No peaceful solution in Venezuela

Even though I am a pacifist who refused to do military service in Sweden due to being against violence as a matter of principle, I am now forced to recognize that the conflict in Venezuela does not have a peaceful solution. Cuba has taken complete control over the South American oil-rich nation and there is no way in Hell that they will let go without a fight. Every day they are strengthening their military position, while the opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles, keeps playing by the democratic rules even though everyone knows that he really won the election.

Capriles has demanded a recount, something that will drag out to June. Meanwhile the de facto-regime, with the Cuban puppet dictator Nicolás Maduro, will entrench itself with the help of allies such as Iran. What can Capriles hope to gain? That the regime is exposed for what it is, a Cuban puppet regime, a dictatorship over a colony. So what? That doesn’t bring liberty to the people.

A proposal that Capriles has presented is to hold new elections under international supervision. The problem is that the regime has to accept that for it to happen. The regime knows perfectly well that they have less than 35% support. They know that they cannot win. They thus have no motivation to agree to free and fair elections. It is self-deception to believe that the solution is electoral. Hell will freeze over before.

Look at some recent dictatorships in trouble: Libya and Syria. Both close allies of the Venezuelan puppet regime. They both put up a fight, a fight to death in the case of Libya. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Cuba and it’s South American colony will be any different. They will delay and hassle, but they will not under any circumstances agree to any election that they cannot manipulate. This leaves the Venezuelan patriots with only one solution: To take up arms against the Cuban invader, and to do it as soon as possible, since every day that passes the position of the Cubans gets stronger, and that of the patriots weaker. Every day patriotic officers are being incarcerated. Today I counted 9 officers in Fuerte Tiuna, along with 8 admirals and 40 officers in the Navy.

The officers who are loyal to the Constitution can take up arms without violating anything that matters. On the contrary, the Constitution of Venezuela obligates them (in article 333) to defend the rule of law against an illegitimate regime like the one of Nicolás Maduro. Given that Maduro is a Cuban quisling they can perfectly well seize power, declare Maduro a foreign agent, and declare war on Cuba which will enable them to put all the Cuban sleepers (soldiers disguised as doctors, nurses, teachers and trainers) in concentration camps.

If this sounds harsh, consider the alternative development. Cuba has around 30,000 soldiers in Venezuela, plus the Iranian “revolutionary guard”, and terrorists from FARC, ELN, ETA, and Hezbollah. The terrorists aren’t there for recreation; they serve a purpose in a future asymmetric war in the Americas. The strategic plan of Cuba and Iran is to bring the same kind of suicide bombers that we have gotten used to in the Middle East, to the Americas. They will attack American bases in Latin America, and infiltrate USA over the border from Mexico together with (normal) illegal immigrants. This is the plan of Castro and Ahmadinejad, and there is only one way to stop it: To overthrow the regime in Venezuela and to clean out the terrorists. Better still would be to overthrow the regime in Havana as well. And Teheran. But a good first start is that the Venezuelan officers take their oath of office seriously, and make a good old-fashioned military coup, followed by a good old-fashioned imprisonment of those enemy combatants that are not willing to accept democracy without a fight. This is one of those cases when peace can only be preserved by using military force.