Fellow Earthling – Happy New Era!

Dear fellow Earthling: If you are reading this message then the World has not ended. But we have entered a new era in the ancient American calendar that has come to us through the Mayas, the Long Count. It’s simply a base-20 count of the number of a days since a starting point on Aug 11, 3114 BC in the Gregorian calendar (Sept 6 in the Julian), but with the second digit being base-18. Thus, 20*20*20*18*20=2,888,000 days in decimal notation. Yesterday was that day, day KK,KIKm (using A through K to represent digits 10 through 20, and “m” to denote that it is in the Mayan Long Count system, as opposed to “d” for decimal, “h” for hexadecimal, etc). Today we reached the value 100,000m. Thus, the value went from being 5 digits to being 6 digits. The value 100,000m is equivalent to 7885 years plus some days. It’s way bigger than going from 1999 to 2000; it’s more like going from the year 9999 to the year 10,000. But still it’s just a number.

So Happy New Era and may it bring peace and understanding, tolerance and wisdom to the peoples of the world. We sure can use some of that. It’s pathetic how mankind lately has degenerated into something that is awfully akin to the 1930’s, when fascism and communism spread over the world, two ideologies that both are based on intolerance. They are intolerant against certain scape-goat groups, be it Gypsies, Jews, US Americans, or oligarchs. There is also a huge intolerance against innocent things. For instance, in Sweden the word “neger” (negroe) was never used as an insult but as a purely neutral word like “German”, yet today there are these “word-fascists” so to say, who attack others just for using the word “neger” as it was intended to be used, and – even worse! – criticizing calling the pastry “negerboll” by it’s traditional name. If you translate the word literally into English you get a bad-sounding word, but that has got nothing to do with how it sounds or what it means in Swedish. That kind of intolerance is, well, intolerable.

On a more significant level, there are large amounts of money spent on propaganda in the west, to make the communist dictatorships of Latin America seem good. These dictatorships are allied to China and Russia, themselves dictatorships. The world has again entered into a period in which the world body entrusted with the Peace, in our case the United Nations, has become dominated by dictatorships. The same thing happened in the 1930’s with the League of Nations. And now as then, people in general are not aware of what is going on, being too busy with their personal lives. Hopefully this time we can work out a way to get rid of the criminal regimes without a world war. It will largely depend on these criminal regimes themselves, but also on the population within them. If they rise up and overthrow the dictatorships, like in the Arab Spring, then that would be the best solution. So good luck with that. Seriously.