Pepe Lobo is walking on thin ice in Honduras

The president-elect in Honduras, Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, who will take office on January 27, is already skating on thin ice. In an interview with El Heraldo he is encouraging the interim president Roberto Micheletti to resign, and he is saying that he supports a political amnesty.

As can be seen from the comments online, neither of the positions sit well with those who elected him.

The reason Lobo, which means ‘wolf’, takes these positions is international pressure pure and simple. He has got an earful from abroad that if he does not do as he is being told, his government will not be recognized. And so he is complying, even if it means enraging his constituency – many of whom in the comments are making not so subtle remarks of him needing a size balls more similar to what Micheletti has.

Regardless if he is being coy and referring to amnesty for Zelaya, it does not help him. The deposed president Zelaya is very unpopular for the corruption, drug connections, and moral decline (the militaries who came to arrest him allegedly found him in bed not with his wife, but with one of his cabinet members). Most Hondurans want him to face justice, not amnesty. And if Lobo is referring to amnesty for Micheletti, that is even worse, since the majority do not consider that he did anything wrong in the first place.

Pepe is seen as insulting the nation if he suggests that those who deposed Zelaya would need amnesty.

Porfirio Lobo would be well advised to distinguish between legal and political matters, and not get involved at all, not a word, with legal matters.

The next time foreign dignitaries, like Kelly who came to Honduras today, brings up the issue of amnesty and resignation, Pepe should tell him that “Honduras has a constitution and according to the constitution it is the Supreme Court of Justice that settles legal matters. The issue of who is the legitimate president is a legal matter and thus above my pay grade.”

Then he should change subject and for instance ask the American how come they haven’t been able to create a universal health insurance system yet, even though their Congress has been trying every year since the Great Depression. Take that.

5 thoughts on “Pepe Lobo is walking on thin ice in Honduras”

  1. So Honduras goes from taking orders from communist Hugo Chavez to taking orders from communist Obama?

    1. Although I would not go as far as to call Obama a “communist” (there is a world of difference to Chavez, who is actually nationalizing property without any compensation – in fact, Obama is probably pretty much in the thalweg of the political stream), many have reacted negatively to this streak of servility. Given how much praise Micheletti is getting now in his last few weeks in office, Lobo would probably be well advised to care less about getting prominent guests to his inauguration, and more about getting as many common Hondurans as possible to support him.

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