The fake “resistance” in Venezuela

In many dictatorships a non-violent resistance has emerged and helped liberate the country. Not so in Venezuela. Why? My investigations have revealed the existence of a “fake” resistance. There is a group that calls itself “resistance”, but which is utterly ineffective due to its impopular positions. So I have been told when talking to people from Gene Sharp’s “Albert Einstein Institution”, and my observation on the internet confirms it. For a resistance to be effective it has to appeal to the majority, and not hang on to right wing extremist views.

This movement is, however, quite destructive. Not by attacking the regime – there is no sign of them doing that – but by attacking emerging and viable resistance movements. A case in point has been playing out the past week. Ana Diaz – who as director of the national election commission in Venezuela denounced the fraud in 2004, was fired, threatened, and forced to leave the country – has for one week been mercilessly accused of being a “collaborator”.

The accusation is absurd on its face. Ana Diaz has worked for years with all the leading groups of the civil society who are working against the dictatorship, in a strategy that they develop jointly. Every one of them are backing her up. Yet this so-called “resistance” is attacking her of being a regime collaborator.

Why are they doing this? Are they working for the regime? Are they employed by the Cuban G-2? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that the only ones who are benefitting from their behavior is the Castro empire and the Axis of Evil, which – apart from Cuba and Venezuela – includes Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and several terrorist groups.

PS. Due to my open questioning of why they attack Ana Diaz so viciously (including using gay-bashing arguments on Facebook even though she is not lesbian), they have started to attack me, too. Everyone that criticizes their vicious and unfounded attacks is also becoming a target of attack. In that respect they are behaving exactly as the worst representatives of the regimes in Venezuela and Cuba.

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  1. Since I have got the question, this is the group led by Robert Alonso. I have no reason to suspect that he himself does not have good intentions; however, he is surrounded by a group of persons who may or may not be well intentioned. At least one of them seems related to the ultra-right in USA, which is a movement very similar to the chavistas: Intolerant, intolerant, and, well, intolerant. The extremes meet. They feed each other. To get back to liberal democracy one must denounce intolerance on both sides. Mr. Alonso is not doing that, and for that reason his movement has failed. Those that they are attacking are much better positioned for liberating Venezuela.

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