Honduras’s President: They plan a coup against me

Honduras’s newly elected president, Porfirio Lobo, claimed Wednesday that there are forces within Honduras that are planning a coup d’état against him. He named no one, but the local radio chain HRN said that three leaders in the president’s own party, the Nacionalistas, are behind it.

Last year then-president Manuel Zelaya from the liberal party was deposed and replaced by another liberal, after he had failed to heed orders from the Supreme Court to cease and desist in trying to overthrow the constitution of Honduras. President Lobo is seen by some as pursuing the same path as Zelaya. His own party is totally against that policy, much more so than the liberal party.

The Union Civica Democratica, UCD, says that these are very serious allegations, and express surprise because if someone is planning a coup d’état it is because they have control of the armed forces, which seems not to be the case.

Or could it simply be that Lobo has read my blog? And maybe got scared over my warnings that the next time a president is deposed it may be in a real military coup, and a bloody one at that? After all, given how much trouble Zelaya has caused, why would any real coupster ever want to leave a president alive again?

If this is the case, then Mr. Lobo, pay attention: You are getting paranoid. Stop looking for ghosts, and start taking care of the business of Honduras instead. There are many things to do. The investment climate must be improved, and that means making investors feel that Honduras is a safe and predictable country. You have to make them certain that democracy and the rule of law are for ever, and that nobody ever will succeed in making a coup, neither a self-coup nor a military coup.

Mr. Lobo, what you just did was perhaps the most stupid thing you possibly could have done in a hundred years.