IPCC report lacks credibility

Years ago I decided to check if the IPCC report on climate change was developed using scientifically sound methods. Sadly, my conclusion was that is was not. It based the predictions of future CO2 emissions on references to another report that referenced a third report that referenced a forth report and so on, and when I came to the end of the chain, it turned out that there was no basis whatsoever for the particular values chosen. They were just examples, dummy data basically. Based on those dummy data they predicted that strong global warming was virtually certain. Garbage in, garbage out.

By now a new report has come out. One would hope that it has a better foundation. But a new article in Sunday Times indicates that it may be a futile hope. The problem they report is very similar to what I found. Quoting of other reports without evaluating their scientific reliability. Garbage in, garbage out.

No, those who like me this cold winter have been putting their hope on the global warming that we have been promised, must presumably realize that once again, the politicians have failed us. Put your sweaters on!

Media: DN.