Proof of Election Fraud in Venezuela

There have been warnings from the so-called alternative opposition in Venezuela, groups outside of the established politics, alleging that the voter rolls are inflated with zombie voters, or “votantes fantasmas” as they are called in Spanish. Millions of them. Now after the election it has been proven, as this video shows. I’ve tried it out myself before shut down the service yesterday. It’s true. The same physical person (name, birthdate, address) appears two times with different ID numbers, voting at the same polling place but at different tables. Maybe we should call it “shadow voters,” as in both the person and his or her shadow will cast a vote. Based on the prior estimates of the number of these shadow voters, this can have increased the vote for Chávez by about 2 million. Remove them and Capriles would have won handily.

Another – and unexpected – method of fraud has now also been denounced. It was unexpected because it is so brazen; it requires the cooperation of thousands of election technicians. Voting is electronic in Venezuela, so there has to be technicians to manage the voting computers. At the end of the election day, these computers are sending data to a central location for summing the results up. The fraud was executed, according to these technicians, by changing the figures in the computers before transmitting them, and – obviously – before printing the reports that are signed by the poll workers. It was possible by giving all the technicians the usernames and passwords of people with the highest access level, something that was provided by SEBIN (the political police) on the election day morning. The technicians were made to cooperate by bribing them, and if that didn’t work, by taking their families hostage, says the document, and backs up its credibility by providing URLs, user names, passwords, and access codes to the entire Venezuelan election system. (Several of the computers are apparently blocked from access from abroad, but were online yesterday for access from within Venezuela.)

A source on the ground has told me that at his voting table, there were 250 persons that he knows to be supporters of Capriles who voted, yet Capriles only got about 150 votes according to the computer. This observation is consistent with the method of election fraud that the CNE whistleblower technicians allege, and adds to their credibility.

The fact that there has been fraud is in plain view. All you have to do is to look at this map of the result (from El Nuevo Herald). It has the western state of Zulia in red, but that state is the stronghold of the anti-Chávez opposition. The fraud is so blatant that people understand it took place even though the opposition candidate himself says that “we have found no evidence of fraud.” He is obviously being disingenuous. Why? I don’t know, but I do know that it is typical of electoral dictatorships, where the opposition is in a dependent situation in relation to the regime. It’s a case of the Stockholm syndrome.

Map of election result
The official election result from CNE. Red states were won by Chávez, blue by Capriles. Note that Zulia in the far west is red!

4 thoughts on “Proof of Election Fraud in Venezuela”

  1. This is all misinformation. Each voter took his or her vote and deposited in a cardboard box. At the end of the day, 54% of the boxes were audited and compared with the electronic result. So, in the example you gave, how did these magnificent hackers get rid of the 100 paper ballots in front of the witnesses. We lost and we lost badly, all this idea that there was fraud only hurt the opposition by having people think they should not vote. No, we have to work harder.

    1. Are you sane? The emperor is naked, a child can see that this was not a free and fair election. I’ve never in my life seen more spineless people than the opposition in Venezuela. The thing is that their complacency with the dictatorship makes them accomplices in the crimes it commits, but they seem not to understand THEIR OWN GUILT. Moctavio, listen to me: I BLAME YOU. I don’t just blame Chávez, I equally much blame YOU! It’s just beyond disbelief that an entire nation would accept having the election stolen so blatantly and AT GUNPOINT and then say “no, all is fine, no worries”. I feel like throwing up when realizing that there actually are human beings who have no brain, no heart, no balls, and no spine. As for the 54%, prove it! Don’t mistake plans with what actually happened. However, even if you can prove it, you still have 46% unaccounted for, enough to commit the fraud. Until we have a total manual recount of 100% with independent and trustworthy foreign observers, the result is pure BS. And as I wrote, a child can understand that it was an impossible result. Chávez stole the election by BRUTE FORCE, with tanks on the streets. It was a MILITARY COUP.

  2. Both of you can be right if the ostensibly ‘random’ selection of 54% of ballot boxes is doctored previously; you get a ‘random’ selection, actually false by prior arrangement and 46% are not audited and, using the doctored technique, those boxes are already known a priori; upshot: we get ‘good’ counts and paper/electronic agreements which are then – erroneously – assumed to validate the whole process. The dodgiest part of the whole was the suspiciously prompt acceptance of the results by the opposition with (over)emphatic assertions of the not having been any fraud perpetrated. I thought.

    1. You are right, but the 54% is just what the law says. In reality only 2.5% were audited anyway. However, that is just one out of many methods of fraud anyway. For instance, the millions who vote more than once will not show up in that audit, nor will those who were denied a free vote, by having an official supervise whom they voted for. Not to mention those who were brought to the polling place by force in military vehicles. And so on.

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