OAS continues to disgrace itself

The Organization for American States was created to defend democracy in the Western Hemisphere, but last year it brazenly supported Manuel Zelaya’s coup d’état attempt in Honduras. When the coup was stopped on June 28 by the military, OAS supported the coupster Zelaya against all the democratic institutions of Honduras.

This pattern continues to this day. A few days ago the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) released a report on Honduras. Felipe González stated – without blushing – that he had not even met with highest official responsible for Human Rights in Honduras, ombudsman Ramon Custodio, the sole reason being that Custodio had not rejected the democratic institutions of Honduras. Say again? On the face of it, González statements are so absurd one would be excused for believing that he was talking from inside a lunatic asylum. But apparently he is not. Or is he?

González said that he did not “believe” that president Lobo was trying to investigate the murders, e.g. of 7 journalists since March 1st. How about if he would rely less on faith and try to use facts instead for a change? It is a fact that Lobo has asked for investigation help from a number of countries, and at least the U.S. has agreed to provide such support. The problem is lack of resources, human and others, not lack of willpower or determination. With the highest murder rate in the world, small wonder that they are over-stretched.

An editorial in Honduras Weekly is dead on in the analysis on what is really going on in the country, and how the so-called international community is influencing events. While many in international media uncritically repeat propaganda lies that there is some kind of conspiracy in Honduras, with right-wing death squads, Antonio di Iorio correctly reports that the real problem is lack of human capital. Or as he calls it, more bluntly: Incompetence. I don’t want to insult anyone, but honestly, the level of incompetence in Honduras, at the highest levels of government, is mind-boggling. That is where the real problem is.

As de Iorio so correctly concludes, the international media campaign is doing great harm to Honduras, by adding stones to burden. What they need is help, assistance, to fight the most murderous, cynical, immoral organized crime syndicate found anywhere on this planet. But what does the media do? Play right into the hands of those cocaine dealers.

Thus, one might be excused for concluding that perhaps there is one group that is even more incompetent than the Honduran leadership, and that is the (mainly leftist) international media. As my countryman Axel Oxenstierna wrote in 1648, “If you only knew, my son, with how little wisdom the world is run.”