January 23 the Day to Stop Chávez

On January 23, 1958, the people of Venezuela threw out the dictator. January 23, 2011, they again take to the streets against a dictator. This time his name is Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

Graffiti on statue
The graffiti reads, "We'll meet the 23rd" (uploaded Jan 7, 2011).

The protest will be carried out from 10 AM to noon in Caracas as well as in cities all over the country. Supporting demonstrations will be held the same day in Paris, New York, Boston, Miami, Madrid, Lima, Washington, Buenos Aires, Managua, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, Panama, Rome, Bologna, Los Angeles, Vienna, London, Sao Paolo, Guayaquil, Asuncion, Santiago, and Sydney.

The protest is organized by a large number of organizations in cooperation. The theme is “Detengamos la dictadura en Venezuela”. There will be no speeches or marches, just a mass gathering in Caracas, between Chacaito station and Parque del Este, along Avenida Fransisco de Miranda. This is about 6 km due east of the presidential palace, Miraflores.

Background, in Spanish: Declaration by laywers, declaration by the Catholic church in Venezuela, letter from the opposition to the Organization for American States (OAS).