Prosecution of Honduran military

On July 3rd, army attorney Col. Inestroza confessed that it was the military top brass themselves who had decided to send ex president Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica on June 28th, even though they knew it violated the Constitution. Their justification was that it was necessary. He also said that an investigation had been initiated and that they expected to be prosecuted.

Since nothing more has come out I asked a press spokesperson at the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa for an update. They were unaware of it but asked the judicial authorities. Due to it being an ongoing investigation they would not give any details, other than confirming that the investigation is indeed proceeding, and that the matter is taken seriously.

There seems to be little disagreement that the military violated the law, though. When more details come out I will for sure report it here. It should perhaps be mentioned that Zelaya was no longer considered to be president at the time, and that the military had order from the Supreme Court to arrest the man.

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