Cuban occupation force beats down Venezuelan demonstration

Today all over Venezuela people were demonstrating against the Cuban occupation of their country, and the foreign “Viceroy” that they have installed, Nicolás Maduro. The Cuban plan was revealed the other day in this video, in which the former Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, German Sanchez Otero, is heard outlining the plan to annex Venezuela and Nicaragua (and eventually also Colombia), and that Hugo Chávez has to be eliminated because his plan was another, he wanted to annex Colombia and Ecuador with HIM as the dictator rather than Castro. The Cuban plan goes under the name “Cuba Grande”, Great Cuba. Venezuela is required for the petroleum, and Nicaragua for the planned canal, ECO, from the Pacific Ocean through Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea (since Cuba cannot use the Panama Canal). This is the background for the demonstration identified with the hashtags #30N and #30NAutoConvocados. It is the fourth Saturday in a row that people take to the streets to protest the Cuban occupation, but this time – for the first time – they were met with with violence, force, brutality; Cuban brutality!

Cuban soldiers in Venezuelan uniforms attacking Venezuelan peaceful protesters and the media that covered the protest. Photographer wishes to remain anonymous.

The attack in Plaza Venezuela, Caracas, started with a militia dressed in black by force taking all the cameras and cell phones from the protesters, while the police stood idly by. The below photo was taken from a window in one of the tall buildings near the site.

Militia en black robbing the protesters at Plaza Venezuela of cell phones and cameras.

In spite of their attempts, at least one protester managed to record and get away to upload the video to YouTube, where it was rapidly copied to different accounts for security against deletion. Reports say that at least 10 people were injured in the unprovoked attack in Caracas, even though it was still early, and only some 50 people had gathered in the demonstration at the time of the attack. It is clear that the Cuban occupation administration decided to crack down on it before it had a chance to grow to the size of last week’s protest, with many thousands of people present.

Other protests were carried out in sites across Venezuela, just as on previous dates: Nov 9th, Nov 16th, and Nov 23rd. The coming Saturday, Dec 7th, is the day before the municipal elections, why no protest is planned on that date, but on election day or the day after instead.

The president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, surrounded by Venezuelan quislings and the Cuban viceroy in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a Colombian.