Obama okayed leftist coup d’état for “peace”

It is easy to understand why the Obama administration was trying to isolate Honduras, by closing diplomatic relations, not letting them explain themselves in the UN, and revoking visas for everyone who knew what had transpired last june 28. It is easy to understand when you learn that the Obama administration had given a green light to Chávez-supported Zelaya to commit a coup d’état in Honduras.

Consider that it is not just decision-makers and influential persons in the private sector who have got their visas revoked lately. Also civil servants have now got their visas revoked, according to media reports from the country. These may have worked for the government for years, and their “crime” is not to have resigned, not to have given up their income. That is reason enough for the Obama administration to punish them by revoking their visas, so they can no longer visit friends and family in the U.S. It doesn’t make any sense – unless the true purpose of the revocation is, precisely, to prevent them from visiting friends and family.

It will not in any way, shape, or form alter Honduras’ foreign policy. So why do it? Why antagonize people both in the U.S. and in Honduras?

The simple truth is probably that the U.S. is ashamed of what it did in Honduras. Obama doesn’t want anybody from Honduras who knows what he did to visit the U.S., without first incriminating themselves, by forcing them to admit that they were at fault. Even though they weren’t. It’s like a Dan Rather-case all over again.

Maybe you ask, what stops them from talking to American visitors to their country? Simple, the travel warnings, the un-necessary travel warnings that keep most Americans away for no good reason – except to hide Obama’s shame.

I have written extensively about the events on this blog, but to sum up: The elected president, Manuel Zelaya, was carrying out a coup d’état that would have been completed June 28 last year. He did this with the support of Venezuela’s de facto dictator and former military coupster Hugo Chávez, and with Insulza from the Organization for American States, OAS. All of these approved of the blatant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras, and of ignoring the separation of powers. Obama through his ambassador Llorens also knew, and tried to convince Zelaya not to carry out the coup d’état. However, he made a fundamental diplomatic error, a blunder of the same proportions as Chamberlain with his “peace for our time.”

Obama refused to back up his words with force.

In fact, he went even further – he vowed that if the democratic institutions tried to stop the coup d’état, he would side with the would-be dictator Zelaya, and denounce the democratic institutions as coupsters. Exactly what happened.

Word in Honduras (from someone whose visa has been revoked) is that it was senator Kerry who set this policy. Obama has no foreign policy experience. Why he didn’t consult Hillary Clinton is beyond me, she seems to have a lot more balls than either Obama or Kerry. Regardless of who advised him, Obama is responsible.

So here we are, the Republic of Honduras as the champion of the rule of law and the defense of constitutional democracy, while the U.S. is so ashamed they are hurting innocent persons just to avoid having the facts get out.

What will happen next? The truth always gets out in the end. There are numerous court cases that in one way or another hinge on the legality of what happened June 28, 2009. When courts start making their decisions, the lies will crumble. That is why the U.S. is in such a hurry to get this case off the agenda, into the history books, where the truth can’t hurt them any more.

In case you wonder what the justification was for the U.S. to revoke the visas, such as for the cabinet members in this last round, it is another lie: That Honduras has not adhered to the Tegucigalpa/San José Accord that was signed as a result of the Guaymuras dialog.

Here is my challenge to Obama: You have a person in the verification commission that is overseeing the implementation of the agreement, Solis. Show me the minutes from that commission’s meetings, show me the complaints that it was not being implemented, and show me the decisions of the commission. Until you do that, your words are empty and lack credibility. There is a process established, and if you yourself do not adhere to it, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Show me the minutes or shut up.

The verification commission of the Guaymuras agreement. From left Corrales, Lagos, Rico (from OAS), Solis, and Reina.
The verification commission of the Guaymuras agreement. From left Arturo Corrales (representive for the government of Honduras), ex president Ricardo Lagos from Chile, Victor Rico (representing OAS which coordinates the commission), labor secretary Hilda Solis from USA, and Jorge Arturo Reina (representive for the deposed president Manuel Zelaya).

Footnote: Given that the verification commission is coordinated by OAS, an organization that supported Zelaya’s coup d’état, I have no illusions that it will be forthcoming with protocols that reveal that the agreement was broken by Zelaya, not Honduras.

Update 21:20 ET: The president elect, Porfirio Lobo, has today signed an agreement in the Dominican Republic that includes creating a unity government, letting Manuel Zelaya leave Honduras as a free man on January 27th immediately after he takes office, and working for amnesty for all. I suppose there are some who are genuinely afraid of what might be revealed in a court hearing. Hondurans have not forgotten that Lobo was for the plan for changing the constitution. It has been suggested that the inauguration gift from the Honduran people should be a pajamas, so that he never forgets who he works for. [See negative reaction in Guatemala]

The outgoing president, through the Minister of Indstria y Comercio, Benjamin Bogran, said, “la posición del Presidente Micheletti, es respetar las decisiones que tomé don Porfirio Lobo como nuevo Presidente, y el pueblo lo eligió como su presidente, por lo que confiamos que sus decisiones tomadas serán las mejores, pero las leyes también se respetan. Esperamos que sea lo mejor para Honduras.

In translation, “The position of president Micheletti is to respect the decisions taken by Mr Porfirio Lobo as the new president, given that the people elected him as their president, why we have faith that his decisions will be the best, but that the laws also will be respected. We expect that this will be the best for Honduras.”

Addition 21:40: Swedish news agency TT, together with AFP, continues to peddle the lie that the regular presidential election in November, held every 4 years since 1981, was an extra election. See, e.g., SvD, DN. It goes to show how far the propaganda has gone, that it is virtually impossible to get mainstream press to stop spreading a lie once some goon has managed to get it planted. AFP has clearly demonstrated a total lack of journalistic integrity when reporting about Honduras. It is noteworthy that these Swedish newspapers do not correct their text even when they are repeatedly being told that they are wrong.

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  1. I absolutely agree. But it is a shame tha innocent people is paying the consequences of a bad foreign policy management in Obama´s administration. Also, Llorens has played an important role in this problem, he made everything even worse. He should leave Honduras, the Hondurans has named him unwelcome. Thank you for your comments being objective and truthful.

  2. And with the US pushing for amnesty, the court cases may never happen and the truth won’t come out! Hah, I guess that is the answer to the question I asked in my blog article here:

    We don’t want no stinkin’ amnesty

    The reason for the push for amnesty is so shameful that it just didn’t occur to me. I really get the impression that the US believes that Honduras is so insignificant that they can get away with a cover up.

    1. Dejalo entrar el la Casa Presidencial primero, despues habra 4 años para juzgarlo, digo yo. No tengo ningún idea de lo que esta pasando abajo de la mesa en esto.

  3. Imagine what would have happened to Gringos living here in Honduras and Gringo Business owners IF Washington had taken the far Right stance everyone wanted them to do. Every foreigner and foreign owned business would have been a target for years!!!!

    1. Yes, it would have been wrong to give a green light to a coup d’état on June 24 to stop the quarta urna, and at that point of time there might not have been enough constitutional support for legally deposing Zelaya. However, USA’s position came to be interpreted by Zelaya as a green light to run roughshod over the constitution. The way in which Llorens said no to a hypothetical right-wing coup effectively gave a go-ahead to a left-wing coup, an autogolpe. Which in turn enabled the democratic institutions of government to stop that coup WITHOUT having to resort to illegalities. My understanding is that things happened so fast that Obama didn’t realize what went on, and was stuck in the belief that it was illegal, although it no longer was. It could also be that his informant was selective in his reporting.

  4. Hugo Llorens pushed for Manuel Zelaya´s auto-coup. Zelaya started the year 2009
    -1-ruling by decree,
    -2-refused to work within a legal congressionally approved budget,
    -3-refused to recognize Congressional laws,
    -4-refused to obey Court orders,
    -5-cut the Congress funds,
    -6-cut funds from the Supreme Court,

    This article hits the real reasons the rulers of governments like the US wanted to interfere with Hondurans’ access to their citizens. They wanted to cut off access to local news outlets by visitors from Honduras in a position to speak the insiders’ truth with a first-person perspective of a witness.

    They could care less about true constitutional representative democracy, or whether people actually die.

    These international government-media disinformation complex made sure to cut off access by Honduras to get the truth to other peoples in the world.

    Manuel Zelaya was the coup plotter, the golpista, co-conspirator with his mentor Hugo Chavez.

    Ojala echen un grito en La Toma de Posesion en el estadio. “Zelaya golpista”. ¨Micheletti-Micheletti-Micheletti!!


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