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Propagandan tog skruv även i Sverige

I onsdags morse publicerade Second Opinion en artikel jag skrivit om hur media misslyckats med att genomskåda propagandan* om Honduras (Redaktionerna föll för propagandan). Redan samma dag på eftermiddagen tog fallet en ny vändning som till och med gav mig ståpäls. En av dem som mest ihärdigt spridit anti-honduransk propaganda i USA avslöjades som en […]

Ett år efter att Zelaya avsattes

Allt väsentligt har redan skrivits på denna blogg, så jag nöjer mig med att sammanfatta läget med en bild: Länkar: Första artikeln på denna blogg. Den och de närmast följande visar hur sökandet efter sanningen tog sig ut den första veckan. Jag lyckades få tag på dokument till min blogg som de flesta inom media […]

First anniversary of Zelaya’s failed coup d’état

Update 2010-06-28: Today is the anniversary of the deposing of Zelaya. La Gringa in La Ceiba, Honduras, has written a very good blog article summing up the situation. She is unfortunately correct in that the hope and optimism under Micheletti has largely vanished under Lobo. It started when he went to Dominican Republic and signed […]

Spöken: Behövs dom?

Högerspöket är en term som sammanfattar den svenska vänsterns skrämselpropaganda mot de borgerliga partierna i gångna tiders valkampanjer. De senaste åren har ordet börjat att användas om personer, även av en del bloggare om sig själva. Det tyder på att ordet inte längre behövs i sin ursprungliga betydelse. Det spöket behövs alltså inte längre. Men […]

Saving beaches at the expense of coral reefs?

Southern Florida, especially Miami Beach, has a problem with beach erosion. Since the city is built on a sand bar on the outside of Biscayne Bay, this is no surprise to geomorphologists. But it is an economic issue when a beach resort lacks a beach. Which is why Miami Beach, several decades ago, became the […]

Algal blooms in the Gulf of Mexico?

With the oil spill continuing, we have to contemplate what effect the addition of the petroleum in the water column may have on the ecosystem. Hydrocarbons consist of hydrogen and carbon to a large extent, and as we all know they are rich in energy. Bacteria will therefore use that energy, and decompose the hydrocarbons […]

Middle-East Peace for Dummies

It is not making peace that is difficult. It is sustaining the conflict that is the challenge. Making peace is easy. All you have to do is to base the policy on the universal declaration of human rights, and of civil and political rights. All you have to do is to take the region known […]

Honduran Presidency for Dummies

On the occasion of president Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo’s statement yesterday that they are planning a coup d’état against him, I have decided that it may be useful to write a little manual for Honduran presidents. This is a temporary manual awaiting the report from the Truth Commission, due in January 2011, since that report should […]

Honduras’s President: They plan a coup against me

Honduras’s newly elected president, Porfirio Lobo, claimed Wednesday that there are forces within Honduras that are planning a coup d’état against him. He named no one, but the local radio chain HRN said that three leaders in the president’s own party, the Nacionalistas, are behind it. Last year then-president Manuel Zelaya from the liberal party […]

The Anti-Semitic Rebels of Honduras

Since the anti-coup on June 28 last year, when president Zelaya’s self-coup was stopped, I have been told that there is a strong element of anti-Arab (as well as anti-Jew) sentiment among the rebels who support Zelaya (the rebels call themselves “resistencia”). Since both Arabs and Jews are Semitic peoples, they are thus anti-Semitic. However, […]