Monthly Archives: September 2010

Sowing the Future

Right now, the Future of Honduras and Latin America is sown. The Right For three decades a project for modernizing Latin America with the help of neo-conservatism has been carried out. Pieces in this puzzle have been strong demands from IMF on the countries budgets, cutting social spending, and opening up for free trade, resulting […]

Why it was good that Sweden left Honduras

This summer Sweden closed its foreign aid office in Tegucigalpa. It was a move that was decided when Zelaya was president, and motivated by the corruption in his administration, from what I have heard. Although this means the gradual termination of assistance to human rights (including the ombudsman for human rights, who the zelayistas love […]

USA needs OAS more than Honduras does

Honduras president “Pepe” Lobo has gone to great extremes to placate OAS so the country can be allowed back in. In the process he seems to have lost almost all support at home. Already before he was inaugurated he went overseas and signed a paper that said that the deposing of Manuel Zelaya, in an […]

Why the Dems may lose Miami -> Florida -> USA

This year Florida will elect a new senator, in a three-way race between the Democrat Kendrick Meek, the Independent Charlie Crist, and the Republican Marco Rubio. Chances are slim that Meek will win. This is usually attributed to Democratic voters voting for “anybody who can beat Rubio,” but there may be another factor that the […]

World pushes Central America towards disaster

Through their response, the nations of the world are contributing to pushing the Central American nations of Nicaragua and Honduras towards disaster. They are already the poorest and second poorest countries of Latin America, and they are both in deep political crises of credibility in the rule of law. The Nicaraguan president, former revolutionary leader […]

Parlacen does not give Zelaya immunity

Honduras deposed president Mel Zelaya has now been sworn in as a member of Parlacen. Some believe that this will give him immunity in Honduras. That is wrong. A deputy in Parlacen has, in the other nations than his own, the same status as a diplomat. In his own country he has the same status […]

Axel Oxenstierna was right

In 1648, if I’m not mistaken, Swedish chancellor Axel Oxenstierna wrote to his son, who he was sending to negotiate the Peace of Westphalia after the Thirty Years War, “If you only knew, my son, with how little wisdom the world is run.” Today that statement appears more true than ever. Why? Because I’ve been […]

Innovation: The Sediment Spill Case

What creates competitiveness? How does a company, a region, or a country get an edge? The question is of concern for the European Union, since the US of A and parts of Asia typically outperform the EU in innovation. However, it is of even greater concern for a third world country. What is a country […]

Why is TV Channel 8 so important in Honduras?

The situation in Honduras has not normalized. The new president, Porfirio Lobo, or “Pepe”, is continuing a policy of his elected predecessor Manuel Zelaya to ignore Supreme Court rulings. A couple of years ago the highest judicial authority in Honduras ruled that TV channel 8 was to be controlled by Mr Afiusa. However, president Zelaya […]

Dick Emanuelsson i blåsväder – igen

Dick Emanuelsson är en svensk journalist som skriver för den fd kommunistiska tidningen Norrskensflamman, nu bara Flamman, från Honduras huvudstad Tegucigalpa. Han skriver också mycket på nätet på spanska. De som läser både svenska och spanska kan notera att det han skriver på respektive språk inte alltid verkar stå i så bra samklang med vartannat. […]