by the “resistencia” itself, contains footage from outside the airport on July 5th, the day that Zelaya was allegedly trying to return by airplane. As I reported […]

Mob Violence in Nicaragua is a Coup d’État

A violent street mob in Nicaragua is trying to prevent the democratically elected Congress from convening in order to declare an action by the president illegal. The police is not stopping the mob violence. This is the first step towards a coup d’état. The international community must take steps now to stop the erosion of […]

Beam me up, there is no intelligent life in USA

The so-called birthers in the US claim that president Barack Obama was not born in USA and thus cannot be president. That’s not what makes me want to be beamed up. It’s the democrat’s response that makes me think there is no intelligent life in USA. The birthers’ argument is that since Obama has not […]

What Legal Liabilities does Censorware have?

Censorware, or URL filtering software, prevents users from accessing certain internet domains. It is typically installed by an employer or parent to prevent the employees or children from accessing potentially harmful websites, including websites that decreases the productivity of the employees, or consumes too much bandwidth. It is also used by ISPs to manage their bandwidth. […]

Springtime for Carmen on Miami smurf-opera

Carmen is one of the most popular operas in the world, and a few hours ago it was opening night in Miami for a new production. Except for the music and the song, it was a dissapointment. The whole idea with opera is to appeal to emotions, and for that to happen the scenery on […]

The Communist Sedition in Honduras

Sedition (noun) 1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government. 2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion. Last year, the elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was deposed after having tried to carry out a coup d’état, a so-called creeping coup, the end result of which would have […]

Resistencia and Democracy in Honduras

There is in Honduras a grouping calling itself “the national popular resistance front against the coup d’état”, FNRP. Before scrutinizing their agenda I just have to comment on their name. As is now known, the coup d’état was perpetrated by Manuel Zelaya, but it was stopped by the checks and balances, the democratic institutions of […]

Defending a Coup d’État, Can You?

My argument is based on self defense. Just like we don’t call a person who kills his would-be murderor a murderor, we should not call someone a coupster for using the methods of a coup d’état to foil a coup d’état, in order to save the State in an emergency. A source of confusion, and […]

Honduras Could Legally Depose Zelaya

Human Rights Foundation writes that it would have been perfectly legal and constitutional for Honduras’s Supreme Court to have Zelaya arrested and removed from office June 26 for prima facie abuse of authority. It was president Obama who made sure that did not happen according to my source, while OAS and Insulza were overt agents for the would-be golpista Manuel Zelaya according to HRF.