A Democracy Must Defend Itself, also Honduras

Every state has two classes of potential enemies: External, and Internal. The defense against external enemies is allowed in the UN charter, as every country has the right to defend itself if attacked militarily.

The defense against internal enemies is an internal matter, though. A revolution in a country is not a matter for the international community.

For this reason, if one state wished to take control of another state, the only method that they can get away with is to disguise an overthrow of the constitution as an internal matter. Such an act would not violate any international law, only the national laws in the country under attack.

An attempt to overthrow the constitution or government is in Honduras called “delito contra el forma de gobierno,” meaning ‘crime against the form of government.’ In Swedish law that is called “högmålsbrott,” which is subdivided into “uppror,” i.e., revolution, if it is a domestic affair, and “högförräderi,” ‘high treason,’ if it is done with foreign assistance. This is the most severe crime that Zelaya is formally accused of.

The institutions in charge of defending law and order in Honduras acted according to their purpose in defending the country from an internal threat, when Zelaya was removed from office. A new president was installed, a new government set up, and the constitutional continuity was preserved.

If this had been an internal Honduran affair it would have ended there, but it wasn’t. The attack against the form of government was directed from Caracas, Venezuela. Using media, Zelaya’s co-conspirer Chávez managed to dupe the world into believing that there had been a military coup d’état. As a result, he managed to get all international institutions on his side, against the constitutional democracy of Honduras.

Chávez also relied on paid demonstrators and rioters within the country, amplified by people with limited understanding of the laws who genuinely believed that a coup had taken place, and who were strengthened in their belief by the whole world saying so.

However, Honduras is and remains a democracy, defending itself against an assault on its very fabric.

The assailants have used peaceful demonstrations, violent demonstrations, riots, propaganda lies, staged clashes for media effects, and more, all to portray the democratic government as a repressive military regime. While most serious media have managed to filter out most of the propaganda lies, they have still swallowed the basic lie that it was a coup, and many bloggers and online media have spread even the hysterical lies.

Well-intended but ignorant and naïve “help workers” from richer countries have become propaganda mouthpieces for the anti-democratic forces in this upside-down world, where the real coupsters accuse the democratic institutions of being coupsters.

It took many weeks but slowly the conditions in the country returned towards normalcy. Until Zelaya returned and sought asylum at the Brazilian embassy, and from there tried to rally a mob to overthrow the government. This created a new situation of internal threat to the form of government, since both Zelaya and the mob leaders professed to wishing to overthrow the constitution.

At this point, about 3 months after exiling Zelaya from the country, the democratic government saw itself compelled to declare a state of emergency (called “estado de sitio,” literally ‘state of siege’). In agreement with the constitution, certain civil liberties were suspended for a limited time in order to control the internal threat that the country was facing.

The order contained strict requirements for the security forces to follow protocols to assure that the government can demonstrate that nobody is tortured, since accusations have been made in the past. Honduras has an independent ombudsman for human rights, but the strategy of the real coupsters is to allege that he is biased, and then present fake reports from organizations that lack an institutional foundation, such as NGOs that are nothing but a front for Chávez. [See also this article on Human Rights.]

This attack against Honduras is very real, it is very well orchestrated, and it came within hours of succeeding. If it wasn’t for the determination of key persons at the democratic institutions in Honduras, the democracy would have fallen. Among Latinos in Miami, Honduras is looked up to. Their perseverance in the face of the whole world just adds to the admiration.

A lesson that they have learned the hard way is that having a very large social gap in the country is a security risk. Even if there is no domestic revolution, as in Russia and Cuba, it opens the door for foreign-supported coups as the one Zelaya attempted in Honduras. Hopefully the ability for all citizens to participate in the democratic process will be addressed in Honduras as a result. It is also quite likely that the constitution will be amended as a result, but legally, and not in the way that Chávez wanted. A proposal that has been suggested is some form of parliamentarian system, whereby the executive is elected by the congress so that the head of government cannot so easily be bought as today (Zelaya is allegedly in debt to Chávez to the tune of $400 million).

PS, added 2009-10-18: On 2009-10-10, New York Times ran an opinion piece that clearly outlined how the real coupster of June 28th was Manuel Zelaya, and that his ousting actually prevented the coup, rather than being the coup, as the world has come to believe based on Chavez’ propaganda.

Mel Zelaya, failed coupster
Mel Zelaya, failed coupster

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  1. You have done a wonderful job of explaining to the world what really happened in our country. If only the European countries could understand this, and not follow Spain’s lead in ostracizing us. It is incredible that the OAS, which is supposed to support DEMOCRACY, is doing just the opposite…because they depend on Chavez’ oil, money and votes. The UN is a big joke, not to mention the U.S. State Department and President Obama (if this is how they treat their FRIENDS, who needs enemies?!). The international media has been terribly biased…it has taken CNN several months to be more objective. There has never been a more evil and corrupt government as Zelaya’s. At least 85% of the country agrees that the interim government and President Micheletti is the most honest, courageous and patriotic government that we’ve ever had! The upcoming elections must be accepted by the rest of the world…everything was programmed since last year by the independent Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
    Thank you again for your truthful assesment of our situation. Please keep it up! We do NOT want such an ignorant, evil man restored to power, even for a few minutes, and risk having Chávez and Castro running our country!

  2. Thank you so much for telling the truth about Honduras. This is a great article, the whole world should see it!

  3. Tack från hjärtat!!
    Ulf, it has been difficult to explain the real situation of Honduras to people that live in developed contries as Sweden, Scandinavia or the rest of Europe, especially because people think that what Zelaya tried to do was a “socialist government” the European style. This was not the case and you seem to understand really what was behind all these.
    Thank you for informing people through your blog and please, make sure your foreign affairs´minister -who´s also holding the EU presidency- gets this clear. We all hope for the best for our beloved country!

  4. Dear Sir,

    I regret that you haven’t understood the scope of this problem. This is not about Zelaya this is about a Constitution that the present President Roberto Michelleti Bain signed on the 24th of October of 1985 the same proposition, to convert the Congress into a Constituyente in order to change the Constitution.
    This happen just 3 years after the Constitution was approved and like this, I could give you numerous examples when you come to Honduras or write back.
    We are not Venezuela or any other country, and we know how this country runs against the majority of the population….
    Anyway, I couold write for ever but this won’t make things better.
    The best thing is to try to change with a political will to do so.
    God bless you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is true that I have written on this blog almost exclusively about the present crisis, but not about the deeper issues in Honduran politics (with one exception, land ownership). Like much of Central America, Honduras is rather similar to the US politically, as seen from a European perspective. The same structure in the form of government has led to the same two-party system, similar kind of corruption, etc. It has been argued that the US constitution was designed to include corruption (i.e., campaign contributions) and the-winner-takes-it-all, to assure that the wealthy could retain control. It has worked that way in the US, and also in Honduras. Many European countries instead have proportional representation, and a party-based system where the grassroots have more influence on policy-making. This has resulted in the social democrats becoming a bigger party – and the anti-democratic left being left outside of influence. This is what I was referring to in the last paragraph, but it is up to the Hondurans to decide what they want, and how.

      The one strong opinion I have is that change has to come through legal means, because otherwise it will lack the credibility it needs for surviving without an authoritarian government (either a police state or mob rule; the latter seems to be Chavez’s choice).

  5. Thanks for taking the time to research and analyze what is really going on in Honduras. You´ve done a wonderful job!

  6. Ulf:
    I just want to thank you. Most of the things that can be said have already been said. Time will show that the actions taken in Honduras were taken abeying the law.
    Even though Mr. Arias dislkes our Constitution it is our Constitution. I understand Zapatero, since the king and himself have a lot of economic interest in Venezuela, Repsol and Telefonica have a lot to loose.
    Tsun Tzu states that war is just a meassure of pressure to achieve a higher political goal. At the end it comes down to economic interest and not social interest. Unfortunately when your country’s population is highly uneducated their perspective can be easily managed by nutcases like Chavez and Zelaya.
    Thanks again for your overview of the situation in my country.

  7. Thanks a lot for your excellent and very well researched article. I hope that the many misinformed citicens of the so called “developed countries” read it and finally understand what really happened in our country, were a solution to this situation is seeked, with dignity and within the frame of our legal system, which we know is no the best but it is the only one we have and must be guided by it, until it is changed in the proper way, as you have clearly explained.

  8. I can’t thank you enough for your well researched commentary Mr. Erlingsson! I will pass this on to my colleagues at work. It is crucial that Honduran stay strong and determined while defending the country’s constitution; However it is equally important to continue to explain to the rest of the world why this was not a military coup.

  9. Ulf… Great comment. Thank you!!!

    Rosa Garcia: My thoughts are ZELAYA… NEVER AGAIN. But, I agreed with you in other issues. WE need to change once and for all and although I don think our presidential choices right now area what we really need, WE MUST have this elections and end this nonsense and elect someone that, I hope will be illuminated and continue with this wish to do things right, for all of us, those that understand what really happened and for those that in good faith believe a change is needed.

    WE need the change, but let’s do it within our laws, for our people and not for Chavez or anyone else.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  10. No to Zelaya´s return, not for a second!.
    The people of Honduras, the majority, not the ones that call them selves “la resistencia” that only represent a minority of selfish persons mainly fighting for their own interest and not really for the best interest of all the Hondurans, Zelaya created his own enemy by giving power to political actors that now are taking advantage of his status to create KAOS and keep the corruption alive, he is incompetent for not being able to control his own group of “aids”… Those that keep violent acts and showing that every they they are fewer and fewer and every day will be less, at the end will remain only the ones that have adopted such life style, being against fo anything without any valid cause. Your article says the truth and hopefully will be understood by the “heads” fo the international community soon.

  11. Para los que no la conocen estos articulos DE LA CONSTITUCION , han sido violados por el actual Gob de facto:

    Artículo 61
    La Constitución garantiza a los hondureños y extranjeros residentes en el país, el derecho a la inviolabilidad de la vida, a la seguridad individual, a la libertad, a la igualdad ante la ley y a la propiedad.

    Artículo 71
    Ninguna persona puede ser detenida ni incomunicada por más de veinticuatro horas, sin ser puesta a la orden de autoridad competente para su juzgamiento. La detención judicial para inquirir no podrá exceder de seis días contados desde el momento en que se
    produzca la misma.
    Artículo 72
    Es libre la emisión del pensamiento por cualquier medio de difusión, sin previa censura.Son responsables ante la ley los que abusen de este derecho y aquellos que por medios directos o indirectos restrinjan o impidan la comunicación y circulación de ideas y opiniones.
    Artículo 74
    No se puede restringir el derecho de emisión del pensamiento por vías o medios indirectos, tales como el abuso de controles oficiales o particulares del material usado para la impresión de periódicos; de las frecuencias o de enseres o aparatos usados para difundir la información.
    Artículo 81
    Toda persona tiene derecho a circular libremente, salir, entrar y permanecer en el territorio nacional. Nadie puede ser obligado a mudar de domicilio o residencia, sino en los casos especiales y con los requisitos que la ley señala.
    Artículo 82
    El derecho de defensa es inviolable.
    Artículo 89
    Toda persona es inocente mientras no se haya declarado su responsabilidad por autoridad competente.
    Artículo 94
    A nadie se impondrá pena alguna sin haber sido oído y vencido en juicio, y sin que le haya sido impuesta por resolución ejecutoriada de juez o autoridad competente. en los casos de apremio y otras medidas de igual naturaleza en materia civil o laboral, así como en los de multa o arresto en materia de policía, siempre deberá ser oído el afectado.
    Artículo 102
    Ningún hondureño podrá ser expatriado ni entregado por las autoridades a un Estado extranjero.
    Artículo 213
    Tienen exclusivamente la iniciativa de ley los Diputados al Congreso Nacional, el Presidente de la República, por medio de los Secretarios de Estado, así como la Corte Suprema de Justicia y el Tribunal Nacional de Elecciones, en asuntos de su competencia.
    Artículo 237
    El período presidencial será de cuatro años y empezará el veintisiete de enero siguiente a la fecha en que se realizo la elección.
    aqui el famoso 239:Artículo 239
    El ciudadano que haya desempeñado la titularidad del Poder Ejecutivo no podrá ser presidente o designado. El que quebrante esta disposición o proponga su reforma, así como aquellos que lo apoyen directa o indirectamente, cesarán de inmediato en el desempeño de sus respectivos cargos, y quedarán inhabilitados por diez años para el
    ejercicio de toda función pública.

    Mi comentario : No defiendo al Presidente Zelaya, sino la forma arbitraria como se le dio el golpe de estado, El delito no se cometio, primero estaba en base a una ley que el mismo Sr Micheleti aprobo en el congreso la ley de Participacion Ciudadana, ha este momento esta vigente, si hubieran querido se hubiera aplicado el artculo 184 de la misma constitucion que dice ” Artículo 184
    Las leyes podrán ser declaradas inconstitucionales por razón de forma o de contenido. A la Corte Suprema de Justicia le compete el conocimiento y la resolución originaria y exclusiva en la materia, y deberá pronunciarse con los requisitos de las sentencias
    segundo, el proceso de consulta, aunque podemos inferir intenciones, abiertamente nunca se propuso una violacion al 239, ya que la consulta no decia que se iba a reelegir.

    Para los que no saben lo de la cuarta Urna, era una consulta que proponia a los ciudadanos si estaban de acuerdo que en la elecciones del 29 de noviembre del 2009, se instalara una cuarta urna PARA VOTAR SI O NO para instalar una asamblea nacional constituyente, las reformas que se harian en esa constituyente SOLO DIOS LO SABE, YA QUE LA ASAMBLEA CONSTITUYENTE NUNCA SE INSTALO NI EL PROCESO DE CONSULTA SE LLEVO A CABO.
    NO HUBO JUICIO, SE EXPATRIO AL PRESIDENTE, HUBO ESTADO DE SITIO, SE CERRARON RADIOEMISORAS Y TELEVISORAS NO AFINES AL GOB GOLPISTA, REPRESION… REPRESION…Y ENTONCES? QUE LE CRITICAMOS A CHAVEZ? El Sr Zelaya “puede ser todo lo corrupto que se le tilda ” pero jamas ha habido un juicio donde le venzan.Art 82 y 89 constitucionales.
    El que no sabe lo que busca, nunca entiende lo que encuentra.

    1. La consulta fue declarado ilegal por la corte suprema de justicia, y zelaya violo ese decision. Esto fue el delito principal, y esto era suficiente para destituirlo.

    2. Si senor , lo aceptamos fue declarada ilegal, pero a pesar de ello, la consulta NUNCA se realizo, porque antes le dieron GOLPE DE ESTADO, entonces ahora vamos a condenar por algo que haremos a futuro ? y el juicio ? y el articulo 94 que leyo arriba, en que quedamos, estas violaciones a la constitutcion no cuentan ?

    3. No fue golpe de estado ya que actuaron bajo un orden judicial (sin embargo, fue un delito de mandarlo a Costa Rica, deberia haber sido puesto en el carcel para enfrantar la justicia).
      Articulo 94 no es aplicable ya que todavia no ha recibido una pena. Enviarlo en exilio no es una pena, es ilegal pero ademas, los militares lo salvaron de la carcel y la aplicacion de articulo 94…
      Sin embargo, si Zelaya prefiere enfrentar la justicia, tener la oportunidad de probar su inocencia, el es bienvenido dice Micheletti, siempre cuando no trata de instigar violencia.

    4. Artículo 82
      El derecho de defensa es inviolable.
      Artículo 89
      Toda persona es inocente mientras no se haya declarado su responsabilidad por autoridad competente.

    5. Por eso los militares deben enfrentar la justicia. He escrito sobre este tema varios veces en este blog. Zelaya puede enfrentar la jucticia cuando quiera. Solo tiene que salir de la embajada. Pero estos dos articulos no tiene nada que ver con la presidencia. Ser presidente no es un derecho humano. Es un privilegio para el/ella; el derecho pertenece al pueblo, no al presidente electo. Si este no cumle con sus deberes, no tiene mas derechos que los demas.

    6. Ok senor, entonces sigamos con los militares, porque la realidad es que ellos fueron quienes dieron el GOLPE DE ESTADO,seguro ud no ha vivido en Honduras ya que sabria que la constitucion ha sido violada muchas veces, incluso por el actual Presidente de Facto al proponerse a candidato a presidente en las elecciones primarias de NOV 2008, alli se demostro lo impopular que es,es popular dentro del ambito castrense ya que el fue militar en sus tiempos mozos, si ud analiza, el actual Gob se mantiene por la fuerza, cree ud que eso es democracia? la comunidad internacional no le reconoce y no es que quieran defender a Zelaya, sino, el orden constitucional, si esto se queda asi, los proximos gobernantes quedaran expuestos a que un grupo de empresarios y militares fraguen otra “sucesion constitucional” le recuerdo que esto es otra patrana ,nuestra constitucion en ningun lado tipifica esta figura.
      El tema es mas profundo para discutirlo en un blog, Honduras esta dividida, la prensa esta mediatizada, las verdaderas causas del GOLPE DE ESTADO van mas alla de lo que Chavez pudiera hacer en Honduras, que esto ha sido el caballito de batalla para embaucar a tontos utiles, el problema es que Zelaya quiso darle vuelta a las grandes estructuras economicas que han sido explotadas por los golpistas a traves de toda nuestra historia, exoneracion de impuestos, privilegios , acaparamiento de recursos tierra agua servicios etc etc leyes mediatizadas para favorecer a unos pocos…Pero de esto no se puede hacer campanas porque nuestros periodistas no tienen televisoras ni periodicos, ellos se acomodan porque tienen que llevarle comida a sus familias,la prensa es un cuarto poder y ahora se demostro, personas como ud que entiendo es un profesional , solo ve una cara de la moneda, el tema no es que Zelaya salga y se entregue, por favor,tuvieron 3.5 anos para planificar su salida, era un a piedra en su zapato, fue el primer presidente que no salia de los grupos de poder en Honduras…

      El que no sabe lo que busca, nunca entiende lo que encuentra.

      Que su Dios le bendiga.

    7. Preguntase: Siempre es prohibido matar a otra persona? Mucha gente dice que si, pero la ley dice que no. Es permitido matar a alguien que trata de matar a uno.

      Ese mesmo logica se puede usar en los eventos del 28 de junio. No es golpe sacar de un presidente que esta haciendo un golpe el mismo.

      Que Dios le bendiga a Ud tambien.

    8. Sin embargo, lo que vale en una democracia institucional es lo que dicen las instituciones democraticas, y ellos dicen que no fue golpe. Lo demas es opinion.

    9. Que bonito escribe este
      “zelayista” pero tergiversada y utiliza la Constitucion de Honduras y una ley secundaria
      (participación ciudadana), para confundir a los lectores incautados, definitivamente que el articulo del Sr. Erlingsson esta completamente apegado a la verdad, me voy a tomar un poco de tiempo para aclarar algunas cosas que vistas desde adentro parecen confusas:

      1. La Ley de Participación Ciudadana es una ley secundaria y no puede estar sobre la Constitucion

      2. Esta Ley permite que el pueblo OPINE sobre situaciones o decisiones que debe tomar el gobierno, pero NUNCA para cambiar el sistema de gobierno.

      3. El Articulo
      239 constitucional deja bien claro en su texto que basta con que alguien intente modificar la Constitucion en lo relativo a los articulos pétreos (esto significa modificables unicamente mediante una Asamblea Constituye), cesa inmediatamente en sus funciones no importa el cargo que obstente y además queda inhabilitado para desempeñar cualquier cargo publico por
      10 años.

      4. Allí no dice que primero tiene que cometer el delito y después acusarlo, mel zelaya quiso engañar al pueblo, haciendoles creer que estaba haciendo una
      “simple encuesta” pero TODOS sabemos que la intencion era otra. Fue por eso que se opuso la Corte Suprema de Justicia, el Ministerio Publico y el Tribunal Supremo Electoral, ademanes de las iglesias Católica y Evangelicas, y la sociedad civil en general.

      5. Melzelaya decida que la
      “encuesta” no era vinculante y que no la iba a usar para imponer una Asamblea Constituyente, pero hay que preguntarse: porqué invertir mas de
      600 millones de lempiras para una
      “simple” encuesta? porqué desafiar los poderes del Estado y las leyes hondureñas por una
      “simple” encuesta? porqué irrumpir en una base militar rodeado de sus seguidores para
      “recuperar” las urnas que previamente habian sido decomisadas por la Fiscalía?

      6. Resulta muy acomodo y practico para los melistas
      “sacar” del contexto a Hugo Chavez y a los hermanos Fidel y Raul Castro, ya que ellos tienen MUCHO que ver con este conflicto hondureño, mel ha sido y sigue siendo manejado y financiado por los petrodolares del gorila chaves, pero para dicha de Honduras Mel se salió del libreto.

      7. Hoy TODOS sabemos que lo de zelaya no fue un golpe militar, como lo han querido hacer ver los del ALBA y los seguidores de zelaya, simplemente las instituciones hondureñas se defendieron de un ataque orquestado desde Caracas planificado por un dictador fascista, antisemita y golpista, que no lo quiere ni su propio pueblo.

      8. Este gobierno actual tiene TODO el derecho constitucional de suspender temporalmente algunas garantias ciudadanas, para nuestra propia proteccion, ya que los vandalos zelayistas esaban destruyendo nuestras casas y negocios, creo que es lo mas sabio, ya que si el pueblo se defiende solo, la situaciones se puede volver incontrolable, hay que saber que segun las ultimas encuestas aproximadamente uno de cada diez hondureños tiene un arma de fuego.

      9. Hondurastiene una Taza anual de homicidios del
      40% (40 homicidios por
      100,000 habitantes), lo cual se mantenia durante el gobierno de zelaya, porqué hoy acusan al gobierno de Don Roberto Micheletti Bain de violar la vida humana? y se les olvida que zelaya y algunos miembros de su familia tienen vinculados con narcotrafico? ya se les olvidó que en el gobierno de zelaya aterrizaban dos avionetas venezolanas en pistas clandestinas con droga y petrodolares? que corta memoria!!

      10. Que debe hcer un gobierno con los que se manifiestan en su contra y destruyen la propiedad privada y obstaculizan las carreteras? les voy a dar un poco de su propia medicina, Chavez dijo: “échenles gas del bueno, y los policias no sean pendejos, delen duro! en Honduras todavia no lo hemos hecho, pero ya falta poco!!

  12. This article is written by a genius. Congratulations to you. I recently read an article which said that the Swedish Government was asking the Spanish Government as who in Honduras they should put pressure on to change!!! I hope this author gets his message to the lazy officials who cannot do their homework and prefer to make government policy on secondhand information. I am a Finn living in Honduras and in Finland we have acquired much of our system of administration from Sweden and now it seems that they are prepared to disgrace themselves. We have a traitor here in Honduras and he must receive his punishment as required by law. If not the next President that tries to change the constitution unlawfully will by disposed of by a bullet as was done in the past. Here this small country is trying so hard to follow the law and every nation is against it. It is time intelligent people like the author of this article gets into government to the lazy idiots that are there be, put to dig holes in the streets. Once again thank you for your support. The article will be sent round the world.

    1. Thank you Nikolai, but one does not have to be a genius to understand this. One just has to dig up the facts – and that is exactly where too many stop. As for the foreign department, I believe the key persons are not that “stupid”, but they are limited by what is Politically Correct, and thus by what the media report. They key is thus the media, at least in Sweden it is.

  13. Que lindo es ver los comentarios de tantos buenos amigos de Honduras, personas decentes, profesionales y de bien…Me enorgullese el saber que se han amarrado muy bien los pantalones, y con este ejemplo de fortaleza han ILUSTRADO a el mundo, el cual una gran parte es oprimido, y esta siendo victima de otros igual que Zelaya….

  14. Bravo ! A brilliant explain on what happened in Honduras. Ulf, congrations and Many thanks on behalf of our country. God bless Honduras!

  15. Haha, I thought this was a funny joke.

    If you are actually serious I think maybe you should not only listen to latinos in Miami who are generally upper-class Latinos that have left because they only have the upper-class perspective and do not know what it is to be poor. They’d rather be in Miami. You need to see the bigger perspective on the subject and maybe visit Honduras before writing about it?

    1. Maybe you need to visit Miami before jumping to conclusions. This is the city in all of the U.S. with the biggest income discrepancy. Most Latinos from Central America and Cuba come here without money, just debts to the smugglers, to realize their American Dream. Others are middle class who are fleeing the incremental communist dictatorship in Venezuela.

      Next time I go to Honduras I will report from inside of the country.

    2. jajajajjaaj me lo imaginaba Sr Ulf, escribiendo por lo que lee en internet !!! o escucha en la TV.
      A pesar de todo me parece una persona seria, solo que ingenua, uno nunca debe creer todo lo que oye o lee , menos en estos tiempos que un Gob Golpista paga us $ 400,000 para que le levanten el perfil de su gobierno de facto.

      Ud cree que si todo fuera real tal como lo dice Don Michelleti, Mr Obama enviaria al Sr Shanon a apaciguar estas aguas ?Solo piense algo, la union Europea, La ONU, la OEA, todos por unanimidad condenan el GOLPE DE ESTADO, que paso con la inteligencia del mundo civilizado, todos estaran equivocados ? En Honduras no hay ninguna embajada que reconozca este Gobierno, acaso esto sera normal? NINGUN PAIS DEL MUNDO RECONOCE ESTE GOBIERNO PRODUCTO DE UN GOLPE MILITAR.

      Yo aprecio su esfuerzo por escribir sobre mi pais, habemos muchisima gente digna, honesta, inteligente a pesar de nuestras pobrezas, pero por favor, siempre tenga presente que las monedas tienen dos caras, y seguro las dos hacen de ella un objeto de valor. Ahora venga a Honduras y vea con sus ojos y oidos la optra realidad.
      Ud tiene mi correo personal, cuando venga podemos tomarnos una taza de cafe , yo le invito.
      que Dios le bendiga !!

    3. Con mucho gusto I will drink a cup of coffee with you, in what city do you live?

      Just for the record, just because I haven’t visited Honduras since the crisis started on June 25th does not mean that I haven’t had eyes and ears on the ground. Literally. Through Skype I watched in real time what happened in June and saw that foreign media were lying.

    4. Sr Ulf : Si un dia viene a Honduras contacteme ,vivo en la Capital , Tegucigalpa, sinceramente le digo a ud que no soy Zelayista, mas bien un ciudadano que no acepta el Golpe de Estado, como yo hay miles de personas, rechazando el atropello que se ha cometido a nuestra constitucion y nuestros derechos ciudadanos. A este momento espero se haya informado el esfuerzo que esta haciendo la Comitiva enviada a Honduras por el Gob de USA, encabezada por el subsecretario de Estado Thomas Shannon, ellos realmente saben las consecuencias del Golpe de Estado, todos los hondurenos queremos que esto se solucione a la brevedad y el retorno a la constitucionalidad.

      saludos Cordiales

    5. Juan, que opina Ud sobre las eventos del 25 junio y adelante que resultaron en el exilo de Zelaya por fuerza? Vea http://blog.erlingsson.com/?p=1696 y haga su comentario alla, por favor!

      Hay lindos lugaros en Tegus, a lo mejor nos vemos alla un dia de esos!

  16. In total agreement with Ulf’s opinions. Unfortunately, in these days, the actual situation of many of our countries in Latin America is coloured by Chávez and colleagues (Ortega, Kirchner x 2, Morales), following Fidel’s direction.

  17. Sir, I am very happy with your article and with what you have answered so many people who are blinded because of economical reasons or because they never realized what was coming to Honduras…just look at Venezuela, Nicaragua…I have gotten to the point that (knowing that by diccionary defenition a coup needs several characteristics like not having the three powers of gov’t) I no longer care to educate those that by ignorance continue calling this a coup. Furthermore I am more than happy to have Micheletti fighting for my rights, not selling my country like Mel and I am sure that he loves Honduras (even if the whole world falls on him like it has done). Thank you very much PRESIDENT MICHELETTI!!!

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