In the eye of the storm

It is the dark before the dawn. The moon is vaning. It disappears in the ocean in one end of the horizon, and emerges in the opposite, this moon-ship that sails over the night sky.


It is never so still as in the eye of the hurricane. It is never so quiet as in the calm of the storm. When the screaming wind has lost its breath, when waiting in silence for it to return, not knowing when.

The wind returns without warning, from the opposite end of the horizon, as an invisible hand slapping the ship. It roars so loud that nobody hears the orders from the captain: “All hands on deck! One hand for the ship, and one for yourself!”

But the sailors know that without them the ship is helpless. They know that the captain can do nothing by himself. They all risk their lives for the ship, because they are all in it together.

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