Nazism alive and well in Canadian university

A professor at the university of Ottawa, Susan Spronk, has published an article defending the Venezuelan regime’s brutal repression of protesters, a repression which includes shooting people to death at point blank range, torturing them, raping them, and disappearing them, not to forget incarcerating and detaining them in the hundreds and thousands. Her blatant propaganda lies, her accusing of the victims, her defending all of this in the name of “socialism” makes it totally clear that she subscribes to the same ideology as Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. Nazism, communism, radical islamism, it’s the same thing: Putting ones own ideas above other people’s right to live.

Susan Spronk defends the murder of Geraldine Moreno and other non-violent protesters in Venezuela.

There is no fundamental difference between Susan Spronk and those who justify the Holodomor, the Holocaust, suicide bombers, or genocide. She has already taken the key step, putting an ideology above human rights. The rest follows automatically.

Here is an article in Spanish criticizing her article point by point on the facts.