The sickening plan for Chávez’s corpse

A facebook page belonging to the Venezuelan resistance, Operación Libertad Venezuela, is denouncing a sickening Cuban plan for Chávez body. First of all we have to realize that Chávez is dead since a long time, and that his body was flown back to Venezuela last Sunday. It was kept in the presidential estate in Barinas, his home town, under military guard until last night. At that time the military guard was withdrawn, but the corpse remains there, in the Finca Maisanta. I quote: “El Municipio Barinas, via Toruno San Silvestre, donde está la finca Maisanta, comprada a David Coiran llamada antes Finca Las Matas, lo pagó PDVSA y es residencia presidencial allá.”

The question is, with all this problem generated from the student protest outside the Cuban embassy in Caracas, why do they keep insisting that Chávez is alive? And why did they even go so far as to have the Supreme Court swear him into office in private? And without even seeing Chavez? Actually, several justices refused to play along, since the story was revealed by ABC in Spain. The explanation has now come to light, and it is so horrible, so despicable, so atrocious that it is really mind-blowing how low people can sink in order to hold on to power.

The only fortunate thing about this is that the military refused to play along, why the story got revealed, and now the Cubans and Maduro cannot do as they had planned. They have now painted themselves into a corner, and there seems to be no way of saving the Cuban grip on Venezuela except of the use of brute force: Open war – in which they don’t stand a chance, having only some 20 thousand men in the country of 30 millions. The cold war only worked up until now. Now over to the plan.

The plan went as follows: Maduro backed by the Cuban dictatorship claimed to have brought Chávez back to Venezuela alive on the night to Monday, and that they had put him in the military hospital, HospiMil. The students demanded to see him. The plan called for hiding him from the public until the pressure got so high that the public would enter by force. At that time the regime itself would stage a fire or explosion, which they would then claim was caused by the students, and that it was this thing that killed Chávez. Hence, the chavistas would rally against the opposition and elect Maduro. That was the plan, but the military refused.

Last night the minister of defense told the de facto puppet ruler, ex vice president Nicolas Maduro, that he has to tell the truth. Maduro responded by firing the defense minister. He refused to acknowledge the authority of Maduro, saying that he only takes orders from Chávez (since the constitution only assigns the president as commander in chief, and Maduro claims that Chávez is still alive and president – although he is neither, and the defense minister knows it). Also the leftist militants Tupamaros were at the presidential palace Miraflores, demanding to see Chávez. To protect Maduro they, allegedly, deployed Cubans at the presidential palace in armed vehicles. This is not confirmed, since it is hard to tell the Cubans from the Venezuelans, given that they all use Venezuelan military uniforms.

There has been a strong campaign for over a week, warning the military that doing nothing to stop high treason is itself high treason. It seems that the military has decided that it is better to obey the law so they can keep living in their country, than to paint themselves into a corner where the only option would be to exile to Cuba.