“Generalized massive fraud” in Venezuela Oct 7

The opposition politician and presidential candidate Pablo Medina has filed suit in the Venezuelan supreme court, asking it to declare the results of the recent presidential election on October 7, 2012, null and void, due to the presence of generalized and massive fraud. The lawsuit was also mentioned by the independent TV-channel Globovision last night. This is the actual document.

Given that the supreme court is no more independent from the ruler than is the electoral authority, the team of lawyers around Medina are planning to also introduce the matter to international courts such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and the legal system for defense of human rights in the OAS.

The opposition candidate Henrique Capriles was poised to win by a significant margin, but towards the end of the election day all stops were pulled to enable Hugo Chávez to get more “votes”, without any consideration for how those “votes” were obtained. Military coercion, threats, violence against poll workers and observers; all of these methods and more were employed in a grand scale. That is why I characterize the event as an election military self-coup: Military force was key in making the opposition stand down and thus overrunning the constitution, and that is the definition of a “military coup”.