Confusion in USA over “health care reform”

President Obama is facing strong opposition over the proposed – and crucial – reforms to the legislation that governs the so-called “health care” sector. The problem seems to be partly related to this misnomer, since it really is about caring for the sick and injured, not for the healthy. Furthermore, it is only partly about the care itself; mostly it is about who should pay for it, and how. The core of the issue is thus medical insurance reform.

The favorite argument of those who oppose the health care reform is to ask why people from other countries come to get health care in the US, if the system is so bad. Actually, one good answer that I haven’t heard yet is, “Because they have the insurance that allows them to afford it.” Unlike 47 million Americans.

Also, patients go to other countries too, for treatment, including Americans, and without a proper study one cannot assume that patients come to the US for treatment more than to other countries with advanced medicine. That is only hearsay.

The main point has to be, though, that access to medical care is a Human Right. Those who oppose it do not consider it a right. That is where the ideological divide is. Shall we allow people to die because they are poor? The American right screams “Yes!” to that question.