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“Operacion Libertad” inledd i Venezuela

Sedan idag hungerstrejkar ett antal ungdomar i organisationen JAVU utanför OAS byggnad i Venezuelas huvudstad Caracas. Deras krav är att regimen under Hugo Chávez skall släppa alla landets politiska fångar fria, inklusive domare Maria Afiuni, och fd presidentkandidat Alejandro Peña Esclusa. JAVU står för Juventud Activa Venezuela Unida (Aktiv Ungdom Enat Venezuela). Aktionen kallar de […]

Venezuelans Defend against Chávez’s Treason

A Russian base in Venezuela? They have delivered Suhkoi-30 advanced fighter jets, battle tanks T-72, and have signed a deal to establish a 200 km2 banana plantation south of Lake Maracaibo. In December the government under Hugo Chávez confiscated 47 farms of about that surface area around Santa Barbara. Sunday January 30 they are reportedly […]

Bolivian Senators demand Peña Esclusa released

An influential group of Senators in La Paz, Bolivia, led by the Second Vice-President of the Senate January 21 sent a letter to Hugo Chávez and demanded the immediate release of the Venezuelan political leader, Alejandro Peña Esclusa.   In their letter, the Senate Officials claimed that “Peña Esclusa’s arrest and the judicial process against […]

Operation Venezuela

Operation Venezuela took place January 23, Sunday 10 AM, on the anniversary of the deposing of a dictator in Venezuela 1958. The main rally was in Caracas. There were support rallies against dictatorship in Venezuela on 4 continents. The events can be followed in the archived “live blog” below. There are both updates written in […]

Flyers for Jan 23 rally

Ten tenets of Chavizm

Leaked US diplomatic cable, reproduced in its entirety. This was written June 16, 2009, 12 days before the first major setback of Chavizm: The deposing of his Quisling in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. A student of history may find that most of these tenets are not new by any means. They have been used in the […]

It was 20 years ago today

It was 20 years ago today that the Soviet tanks ran over and killed 14 civilians when taking the TV-tower in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the second largest city of the country, Kaunas, Liucija Baskauskas was sitting in their TV-tower watching live feeds. She cabled out the news to every address in her address book, and […]

Tuve un sueño anoche

Era el doce cumpleaños de una niña. Su madre estaba allí, pero la niña no se encontraba. La gente sabía que había desaparecido, pero no sabía como decirlo a la madre. En la casa tenían un cuadro de la familia. Lo enseñaban a la madre, sin embargo la cara de la niña era cubierto de […]

January 23 the Day to Stop Chávez

On January 23, 1958, the people of Venezuela threw out the dictator. January 23, 2011, they again take to the streets against a dictator. This time his name is Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. The protest will be carried out from 10 AM to noon in Caracas as well as in cities all over the country. […]

Det kalla kriget tog inte slut

Det kalla kriget tog inte slut med kommunismens fall i Europa. Det gjorde bara en strategisk reträtt, medan den trotskistiska bolshevismen övervintrade på Kuba. Utan att ha uppmärksammats i västvärlden har nu kommunismen ryckt fram på bred front. Om den inte stoppas kommer det snart att utgöra ett reellt hot mot både USA och Europa. […]