Unos Pocos Con Valor

Never before have I written about a movie, much less one that hasn’t yet come out, but this one seems so relevant for the topic of this blog that I cannot ignore it.

It is called “Unos Pocos Con Valor” (A Few Brave Ones), and is tentatively hitting cinemas in August. Here is the trailer, and the official site of Unos Pocos Con Valor with a previous trailer from when Zelaya was president (it seems some actors have been replaced). It may seem like just another police movie, but the issue is very serious.

Kidnapping scene from "Unos Pocos Con Valor"
Kidnapping scene from "Unos Pocos Con Valor"

Honduras has for a decade had a serious problem with kidnappings. I doubt there is anyone in the country who has not had a family member or acquaintance kidnapped, and for sure there is nobody in the higher levels of society who didn’t know someone who got murdered by kidnappers.

Add to this that the country lately has been invaded by Mexican drug cartels, causing the murder rate to rise to the highest in the world. And that the police force is the smallest in Latin America, relatively speaking.

If I tell you that the movie takes place in Honduras, and deals with the police fighting kidnappers, I’m sure you can understand the choice of title. I just hope it is shown outside the Latin community as well, and in other countries, because too many people around the world have been misled about the true nature of the human rights situation in Honduras. Those misleading them, those behind the propaganda, have a vested interest with the criminals running amok in Honduras, because they benefit from the security apparatus failing.