Reinstate Bush as president, or else…!

The calls for Zelaya’s reinstatement, e.g. in The Guardian, are patently absurd and can only make sensible people wonder how ludicrous media and politicians can become. Is there a limit? I doubt it.

What they with one voice say is that Zelaya should be reinstated since he was democratically elected. Well, so was George W. Bush, so why don’t they insist that Barack Hussein Obama is thrown out and replaced by George W. Bush? Or his father. Or Bill Clinton. Or Jimmy Carter.

It is equally ludicrous, but they don’t seem to realize how illogical they are.

Neither one of these ex presidents are presidents any longer. Their time at the helm is irrevocable over. George Bush is an ex-president since his term is over, Manuel Zelaya due to having violated the laws and been constitutionally deposed.

Constitutionally elected, constitutionally deposed. But many media only tell half the truth, and ignore the second part.

The sad part is that tremendous harm is being done to one of the poorest countries in Latin America as a result of this, and furthermore, the whole continent is de-stabilized and brought closer to communism and war. But the western media cannot be bothered. They are too busy with local U.S. or European politics and scandals to even spend one hour investigating what actually happened in Honduras.

And that is how wars start: through indifference to injustice.

One thought on “Reinstate Bush as president, or else…!”

  1. The author wrote: “Lifting the senseless blockade against Cuba, followed by full diplomatic relations, would be a good beginning. Another sore spot is Honduras, where the US has not done enough to isolate and punish the de facto government, which stubbornly clings to power after having ousted the legally elected Manuel Zelaya.”

    What a hypocrite! If he wanted to be taken seriously, he should have at least separated those two statements by a few paragraphs.

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