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The World has Sown a Dragon-Seed of Military Coup

What message does it send to be ungrateful to efforts to safeguard human rights? It sends the message that there is no point in trying to play by the rules of democracy and human rights.

Orwellian new-speak dictionary for Honduras

Since June 28, 2009, the world has engaged in Orwellian new-speak in reporting on Honduras. As this is on-going and seems to be here to stay, I figure it may be appropriate to start writing a dictionary for those of us who prefer to know what they are talking about in the news. So here […]

OAS continues to disgrace itself

The Organization for American States was created to defend democracy in the Western Hemisphere, but last year it brazenly supported Manuel Zelaya’s coup d’état attempt in Honduras. When the coup was stopped on June 28 by the military, OAS supported the coupster Zelaya against all the democratic institutions of Honduras. This pattern continues to this […]

Brownshirt operation in Tegucigalpa

Update May 21, 2010, 15:23 – A German-Danish revolutionary-romantic, Johannes Wilm, has made a documentary about this attack, called La Joven Revolución Hondureña (The Young Honduran Revolution). The footage follows the organizers before, during, and after the operation. We can see in the video several of the persons involved in destroying the fast food restaurant. […]

Human Rights under Attack in Sweden

Sweden’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, which plays a similar role in the Scandinavian country as the New York Times does in USA, has published an article apparently aimed at ostracizing a candidate for parliament. In the article, the candidate for the Center Party (which is politically similar to Wellstone Democrats) is accused of expressing anti-Semitic […]

Reforming Honduras Without a “Constituyente”

After all the talk about a constituting constitutional assembly, maybe it would be worthwhile to take a serious look at Honduras’s problems. Let me just first point out that to propose, promote, or assist in prolonging the presidential term limit, or allowing presidential re-election, causes a citizen to permanently lose his civil rights, according to […]

First 100 days in Honduras: New Hope?

May 7th will mark the 100th day that Porfirio Lobo Sosa is president in Honduras. So how has he done, and what is the status for Honduras now? Pepe Lobo started out already before he was sworn in by going to the Dominican Republic, and signing an agreement that the then deposed president Manuel Zelaya […]

Mexican Gulf oil spill may have precedent

When being faced with this disastrous pollution crisis it may be useful to step back and put it into perspective, to avoid overreacting. We don’t want the patient to die of the side effects of the medication, do we? It turns out that we might be able to learn something from a pre-historic event that […]

Truth Commission to be installed today

The truth commission, initially proposed by the Micheletti side in the San José talks, will be installed today in Tegucigalpa. The purpose of the commission is specified in the accord signed by Micheletti and Zelaya. It is to bring out the truth of what happened before, during, and after June 28, so that Honduras may […]

Zelaya’s propaganda director has blood on his hands

Continuing the analysis of the events of July 5th, 2009, at Tegucigalpa Airport, Honduras, we will now look at the actions of Cesar Silva, Zelaya’s propaganda director. To complement the picture from Silva’s own video I have used videos from Al Jazeera, teleSUR, and BBC. According to the one who tipped me off, the scene […]