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Wikipedia knowingly slanders political prisoner

As I reported in July 2010, Italian Wikipedia contains libelous claims about Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who is a political prisoner in Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, a country that from now is a Soviet-style communist dictatorship. Yet, as late as today Italian Wikipedia blocks every attempt to remove the slander, even though they have been given proof […]

In the eye of the storm

It is the dark before the dawn. The moon is vaning. It disappears in the ocean in one end of the horizon, and emerges in the opposite, this moon-ship that sails over the night sky. It is never so still as in the eye of the hurricane. It is never so quiet as in the calm […]

¿Hasta Cuando, Venezuela?

Inspirado por un tweet: Las lluvias comenzaron hace meses. Las inundaciones se han llevado 40 vidas. Pero sigue lloviendo en Venezuela. ¿Hasta cuando? Las alertas de dictadura llevan muchos años. El golpe constitucional ya llegó. Pero la gente sigue sentada. ¿Hasta cuando? ¿Hasta cuando lloverá en Venezuela? ¿Hasta cuando Dios llorará sobre Venezuela? El hombre […]

Venezuelan Students Vow to Depose Chávez

This text was distributed on the internet this evening. It declares that a student organization with tens of thousands of members has been created in Venezuela, and that they do NOT recognize Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias as the legitimate president of Venezuela, vowing to remove him from office “at any cost”, through civil disobedience. La […]

Honduras’ president Lobo licks dictator’s boot

President Pepe Lobo is figuratively licking the boots of his country’s main enemies, and not just in words, but by trying to execute a self-coup, an autogolpe, by overstepping the separation of powers by illegally replacing the Supreme Court of Justice.

E-mail in Venezuela

SALUDOS. Estimadísimos compatriotas: En el centro neurálgico del poder el asunto está muy candente. Hay ya varias facciones. Los hay quienes (al estilo de Carrizalez) no pueden soportar más algunas cosas. Por un lado está el Presidente psicópata rodeado únicamente de los cubanos. Solo Jaua y el Min de Defensa pueden hablar con él, pero […]

Venezuelan ex-president dies on Christmas Day

Carlos Andrés Pérez was president of Venezuela 1974-79 and 1989-93. During the second presidency he survived two attempts at military coups d’état, the first led by Hugo Chávez, the very same person who was last elected president in Venezuela. Pérez died by a heart attack in Miami at 14:30, December 25th, 2010. On this same […]

A Totalitarian Christmas Gift: Merry Chavizm!

Venezuelas’ Hugo Chávez gave his subjects a very special gift on the eve of Christmas: A full-blown totalitarian dictatorship. Just like Hitler’s Nazis blindly followed their leader, so did many in Venezuela wish each other Feliz Chavidad (Merry Chavizm) instead of Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas). So many, in fact, that Chavidad was on the twitter […]

Violent repression in Venezuela

BREAKING NEWS 12:08 ET: The Venezuelan General Carlos Peñaloza Zambrano has today publicly called for uprising against the “dictatorship”. It is the same general who published this guest blog here yesterday. Original text 11:40 ET: A peaceful student demonstration in Caracas, against a new university law passed this morning, is being repressed with water cannons, […]

Bondeuppror i Venezuela sprider sig

Finansierat av oljeinkomster driver Venezuelas president Hugo Chávez en vänsterpopulistik politik, med USA som yttre fiende, och med Kuba, Iran och Ryssland som axelmakter. Inrikespolitiskt är hans retorik den vanliga marxistiska, med hatiska utfall mot kapitalister och lantägare, och hans politik är att gradvis strypa yttrandefrihet, demokrati, mänskliga rättigheter, och att konfiskera tillgångar succesivt så […]