Zelaya’s propaganda director has blood on his hands

Continuing the analysis of the events of July 5th, 2009, at Tegucigalpa Airport, Honduras, we will now look at the actions of Cesar Silva, Zelaya’s propaganda director. To complement the picture from Silva’s own video I have used videos from Al Jazeera, teleSUR, and BBC. According to the one who tipped me off, the scene from BBC was originally a bit longer, but I have not yet found that full length scene. The scene has been reported to the prosecutor in Honduras.

Since all of the evidence used is in the form of videos, this analysis was also made as a video, with comments in yellow. Some parts of the Spanish sound has been subtitled, but irrelevant parts are mostly ignored. Most of the text is comments to the videos. All of the sound is original, but sometimes it has been turned off not to distract too much.

Video about July 5, 2009 shooting, small (320×240)large (640×480).

What does this mean? Their strategy is to create one incident after another, and to consistently skew the reporting to manipulate the world opinion into thinking that a military coup d’état took place on June 28th; although in reality, what happened that day was that the creeping coup d’état that was being executed by Manuel Zelaya was permanently stopped.

The method is to repeat the lie over and over until people believe it. If one or two or three things are revealed as propaganda tricks it does not matter in their strategy, because they so overwhelm the airwaves.

For those of us who prefer to analyze things thoroughly, the revelation that the demonstrators were armed and may very well have shot the boy themselves, in combination with their lying about being armed, and apparently trying to cover up the circumstances around the shooting, is a game-changer. If this is a fake story created by the propaganda, then every story about the so-called resistance to the so-called coup loses most if not all of its credibility.

It also says a lot about the poor investigative resources that the Honduran police and prosecutor have at their disposal. To reveal this death as a propaganda fraud would have had tremendous importance for the state. Still, no action seems to have been taken. If they cannot investigate something that is so important and beneficial for them to investigate, then we can hardly blame the lack of investigation in the over 5,000 other murders per year on deliberate negligence. They desperately need help, and president Lobo is now requesting that from a number of countries. It’s a good initiative.

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