The Narco-Marxists Continue Spreading Propaganda

With 9 months having passed  since the attempted coup d’état by Honduras’s president Manuel Zelaya, the narco-marxists are continuing to spread ever more far-fetched propaganda on the “internets”. They whitewash the patently illegal attempted coup d’état, and they portray it as an attempt by the people to rewrite the constitution.

This is the reality in brief: Zelaya was violating direct orders from the (democratically legitimate) Supreme Court, and the popularly elected and democratically legitimate Congress replaced him after the Supreme Court had issued an arrest order for him. There is no such thing as a “golpista Congress” or a “golpista Supreme Court”, nor a “golpista election”, since all those things were democratically and constitutionally created before Zelaya was arrested.

And also since there was no successful “golpe de Estado”, only a failed attempt by Manuel Zelaya. If you call that a golpe by the Supreme Court and the Congress, as some narco-marxists do, then you are in effect calling the people of Honduras golpistas. To which many have responded, “con mucha honra” (i.e., they are proud of what their democratic institutions did, regardless of what label is being put on it).

The narco-marxist strategy now is to continue trying to overthrow the form of government in Honduras. This is of course sedition, and people are being arrested for sedition. Which goes to show that there is no reason for the state to use extra-judicial methods against them; they are violating laws that are on the books, and they can be dealt with legally. This is another argument why the murders are more likely to be drug-related than political. The narcos have a lot to win on murdering people, the government nothing.

I wonder what twisted mind named the website with pro-Chavez propaganda that I linked to above “Narco News”. They sure don’t seem to be against the narcos, and the only other reason to name it so seems to be that they are with the narcos. It definitely matches their message, as they argue the side that seemingly helps the drug cartels. What is it they say about chickens?