Comeback of Cuban Communism

The world is sending the message that dictatorships are welcome. Who cares about democracy anyway? Nobody, it seems. Just look at the Venezuelan sham election on October 7. With the help of massive and systemic fraud, violence and abuse of powers, the regime once again declared Hugo Chávez the winner. The Wikipedia article on the election does not with a word mention that it was a sham, that fraud occurred, that there are scores of lawsuits against it in Venezuela. Not a word. It’s as if we live in an alternate reality where electoral dictatorships are just fine, just fine.

Meanwhile the dictatorial regime in Venezuela prepares itself to hold yet another constituting constitutional assembly to introduce full-blown communism. The purpose is of course to once again use a sham election to “legitimize” an un-constitutional act. Recall that the 1999 “constituyente” was held in flagrant violation of the Constitution of Venezuela, and that said Constitution declares that if the constitution is changed in any manner not consistent with the methods provided by the Constitution itself, then those changes are invalid. Thus, the Constitution that is valid is not the one of 1999, but the one of 1961 (with subsequent changes). This means that the entire present regime of Venezuela is an illegitimate usurper regime.

The Cuban communist empire is well on its way to secure its grab on Latin America. If the world doesn’t react soon it may be too late to avoid a new cold war – or a hot one.

Dictatorships in the Americas
The Cuban dictatorship in red, it's satellite electoral dictatorships in magenta (Argentina may also belong to this category), and the only two countries to have expelled a would-be dictator in green.