Truth Commission to be installed today

The truth commission, initially proposed by the Micheletti side in the San José talks, will be installed today in Tegucigalpa. The purpose of the commission is specified in the accord signed by Micheletti and Zelaya. It is to bring out the truth of what happened before, during, and after June 28, so that Honduras may learn from the experience and avoid that it happens again.

In short, they must investigate what chain of events led up to the disastrous consequence that no country in the world recognized the Honduran government.

According to the Human Rights Foundation report, the Supreme Court had every right to separate Zelaya from power, since he had engaged in a coup d’état, but the process was not carried out properly, starting with the military acting beyond their orders when they expatriated Zelaya to Costa Rica June 28th.

The truth seems to scare the Zelaya supporters, who have now announced that they will create their very own, partisan, “truth commission” in order to narrowly look at only what happened after June 28th. Among the things that I predict they will cover up is the involvement of Zelaya’s propaganda director in the death of the 19-year old boy at Tegucigalpa Airport July 5th, as I blogged about yesterday.