Eva Golinger, Venezuela’s paid “girlfriend”

Edited 2010-07-13, originally posted 2010-07-12: During the unfolding of the crisis in Honduras last year, someone posted a text written by Eva Golinger as a comment on this blog. I of course disapproved it, as it was stolen work, but I was impressed with the text nonetheless. So better late than never I googled her to see who this person might be.

I found out that she has been described both as a political prostitute and as a new Tokyo Rose.

It turns out she was born in the US of A, but with Venezuelan roots on her mother’s side, her Latin name thus being Eva Golinger Calderon. Wikipedia says she has a JD, a juris doctorate, from CUNY in 2003. However, a search for her dissertation thesis on scholar.google.com yields no hits.* She is frequently represented as an attorney, and has even given paid legal advise to Venezuela’s propaganda office in the US. Again, even this has been cast in doubt in early 2005, and it seems she had been disingenuous about her legal credentials. Apparently later in 2005 she was, however, registered as an attorney.

However, the shoddy quality of her legal analyses regarding Honduras strongly suggest to me that she has never been close to a doctor’s hat in any discipline. Unless it was made of tin foil, possibly.*

I am not talking about her political “analyses”, as in this piece, “Honduras: A Victory for Smart Power”. That text is opinion and guesswork, not fact and logic. The hilarious thing is that she congratulates president Obama, her “enemy”, for something he didn’t do. And she does not give the Hondurans credit for something that they actually did do, namely to take their destiny in their own hands.

No, when I talk about shoddy quality I mean this blog article, “Coup d’Etat Underway in Honduras”. In it Golinger clearly states that the Supreme Court of Honduras (CSJ) had ruled the poll that president Zelaya was planning illegal. Small wonder, as I don’t think there is a single country in which it is legal to hold a Constituting Constitutional Assembly, since that implies abandoning the existing State. However, this seems to completely escape the alleged juris doctor.

Her substandard fact-finding is also evidenced by this statement in the same sentence: “[Honduras] has a very limited constitution that allows minimal participation by the people”. She propably has never read their constitution. It is anything but limited in sheer size, being one of the longest in the world, and the republican form of government is rather similar to that in her native USA.

This leads me to question her academic competence. She looked (albeit superficially) at the facts, and drew the wrong conclusion from a legal point of view. She apparently lacks the intellectual tools for carrying out a legal analysis based on the law. Either that, or she choses not to deploy them.

Although no thesis showed up on scholar.google.com, there were several books written by Golinger. They all seem to deal with criticism of the US for its interventionist foreign policy, and defense of Bolivarian Venezuela for its policy. While some of the criticism – or even much – of the US may be justified, she seems to have developed a case of paranoia. To think that the US was behind the events in Honduras is clearly not a sign of sanity. Her twisted description of reality is tragic.

The many revoked visas suggest a certain degree of displeasure in Washington visavi Tegucigalpa, which totally seems to have escaped Golinger. Conversely, there was a proposal in Tegucigalpa of throwing out the US from their country since they did not trust the gringos any more, now that Obama seemed to side with Chavez. The real reason why Washington did not go further in pressuring Tegucigalpa was probably that Micheletti was squeezing back, in a place where Obama felt it. Not that they supported the legal action taken.

On the other hand, Golinger is unquestionably defending Chavez, even though evidence has come forth that he was behind the murders at the airport, and the staged media propaganda both there and in El Paraiso (1,2,3,4,5,6). But why shouldn’t she? After all, Chavez did use her as a mouthpiece for attacking the US, calling her “la novia de Venezuela”, ‘Venezuela’s girlfriend’, and she was and is a paid hand in Chavez’s propaganda machine. This year she got hired as editor for the English language edition Correo del Orinoco International, a leftist newspaper launched in 2009 and financially backed by the Venezuelan government.

To sum up, some on the Internet has Eva Golinger as a cross between a political prostitute and Tokyo Rose. I don’t know if that is true or not. But if it were true, it would be quite a defamation. Of Tokyo Rose.

* Update 2010-07-13: After Eva Golinger has pointed out that she is a registered “attorney” I started researching the US legal education system and realized that a US “JD” is something completely different than a Swedish “JD”. No wonder she has no research skills; a USAmerican Juris Doctor has never done any research. Golinger’s education is a basic 2-year law education. In my Alma Mater, the basic education at “Juridicum” is 4.5 years, and a Juris Doctor must study nominally 4 more years after that (but the real average is longer), a big part of which is taken up by original research (just like any other doctor, including yours truly). So, I was way too hard on her above. She probably just lacks the academic training to be able to make the analysis.

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  1. Great post, Dr. Erlingsson! This person needs to be exposed as the “political prostitute” that you so aptly name her. And, yes – poor Tokyo Rose, being compared to EG!!

    1. I truly feel that Tokyo Rose has been mishandled by a country she apparently stood up for. But as for EG, it wasn’t me who called her a political prostitute, it was the blogger JungleMom in a comment on the link above. I’ll take no credit for it.

  2. Seems you’re the sloppy researcher. Before you publicly defame me, do your research. I am an attorney from New York. http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/attorney/AttorneyDetails?attorneyId=5650854

    If you leave this post up saying I am “lying” about my legal credentials, I will report you to the site administrator.

    The rest of your “blog” is equally as pathetic as this article attempting to destroy my credibility, which of course, it won’t.

    1. Thank you for the link. It says you are a registered attorney since 2005. However, the page that I referenced when I wrote that it “seems that she has been lying” (a suspicion, not a statement of fact!) was talking about the early part of 2005, and the database does not say what time of year you were registered. There is thus no contradiction proven yet (since I wrote in the perfect tense), but since it is not very relevant now, I changed the word to disingenuous to tone it down.

      As for the research, I tried to find an independent source but found none, as I mentioned in the post. I even wrote to your alma mater asking for the title of your doctoral thesis and the name of your supervisor, but received no reply. So I did try.

      PS. Any time you want to debate the legal situation regarding Zelaya’s attempted coup d’état in Honduras and the deposing of him, you are welcome.

    2. There is no such thing as a doctoral thesis for a Juris Doctorate in the United States. You are completely misinformed.

    3. And your referral to me as a “political prostitute” is a disgusting sexist remark. You took that from some anonymous jerk’s comment on another ridiculous, pathetic blog. More evidence of your sloppy and defamatory writing…

    4. Haha, it is NOT sexist! Also, it was not anonymous, but written by a woman who happened to be in Venezuela at the time.

    5. I can not deny that I said that. I do feel that she has prostituted her political ideas for fame in Venezuela. I of course do not think she is a prostitute of any other kind.

    6. We cross posted. I added a footnote above saying the same thing, that a JD in the US is NOT a doctor’s degree in our sense of the word.

      I have an idea: If you agree, we could have an intellectual exchange of arguments over the legality of the deposing of Zelaya in Honduras. You present your best arguments, I mine, and we criticize each other’s arguments, with due respect for the principles of argumentation analysis. Plus, I take down this article and all its comments. What do you say?

    7. Oh my goodness! SOMEONE got a bit testy, didn’t she? Of course, her remarks are clearly in line with her “boyfriend”‘s style of speaking: bluster, bravado, insulting tone, etc. I don’t know if she’s capable of having an “intellectual exchange”.

  3. According to the Political Database of the Americas from the Georgetown University


    The Honduran constitution does not lack anything required by a modern constitution, so i don’t see where Mrs. Eva Golinger says:

    “[Honduras] has a very limited constitution that allows minimal participation by the people”.

    Furthermore our constitution is overruled by any international treaty our country has signed (by our president) and ratified (by our congress).

    Obviously Mrs. Political World Oldest Job, did not take the time to wholly research the issue before writing a biased political piece. No wonder it was published in Chavez Code.

    Viva la Robolución

  4. Since first contact with Venezuelan diplomats Eva Golinger has: 1) misrepresented herself; 2) accepted payments for legal work without having credentials; 3) lied about membership of American Immigration Lawyers Association; 4) solicited and taken allegedly tax exempt contributions from the public without having been granted 501 status from the IRS; 5) offered legal services in Washington and Miami without proper credentials; 6) distributed propaganda in US soil without registering as a foreign agent with the Justice Department; 7) written open letters to US presidential candidates in favour of Hugo Chavez; 8 ) contacted editorial boards to protest negative press about Chavez; 9) traveled to Cuba disregarding US legislation; 10) requested the public to contact US representatives to change perceptions about Chavez; 11) benefited from millions of dollars of Venezuelan taxpayer money granted to propaganda projects.

    It is absolutely accurate to describe Eva Golinger as a paid propaganda agent of the dictator in Caracas. One can only hope that authorities of her country (USA) will eventually catch up with her many breaches of law, and she’ll end up where she should be.

  5. This post does not deserve any response because it is so ridiculously distorted and full of extreme lies that just seek to defame my character. Nonetheless, I cannot allow for any criminal or fraud allegations against me to remain in the public sphere without response. Since you refuse to remove them, committing clear defamation, I will respond briefly. First of all, I have never misrepresented myself in any way. I have never accepted payments for legal work without credentials. Upon graduating law school, I worked as a law graduate under attorney supervision while studying for and passing the New York Bar and gaining admittance to the New York Court System as an attorney. This is a normal practice in the US. By degrading the US system of legal studies, which is a 3-year Juris Doctorate program of study with intense research and analysis (not a 2-year system, as you erroneously claim) you are degrading and discrediting millions of US attorneys and everyone who has ever studied law in the US. We also have to complete a 4-year university study degree in order to even be eligible for a Juris Doctorate, therefore making the entire course of study to become a lawyer in the US seven years.

    I never lied about membership in AILA, I was part of a law firm with membership in AILA and attended AILA events and had access to AILA services as such. I did briefly run a non-profit in New York City that does has 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status – this can be verified easily by the IRS, although the organization is no longer active. Such status is retroactive once granted and therefore applies to the organization from the time of founding.

    I have never and will never conduct propaganda or anything political on behalf of any government or anyone. Everything I have said, written, published and done has been of my own will, based on my own beliefs and objectives. No one, no government, no official has ever told me what to do. I act entirely on my own volition. I have never, ever benefited from millions of dollars from Venezuela or anywhere, that is an absolutely ridiculous claim. And I have never violated any laws in the US or elsewhere.

    You are obsessed and sick with trying to degrade me and discredit me personally, precisely because you can’t repudiate the facts and evidence of the information I present. You are infringing on crimes of defamation and slander by maintaining information on this website that lies about my profession, my credentials and my character.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is always welcome. As for the 2 year claim, I got that information from the website of the university at which you studied. If it is incorrect, I suggest you alert them to the error. As for the term “doctor”, I have learned thanks to you that that the US of A has corrupted that term, and is using it for non-research degrees. Thus, a JD in the US is equivalent to a professional legal degree in Europe, not a doctorate. My mistake. But the text had been corrected on that point already before you posted this comment.

      As for the other things I wrote, I was referring to sources. Personally I think you are being a little bit thin-skinned. People wrote much worse things about me just for a scientific hypothesis I advanced. I was even challenged on a duel. Imagine.

      Here is challenge for you: Check out the Italian Wikipedia entry for Alejandro Peña Esclusa. Can you detect the slander in that article? Are you willing to take action to have that corrected, or do you use different scales for friends and foes?

      Finally I note that you are not saying anything about the accusation that Chavez was behind the murders at the airport, or that the deposing of Zelaya was a legal action justified by his violating a Supreme Court order.

  6. Thing is Eva, I have evidence to support every single one of my claims about you: from your own emails admitting that you had receive payments through VIO in 2003 -when in fact you passed the bar in 2005.

    Re AILA, I also have emails, from AILA’s Diane Kolbe, stating that no record of you existed in their database, despite the fact that you use to claim in your website that you were a member.

    Re 503 (c)(3) status, I happen to have another letter from Marilyn Baker with the IRS, stating “We have no record that [your organization] is a tax exempt organization…”

    Re the millions you got from the Chavez regime for your propaganda rag, there’s much evidence from Venezuela’s Congress and chavista media outlets, so for your own sake, stop pretending.

    Re practising law in DC and Miami, please place here evidence that you have registered in the bar of those states. Last time I asked, you hadn’t, and it was also explained to me that without register in the bar, you simply can’t practise, nor advertise your legal services in those jurisdictions. But please, do correct me, with proper documentation, if I’m wrong.

    You travel around with Chavez Eva, you’re infatuated with a murderer, you’re deep into chavismo. Your books have been published in Cuba -a beacon of freedom of expression I’ll hear you saying, and Venezuela, in the latter case high officials were present, all with public money. How did you travel to Cuba BTW? When you did first, it was almost illegal for US citizens to do so. How it is that a regular American citizen, without credentials, almost fresh out of uni, manages to get books published in Cuba Eva? Is it your money that’s funded all that, or was it mummy’s? You drool for the narcoterrorist-supporter military putschist. You wear like a badge of honour that the caudillo said that you were “la novia de Venezuela”. Do you think any reasonable person is going to believe that you are this independent person, when your whole life is devoted to propagandise for him? When you moved to Venezuela thanks to connections to his regime? When you’re on record, from Venezuela all the way to Scandinavia and Russia, spreading misinformation and propaganda, in violation to the laws of your native country?

    Learn this Eva, el sol no se puede tapar con un dedo.

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