One day Putin will cry “coup d’état in Venezuela!”

How will the crisis in Venezuela end? Some foreign leaders call for “dialog”. Forget it. That will never happen. The de-facto president, Nicolás Maduro, has no power. He is just a puppet for Castro, while the strong-man inside the country supposedly is Diosdado Cabello, although it’s increasingly clear that the only thing he is capable of is creating mayhem with the help of murder gangs.

This crisis will end when the regime falls and Cuba (and other foreign invaders, including Russia) leave Venezuela, not a day earlier. At that moment someone else will of course have to take the helm and try to restore governability.

When that happens, as certain as “Amen” in Church, Putin, Castro, and their allies will cry “Coup d’état in Venezuela!”

It is so predictable. They do it every single time, and there are so many naïve leftists around who at that moment—but not before—will raise their eyes from their navel and start repeating “Coup d’état?! Coup d’état!? Oh, how typical, another coup d’état in South America!”

Since when is the liberation of a colony from the colonial power a coup d’état? Alas, my prediction is that scores of pundits will emerge from the turfs they normally hide under to declare this particular liberation a coup d’état.

And not just any coup d’état, mind you! No, they will say that it is a fascist coup d’état. They will say that CIA was behind it. But they will never admit that Cuba and Russia have occupied Venezuela, no no no, that is not occupation, that is “brotherly love” or something.

Wanna bet?

Maria Corina Machado, "rebel leader." If Putin calls her military coup leader, she would be the first woman military coup leader in history!