Facebook censures Venezuelan call for help

Facebook has censured an image posted in protest against the crimes against humanity committed by the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. His thugs undressed a protester and forced him to walk naked. In protest many in Venezuela have also got naked, and today there was a naked march in Caracas to call attention to the dictatorship. Yet Facebook censured this picture posted on the page of Operación Libertad Venezuela (OLV, Operation Freedom Venezuela).

Image censored by Facebook 2014-04-05

This is Facebook’s own guidelines: “Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.” Clearly Facebook has in this case violated their own guidelines to “respect people’s right to share content of personal importance“. Their decision is absolutely appalling, given that on multiple occasion regime apologists have posted comments on the OLV page with hate speech and encouragement to violent acts, but not a single time has Facebook removed such a comment contributing materially to Crimes Against Humanity.