Reuters undermines peace and democracy

In a Q&A about Honduras, Reuters asks the question what would happen if Congress votes not to reinstate Zelaya. They think that the international community would, in that case, perhaps not recognize the regular general elections on Nov 29, and that pro-Zelaya street protests might worsen.

Q: What kind of reporting is that? A: None. It is not journalism, it is an attempt at establishing policy by misleading the public opinion.

The truth is that once Zelaya has signed the accord, he is bound by his signature to:

  1. Accept whatever Congress decides about reinstatement, and
  2. to ask the international community to drop all sanctions,
  3. to help with the elections, and
  4. to recognize the winner of the elections.

If Zelaya backs down he will loose all credibility with the international community. This is the truth that Reuters does not want You to know.

Reuters article follows a pattern of dishonest reporting throughout this conflict. They have significantly contributed to the unrest in Honduras, whereas a responsible news organization ought to help promote peace and democracy.

This is not to say that the undemocratic fringe groups in Honduras, such as the anarchists, will cease to exist now. They will still be there, but from now on they will be without the support of a united international community. Only far-left, revolutionary, pro-coca ALBA-countries are likely to continue to support them.

Footnote: The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia offers an explanation as to why Zelaya would sign an agreement that allegedly was so unfavourable to him, since it gives no deadline for congress to vote on the matter of his restitution. According to their sources, the US subsecretary of state Thomas Shannon hinted to Zelaya that his son Héctor, who is in the US, would be prosecuted for drug trafficking if he didn’t sign on to the accord (Héctor travelled with a Mexican drug lord in early July of this year).

One thought on “Reuters undermines peace and democracy”

  1. Hej Ulf.
    Har även denna Shannon uppmanat Pepe Lobo att rösta FÖR att Zelaya ska återinsättas till makten. Jag liter inte på Pepe, Som jaghar skrivit tidigare. Skulle han göra det , så tror jag att han äventyrar sin chans att själv vinna valet. El Pueblo de Honduras glömmer inte så lätt.

    MVH. Ruben

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