Micheletti held the fortress until help came

Micheletti held the fortress for over half a year, waiting for help. The proverbial cavalry came January 6, when the prosecutor indicted the militaries who sent Zelaya to Costa Rica instead of to jail, as their orders said they should. Through this court case it was finally demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that the deposing of Zelaya was a legal affair, and not a military coup. The prosecutor and Supreme Court thus came to the rescue, bringing heavy guns for the defense of the position. Micheletti held out in a battle against wind and tide so that the prosecutor got the time he needed to mount the case.

For the first time Honduras now has a very strong defense. However, at almost the same time, Micheletti has to hand over the helm to Lobo. His first act he did already before taking over, and it was to open the back door to the fortress. He went to Dominica to sign a unilateral promise to let the coupster Zelaya leave. It remains to be seen if he will close the back door again and continue to defend the position, or if he will abandon all defenses once he takes office, and declare defeat.

In other words, will Lobo continue to defend the democratic institutions of Honduras, or will he throw them to the wolves? Will he say, after his inauguration, that what Micheletti did was wrong?

On another note, the self-labeled Resistencia has decided to keep “resisting” Lobo, since they don’t recognize his election. Nor that of the Congress (that started their session today), nor that of any governor, mayor, or any other elected office-holder of the country for that matter, by extension, since they don’t recognize the November 29 elections at all. They claim that they will “peacefully” resist until a constitutional assembly is created. First, there is a difference between peaceful and legal. Just because it is peaceful does not mean it is legal. Second, a constitutional assembly is illegal, and unconstitutional. Especially since they are receiving money from abroad. Thus, it is equally correct to say that they will continue with their treasonous activities, their attempts at insurrection and revolution, using criminal means. This is how it must be described by any honest reporter. Otherwise, how can we understand why people get arrested?

To the credit of the leftist party UD, they left the Resistencia just before the election, electing to participate in the democratic process. The realized that to accomplish change, one must work within the law, with democratic means. Their reward for this is that they now are in the leadership of the Congress, for the first time today, and that they may have a seat in Lobo’s government, which will be announced no later than tomorrow.

These choices by Cesar Ham, the party leader, are commendable. The decision of Lobo to reach out to him is, too. That is the kind of dialogue across the political and social spectrum that Honduras needs.

However, if Lobo got this cooperation by promising to declare what Congress did last year a coup, then he would be selling out the fortress; then he would be opening the back doors of the castle to let the enemy soldiers in that way, to have their way with the people inside. The one who lives to the end of the week will soon know the answer.